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Macon County Georgia Communities 1830-1840: Hamburg
by Louise Frederick Hays
Macon County Georgia Communities 1830-1840: HAMBURG

John H. Jones and his brother, William B. Jones, known as "Radicals," settled in the lower part of Macon County, Georgia in the 1820s and the place was called Hamburg. It was named for Hamburg, Germany, because many of the settlers in this vicinity were Germans. It was here that William B. Jones established a store, ran a tavern and was postmaster. His daughter Sallie married John R. Holsenback, her second husband was Whitmill Bunt Hill, her third husband was Dr.Turner P. Oliver.

Sampson English and Jim Mathis came to this community in 1831. Tom Harris settled on the place that was known as the Atwater Place. His son, DeWitt Harris, invented a typewriter in later years and it was said that he made a fortune. There was a shop and a gin, and a mill on the stream known as Cook's Mill. There was also a Baptist Church that was later moved to Oglethorpe.

When Thomas Hurry Morgan left Bolingbroke, Mass. in 1837, and came to Georgia in a quest of health, little did he dream that he and his descendants would form such a vital part in the history of Macon County, Georgia. Tom Morgan settled at Hamburg, which was a prosperous little village on the old stage road between Macon and Columbus, and it was at this point that horses were changed for the stagecoaches.

Hamburg was the junction of two Stage Routes. One went from Macon to Columbus and the other from Hawkinsville (Hartford) to Columbus. This alone in that day would make a thriving village, but besides this, there was a nice hotel, doctor's office and two general stores, one belonging to Morgan. Indians were here at this time and traded in Morgan's store. In an old account book is an account carried in 1850 against "Indian George." These Indians bought by making signs as they could not speak our language. Dr. Head was a prominent figure in Hamburg, and then Dr. T. P. Oliver, a promising young physician, settled in Hamburg.


For the exact text see: page 142; "History of Macon County Georgia", by Louise Frederick Hays; 1935. Published by The County Commissioners as The Official History, April 1933; Stein Printing Company, Atlanta, GA.

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