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Churches of Macon County: Red Hill Baptist Church
by R. Dean Fowler
Red Hill Baptist Church
Hepzibah Primitive Baptist Church, better known by most people as Red Hill, is located three miles west of Oglethorpe. This church is said to be one of the oldest churches, in Macon County. It is claimed to be over one hundred years old. The old records have been destroyed or misplaced so that the dates of the church cannot be determined. The names of the elders and members that constituted the church cannot be given as they were in the records that have been lost.

The earliest record that can be found
of its activities is that of 1831. Elder Sampson English was pastor of the church at the time and the second log building was in use. Elder English came to this county in 1831 from North Carolina, and was immediately called to serve Hepzibah Church. He very ably filled this place from that year until August, 1863. Elder Sampson English served the church until October, 1876, at which time Elder s. Respess was called. He served from then until 1884. In August, 1884, the Church of Hepzibah met in conference and granted letters of dismission to all of her members. It was decided to discontinue meetings at this place. The members went from Hepzibah to Bluff Springs Primitive Baptist Church.

In October, 1918, thirty-four years since discontinuing meetings at Hepzibah Church, the members met and decided to hold services there again instead of Bluff Spring. Elder Bullard served as pastor of the church until July, 1823. Elder J. A. Bowen of Collins, Ga., was called to take his place. He served faithfully until 1930. At that time Elder J. H. Chance of Cochran, Ga., was called to serve Old Red Hill Church.

Hepzibah Church is now a member of the Uptoia Association. Elder J. W. Hartly of Cordele, Ga. Is the present pastor and has been for the past 29 years.
To read the exact text see: page 179; "Macon County Life: 1933-1983" by Ryland Dean Fowler, editor; copyright 1983 by The Macon County Historical Society. Story posted here with permission from Mr. Dean Fowler.

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