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First Towns of Macon County: Lanier (excerpt)
by Louise Frederick Hays
First Towns of Macon County: Lanier (excerpt)
Tote Over Church
the main street led from the ferry up a gentle rise and across the level bottom lands toward Tazewell. Scattered along this street through the center of town were several brick and frame buildings, among them Enoch Wilson's tailor shop where ladies might purchase crinoline and wire hoops and gentlemen buy cloth-covered buttons for their tailcoats or fancy waistcoats. Then there were Si Hill's grocery, Forsyth Ansley's brick shop, another grocery owned by L. L. Snow, a couple of small frame hotels. There was a hotel called The Franklin House, which was sold by John Gilmore to Orron C. Horne in 1848. There were two livery stables where the stages clattered up in clouds of dust to allow the passengers breathing space and to change horses for the trek east or west.

There was only on church in Lanier - a Methodist Church, and the preacher was a circuit-rider. It is recorded that Bishop George Pearce* once preached there. There was a yearly camp meeting at Lebanon above Cedar Creek which constituted the bulk of religious and social activity on a large scale, except on fourth Sundays and "Socation" times, when the whole populace went to the Hard Shell Baptist Church at "Tote Over." There they heard Preacher Rowe or Hubbard, and incidentally discussed the political situation, had a big picnic dinner and often wound up in a "free for all."** …
* Major Frederick's diary records hearing Bishop Pearce there in 1855.
** Tote Over Church was also called Ebenezer. Other preachers for this church were: J. R. Respass, Jack English and Frank Sykes.
To read the exact text, see: Chapter VII: First Towns of Macon County: Lanier; page 171; "History of Macon County Georgia", by Louise Frederick Hays; 1935. Published by The County Commissioners as The Official History, April 1933; Stein Printing Company, Atlanta, GA.

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