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James English (1791-1858) of Kent Co., Delaware
son: Isaac Buckingham English (1838-1908) of Bibb Co., GA
migration: Smyrna, Kent Co., Delaware to Bibb Co., Georgia

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James English (father)
James English was born on 23 May 1791 in Delaware, the son of Thomas English and his wife Rachel.
Kent Co., Delaware ENGLISH
Descendent report (includes Isaac Buckingham English)
Isaac Buckingham English (son)

Captain Isaac Buckingham English, one of the most prominent and highly esteemed citizens of Macon, Georgia, was born in Delaware, on May 2, 1836, and died at this home in Macon on January 22, 1908. He was descended also from Thomas Buckingham who was the founder of the town of Milford, Connecticut, the colony that he arrived to from England in 1639. The Connecticut family has long been prominent in that State, and has furnished it with at least one Governor. The English family also goes back to the Colonial period in Delaware...

In 1860 as a young man of twenty-four he migrated to Macon, Georgia. He was so attached to his adopted state that when the outbreak of the Civil War occurred, he enlisted in the Confederate Army...

At the close of the War
, Capt. I. B. English returned to Macon and became a clerk for the old dry goods firm of J. B. Ross and Company. By 1873 he engaged in a business with his old war comrade, James H. Campbell, under the firm name of Campbell and English, and in 1877 he became a member of the cotton firm of English, Huguenin and Company, Colonel E. D. Huguenin, one of the most prominent men of that day, being his partner. Colonel Huguenin was forced to retire in 1886 for health reasons, and the firm of I. B. English and Company was then formed, consisting of Mr. I. B. English, J. M. Johnston and August Warnke. Later R. W. Johnston purchased the interest of August Warnke, and the firm became English, Johnston and Company.

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Bibb Co., Georgia ENGLISH
Descendent report (see father's report above)
Capt. Isaac Buckingham English married Mary Hannah Munnerlyn on 28 Dec 1875, at "Refuge," Decatur county, Georgia, at home of the bride's father, Hon. Charles J. Munnerlyn. Mary and Isaac had six children. Their son Paul Buckingham English died at age 10 and is buried at the Munnerlyn cemetery in Decatur County, GA.  Eugenia Munnerlyn English died at age five, and is buried at Riverside cemetery in Macon, GA. Mary, surviving her husband, Capt. Isaac B. English, at the time near his death included herself and four children from this marriage: Carolie (Mrs. Thomas Hartley Hall), I. B. English, Junior, Raymond (Mrs. Walter Hammond Beeks), and Mary Munnerlyn (Miss Steven Malone Solomon, Jr.).  Mary died in Macon, Georgia on June 2nd 1927 and is buried at Riverside. Isaac Buckingham English, Jr, died at age 29.  He was not married and had no children. Raymond (English) Beeks, died in 1941, childless. Carolie (English) Hall, died in 1954, and is survived by her one son, Thomas Hartley Hall, Jr. Mary Munnerlyn (English) Solomon, died in 1967.
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