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Will of John English - August 1854
transcribed by Margaret Monthan
State of Georgia, Warren County. August 1854.
Transcribed by Margaret Monthan
I, John English of said state and county do make, declare and publish the following to be and certain my last will and testament.

Item 1st. To the earth in decent Christian burial I commit my body and my soul in trust and hope will return unto God through the merits of his son Christ Jesus.

Item 2. I give my daughter Martha Johnson to be paid to her next Christmas $600.

Item 3. The balance of my estate, both real and personal, I wish kept together and as my children may marry or arrive at full age I give them each $600 and when the youngest arrives at full age I wish all of my property then of every kind sold, and to each of my children excepting my son Capel I give $2000 each. Also I give my wife the same amount. After which I wish the balance equally divided between my children and wife, share and share alike. And if my wife should marry before said time it is then my wish that my property should be then distributed in the manner as above directed.

Item 4. It is also my wish and will and I do hereby invest my executor and executrix with full power and authority to sell and dispose of my Negroes that may at any time become unmanageable and the proceeds kept at interest or invested in other property as they may think best.

Item 5. The proceeds and increase of my property of every kind I wish to go to the support of my wife and support and education of my children and the surplus invested in other property or put at interest. This I give full power without any order or returns to the court being made of the same. Yet I request that a book be kept by my executor and executrix fully showing what and how they manage the same.

Item 6. I give to my grandson, Russell Johnson, son of William Johnson, $1000 when he arrives at full age, and if he dies before that time the same shall be distributed as before directed.

Item 7. I do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my beloved wife, Lucy English, and son Capel English, executrix and executor of this my will.

Signed, sealed and declared to be published this 8th day of August, 1854.
John English

Witnesses: William Gibson, Matthew Shields, John S. Johnson.

Warren County Georgia. In the Court of Ordinary of said County, Sept term, 1854. Personally appeared in open court William Gibson, Matthew Shields and John S. Johnson who on oath said that they saw John English sign, seal and declare to publish to be in certain his will that they signed in his presence at his request and that in the presence each other and at that time he was of a sound disposing mind and memory and that he did freely of his own accord without any compulsion whatever….sworn to and subscribed in open court. September 4, 1854. Recorded Sept 8, 1854 by Arden R. Mershen, Ordinary.


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