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The English Family and Its Descendants
by Maxie English Kleckley

In this bio written before April 1933 by Mrs. Maxie English Kleckley we are told that her grandfather, Sampson English, was born in Yorkshire, England, in the year of 1790. She wrote (what we now believe to be incorrect) that he was a Brigadier General in the British army in the war with Great Britain in 1812, and came over to the United States of America to the State of North Carolina and there married his wife, formerly Miss Frances Hardison. who was born in Scotland.


The English Family and Its Descendants
by Mrs. Maxie English Kleckley


FROM NORTH CAROLINA they moved to Georgia in a one-horse wagon and settled in a two-room log cabin built all by himself. Located down on Camp Creek in Macon County in the year of 1831 when the country was almost an unbroken forest still infested with wild beasts and Indians.

TO THEM WERE BORN eight sons and three daughters; namely: Robert, William, Samuel, Matthew, Joseph, Thomas, Jasper, and Edwin; daughters: Frances, Sarah and Mary. Seven of their sons served in the Confederate army in 1861. From these have sprung the large English family, who now reside in Macon County, and many others who have settled elsewhere.

SAMPSON ENGLISH was a man of the strictest integrity, lived at home, boarded at the same place, and produced on his farm all that his family used or needed. He bothered nobody and was never known to have a case in court.

THESE WORTHY CHARACTERISTICS seem to have been transmitted to his progeny, they attended to their own business, made an honest living, paid their debts and voted a Democratic ticket.

HE ORGANIZED AND BUILT the first Primitive Baptist Church in this county and gave it the name of Old Red Hill, which is located only three miles from Oglethorpe, Georgia. He served this church as minister until his death and was laid to rest in the Old English cemetery five miles from this point in the same county.


To read the exact text see: pages 515-516; "History of Macon County Georgia", by Louise Frederick Hays; 1935. Published by The County Commissioners as The Official History, April 1933; Stein Printing Company, Atlanta, GA.

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