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Indenture: William English & Lydia English, Geo. Davis 01/17/1800
transcribed by Kathy English Ernst
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11 1/17/1800 William English S: William English, Lydia English Deed Rec C66 C&G, p223
    Lydia English B: George Davis  
      AL: John North, Arthur Mathews, Joseph Abbott    
      PL: Joseph Duckworth    
      W: William Cason, J. E. Peirson, T. A. Tharpe    
Document Transcribed March 2003 by Kathy English Ernst
11 1/17/1800 Indenture: William English & Lydia English, Geo. Davis  
This Indenture made this seventeenth day of January one thousand eight hundred and in the twenty fifth year of American Independence, between William English, planter of the one part and George Davis, Planter, of the other part, both of the State of Georgia, and County of Warren, witnesseth, that for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred & thirty dollars, in hand paid unto sd William English by sd George Davis at or before the sealing & delivery of these presents, the receipt whereas is hereby acknowledged, hath granted, bargained, sold, released & confirmed, unto the sd George Davis a certain tract of land, containing five hundred & sixty thre acres and a half, lieing & being in the County of Warren & State of Georgia, and on the waters of Little Brier Creek & Stamp Branch, adjoining lands of John North, Arthur Mathews & Joseph Abbott, the said land being sold by Samuel Pruitt Tax Collector for the said County, for the taxes, for the year one thousand seven hunderd & ninety nine, unto Joseph Duckworth the fourth day of December, together with all improvements, Hereditaments, & appurtenances thereunto belonging, to have and to hold, to him the said George Davis & his heirs and assigns forever, and further, he the sd William English, together with Lydia, his wife, conjunctively do covenant & agree to maintain, secure & defend the right & title of the sd land & premises to him the sd George Davis clear of all incumberances, claims of mortgages, or widow's dower, asserting by these presents, declairing the sole right to dispose of sd lands to be only visted on him the said William English & Lydia his wife, which they hereby confer and him the said Davis, his heirs, or assigns warranting and forever defending the same, the same against the lawful claim of all manner of persons whatsoever & forever. In testimony whereof they have hereunto set their hands & seals, the day and date above written.

William (X) English (seal)

Lydia (X) English (seal)

Signed, sealed & delivered
In presence of us
V. A. Tharp
JE. Peirson

Recd of the within named George Davis one hundred thirty dollars, it being the full consideration money I say recd by me, this 17th of January 1800

William (X) English

Lydia (X) English

V. A. Tharpe
JEM. Peirson

Whereas Vincent A. Tharp being one of the within subscribing withesses personally came before me and does solemnly affirm that he saw the within named William English & Lydia his wife, seal, sign & deliver the within premises for the use therein mentioned & that he also saw Jerimiah Peirson subscribe his name as a witness at the same time, this 19th day of March 1801.
William Cason, __ __
Recorded this 25th of March 1801
Transcribed from Book E Folis 257
The 23rd of Septr 1853.
T. W. Shivers, Recorder………………T. Persons, ___


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