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J.A. Turbeville Family Biography

In the year of our Lord Nineteen hundred and forty-seven, September the twelfth, a record of the past generation of my relations of father, mother, grandfather and grandmother and great grandfather and mother and great grandfather and mother at the request of Huey Turbeville. I, James Archie Turbeville, the writer of this record to the best of my knowledge according to records of my own knowledge and what I have seen and heard of my father, grandfather and mother, grandmother.

My father married Mary Frances Mitchell in 1880 and built a house on government land 3 miles south of RoseHill on Yellow River. I, J.A. Turbeville was born there in 1883 at 2 o'clock a.m., February 17. He sold his claim to J.L. Mooda? and moved around. Sometime about 1888 or 1889, it might have been 1887, my father homesteaded 160 acres of land 11 miles east of Andalusia and sold out, moved to the Adkins old watermill on blank Creek 1 mile east. He moved to Flat Creek in 1895 and sold out to Walt Flemings in 1902.

My oldest sister married in 1898 to Lee Batson. I, J.A. Turbeville married Jeanette (Genet) Heath on Sept. 23, 1903 and a son, Andrew Malrie (Mallory) Turbeville was born to us in 1904 on June 4 in Covington County, Alabama 1 mile north of Opp, Alabama.

My grandmother on mother's side, she was Jem English near RoseHill, Ala. Rebecca (Rebecker) English, a daughter married a Mitchell ?Isaac. Two sons born to them, Isaiah (Izair) or Jake and Frank Mitchell. Their father went to the war between the north and south and died, never come home. My mother was born in 1865, Jun 7. Her father was Jim Williams and a sister, Callie Mitchell, same man was her daddy.

Some of this may not be correct, just a sketch. This is correct according to records and what I know of my own knowledge.

Grandmother English Mitchell married M.J. Brewer in 1868 or in the 1870 or 71 or 72. Two sons were born to them, Dan and Jessie Brewer and 3 daughters, Arrie, Allie, Josephine (Josefeen) Brewer.

September 12, 1947

From the records of Bill Wooten [2002]

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