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Bio - Samuel English (bef 1762- d. in Georgia)
migration: England? to Maryland to North Carlolina to Georgia
Note: One of two ENGLISH Families in Rosemary's genealogy
Overview of my ENGLISH Family
by Rosemary Killion **
Maryland ca 1762
Pitt Co. North Carolina 1775 (census & land bought)
Tattnall Co. Georgia 1802 (road tax)

Samuel English was born before 1762 in Maryland (? maybe England) and died in abt. 1802 Samuel English married 1st Nicy Oglesby and moved to North Carolina. He married 2nd Eunice Sirmon* about 1774, daughter of John and Elizabeth Sirmon*. Eunice Sirmon is mentioned by John Sirmon* in his will of 1777 as his daughter Eunice English. They had 3 boys: William born abt. 1777, Joseph born abt. 1780, Eli born July1, 1785 near Greenville, North Carolina and one girl Nicy born about 1782. It is interesting to note that Samuel's land was bordered on one side by Margaret Nobles, another by Thomas Sirmon and another by young John Sirmon* who married Euphaney (nick name for Euphamia) the daughter of Thomas English. Children of John Sirmon* and Euphamia are: Celia, Nancy, Theresa Tracy 1797, Charlotte1798, Pernal1799.

Pitt Co., North Carolina 1785
Laurens Co., Georgia before 1820 -1872

Eli English married 1st Levina Bryan in 1809. 2nd Theresa Tracy Sirmon* May 8, 1816 in Pitt Co. N.C. Children of Eli and Theresa Tracy Sirmon*:Charlotte1817, Elizabeth 1818, William Henry 1820, Thomas3 1822, Silas 1823, Susan 1825, Lucinda 1828, Hanswilla 1830, Jehew 1831, Eliza Susan 1833, Eli Warren 1835, and Efily 1837. All were born in Laurens Co. Eli is listed in Federal Georgia Census Index Population Schedule in Laurens County 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860. Eli's will was recorded in Probate Court January 8, 1866 signed by his mark. He died April 8, 1866 and Theresa lived about 6 more years.

*NOTE Correct spelling unknown, every vowel has been used in different documents. There is an International Society in England named "The S*rm*n Family History Society."

Laurens Co., Georgia
1820 - 1844
Pulaski Co., Georgia 1845

William Henry Eli English (all variations of all names were used) married Elizabeth Christine Snell Livingston b1825 in 1844 and moved to Pulaski Co., Georgia in 1845. Elizabeth is listed in the 1850 census as Christian then Christine and finally E.C.S. English. Children of William Henry Eli and Elizabeth Christine Snell Livingston were: Michael (Michel/Mitchell) Eli 1845, Thomas Daniel F. 1846. Mary A.T. 1851, John L 1852, Emily J. 1855, Eli Warren 1858, Elizabeth 1861, William Michael 1863, Susan 1867.
Hardee Co., Florida (BLM 160 acres April 30 1883 Eli Warren)
Holmes Co., Florida (BLM 160.44 acres July 21 1896 Eli Warren)
Hillsborough Co., Florida (BLM 80.08 acres June 30, 1884 William Michael)
Brevard Co., Florida (BLM 34.20 acres September 5, 1885

Michael/Michel/Mitchel Eli)
Michael/Michel/Mitchel Eli English born 1845Laurens Co., Ga. and died in 1907 Titusville, Florida. He married Mary Evelyn Benita Sanders in 1868 in Pulaski Co. Ga. They came to Gainesville, Florida some time before 1873 then later moved to Titusville.
History of Brevard Co. v. 1 & 2 (brief mention on two pages) " Sheriff M.E. English set out in 1884 to distribute the necessary apparatus to run a well regulated poll. When he came back to Titusville he had ridden 800 miles to reach all the precincts. He was Sheriff from 1883 to 1886." He is listed in the 1880 census in Brevard County as a clerk. M.E. had a sailboat named "Tempest". He was a Democrat and once served as precinct chairman. He once was on the rules committee for one of the regattas. During the Civil War he enlisted in Hawkinsville and served in Capt. R.W. Anderson's Battery of Light Artillery. 1863-1865. He fought in Tennessee, Ga. S.C. and N.C. He performed Services at the Battle of Murfesborough, Lookout Mountain and Atlanta. He was captured and held in Greensboro until the end of the war. This information was taken from affidavits given by Wm. R. Sanders and John M. Sanders. They were witnesses of his presence during the War and at the end of the War. These affidavits were taken in 1907 for the Widows Pension Application. She was awarded $120.00 per annum in 1908. (State File #1787 Registered No. 10) Michael and Mary appear in the 1885 State Census along with their children. Children born to them: Jesse Michael/Michel 1869, Elizabeth E. 1873, William Barton 1878. Edward Danial 1881 and Warren Michael 1883. His obituary states that he died suddenly of a heart attack while playing cards at one of the fish houses on the city docks with friends.
Brevard Co., Florida 1899 - 1905

William Barton English was born in Brevard County. He is listed in his father's household in the 1885 State Census. William married Maggie Abbott in 1899 and are listed in the 1900 Federal Census in Brevard Co. William is listed as "Head 22 wm fisherman" They had two sons: William Barton Jr. and Abbott Sanders- both born in Titusville. William died while working on the Keys. He was possibly in an Engineering Corp or was in the fishing business. He died December 3, 1904, four months before Abbott was born March 3, 1905 in Titusville. William's birth, marriage and death are all written in the family bible.
**Rosemary Killian would like to thank her cousin Rita for all the work she has done towards preserving their Family history.

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