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Bio - Cornelius ENGLISH (c1770-1855)
migration: South Carolina to Georgia: Montgomery Co - Tatnall Co - Lowndes Co
to Florida: Taylor Co - Hillsborough Co
~ Cornealius English ~

Cornealius English was born about 1770 in South Carolina (this is according to the 1850 census). His parents were Cornelius and Jane English who moved to Montgomery County about the time of the creation in 1796.

Cornealius Sr. (b. 1770) was married twice, the first time was in 1805, in Tattnall County, to his cousin Nancy English, daughter of his uncle, Joseph English. They had four children and after her death he married her sister, Elizabeth English, born. 22 Oct 1795, by whom ten children were born.

The Cornealius English family continued to live in Tattnall County until 1827 when he removed to Lowndes County. He became a Justice of Peace in the 659th district the next year and served 1829-1832. He moved to Gadsden County, Fla., about 1845, and located near Quincy, where he owned a plantation and farmed until his death Jan. 15, 1855. His wife, Elizabeth, died a year later, Feb. 12, 1856. They were buried in Gadsden County.

Additionally, several of the children from this family moved to Taylor Co. Florida, and to Hillsborough Co., Florida. Cornealius English Sr. was a resident of Appling County when he made a deed 2 Feb 1825, to Thomas Grace for 200 acres in Tattnall county which had been granted to him, English, by the state 5 Oct 1801 (see Tattnall deed book "B". p.480). But he was a resident of Tattnall when he registered for the 1827 land Lottery. His Appling residence was short.


The children in order of birth born to Cornealius & first wife Nancy English:

1.) Cornelius English, Jr. was born on 27 Nov 1805. He married 21 Aug 1827 Mrs. Nancy Barrentine. Cornealius married second Abegail Albritton, the daughter of Rev. Matthew Albritton. Nancy was born 1805 and she died in Plant City, Florida.

2.) James English was born 11 Jan 1808 married Barbara Groover, the daughter of John Groover.

3.) Mariah English was born 13 Mar 1813 and married James B. Albritton.

4.) Louisa English was born 26 Feb 1815 and she married 27 Oct 1831 William Lastinger. William Lastinger was born in Bulloch County, Georgia on 1 Oct. 1804 and died 17 Feb 1893 in Nashville, Berrien Co., Georgia. He was the son of Andrew and Mary Lastinger. He taught school for several years. Among his pupils was Louisa English, d/o Cornelius. Teacher and former pupil were married and they had 15 children, although an obituary for William Lastinger published in the Tifton Gazette, Friday on 3 March 1893 reports that they had eleven children and all were alive at the time of this article except one.

And children born to Cornealius & second wife Elizabeth English:

5.) Joshua English was born 5 Mar 1817. He married Margaret McDougal, the daughter of John McDougal.

6.) Thomas English was born 12 Sep 1819 and he never married. He died 16 Apr 1861.

7.) Nancy English was born 16 Aug 1821 and she never married. She died 14 Nov 1875

8.) Jane English was born 6 Nov 1823 and was married to William Johnson in Florida.

9.) Joseph H. English was born 3 Oct 1826. He married 12 may 1860 Margaret Sapp in Taylor County, Florida.

10.) Josiah English was born 6 Mar 1829 and died single Jan 1862.

11.) Samuel English was born 6 Feb 1831 and died single 23 Aug 1877 in Hillsborough County, Florida, and was buried in Bethlehem Methodist Church Cemetery near Dover; grave marked.

12.) Lacy English was born 8 Apr 1833 and died single

13.) William T. English was born 11 Nov 1835. He married 6 Feb 1861 Sarah A. Manning in Taylor County, Florida.

14.) Elizabeth English was born 7 Aug 1837. She married 15 Dec 1866 Richard Buck.


Cornelius English, Jr., was born 27 Nov 1805 in Tattnall County, Georgia son of Cornelius Sr. and Nancy English. He appears to have married twice, though descendants aver he was married only once. The first marriage was 21 August 1827 in Thomas County, to Mrs. Nancy Barrentine. The second marriage was in 1829 to Abegail, born 1805 in Bryan County, daughter of Rev. Matthew Albritton. By the last marriage nine children were born.

Cornelius English, Jr. after marriage, lived in Thomas County and over in Florida in Jefferson County a few years, then moved back to Georgia and located in that portion of Lowndes County that was made in Brooks in 1858. He lived there until about 1845, when he removed to Florida. He lived in Taylor County, Fla., and was County Commissioner of that county, 1857-1859. Then in 1867, he sold out and moved to Hillsboro County, Fla., locating where Plant City is now situated, He died there Nov. 30, 1881.

His wife, Abegail, died Aug. 12, 1868. She was buried in Seffner Cemetery about five miles from Plant City, while her husband was buried in Mount Enon Cemetery near Plant City.


Children of Cornealius English Jr. & Abegail:

1.) William English was born 1830. He married Nancy Devane, the daughter of Benjamin Devane & Mary Rodgers. Nancy was born 14 Sep 1824.

2.) Nancy English was born 1834. She never married, and died in 1915.

3.) Matthew J. English was born 183-, he married Flora Margaret Blanton, born 30 Aug 1840 she was the daughter of James Andrews Blanton and Catherine McDonald.

4.) John Redding English was born 183-, and he married Mary Ann Smith.

5.) Susannah J. English was born 1840. She never married and died 31 May 1868.

6.) Mary English was born in 1842. She married William Clavell and she died in 1915.

7.) Sarah English was born 1844 and married Lewis M. Ballard.

8.) Cornelius W. English was born in 1848. He married Matilda Hooker, the daughter of James T. Hooker.

9.) Henry Hack English was born in 1850. He married Tissie Fortner, the daughter of M.G. Fortner.


James English was born 11 Jan 1808 in Tattnall County, Georgia, son of Cornelius and Nancy English. He came with his parents about 1827 to Lowndes County (now Brooks), and was married 22 Nov 1828, in Thomas County (now Brooks), to Barbara Groover. She was born 1808 in Bulloch County, Georgia, the daughter of John Groover.

James English and his family lived in the portion of Lowndes County that was made into Brooks County in 1858. He died there 7 Oct 1844. His estate was appraised 26 Nov 1850, according to Lowndes County records, and shows he owned at his death lots of land 296, 305 and the east half of 343, all in the 12th district; also 3 lots in Cherokee County; eleven slaves, and that a number of notes were owing him at his death by various persons. Cornelius English, his brother, was the administrator of his estate.

James English was ensign in the militia in the 659th district, Lowndes County, 1827-1830. He and his wife were members of Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church in present Brooks County, and were received and baptized 13 Sep 1835. He was elected church clerk 13 May 1837, and on 12 Aug 1837, was elected and ordained deacon of the church. He served in these capacities until his death. Mrs. English spent her last years in Berrien County with her daughter, Mrs. Moore and family, and died there. She was dismissed by letter from Bethlehem Church, October 1860.


James & Barbara English were the parents of nine children:

1.) Abner J. English was born 1829 and married Mary E. ?

2.) Andrew Jackson English was born 1830 and was married.

3.) Caroline English was born 1831and married J. David Redding of Brooks County, Georgia.

4.) Jane English was born 1832 and married John Robert Moore, born 1824 in North Carolina, the son of James and Martha Moore. John Robert Moore and Jane English had eight children

5.) James Joseph English was born 1835 and died Jan 1850.

6.) Martha A. English was born 1836 and died single in 1853.

7.) Mary M. English was born 1838. She married 15 Dec 1858 to Nathaniel R. Sprangler.

8.) Cornelius J. English was born 1842 and he died in 1855.

9.) Emily S. English was born in 1 844 and likely died young.



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