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"A Warm and Wonderful Time"
Reunion date: 31 May 2003
Memories garnered from communiqués
Our second ENGLISH family memorial and reunion was a great success and was enjoyed immensely. The weather could not have been better and there were a fairly good number of folks gathered at the family cemetery by 11 o'clock for the memorial. James Gaston presided, Hill Bentley and Grady English brought greetings to everyone, and Richard Collins had the invocation. The service went well and the location for the memorial was quite inspiring.

This year we honored those kin who had passed away since our first reunion. James Gaston read four obituaries and his wife Nancy told him that he almost got a little long-winded reading them all, but it seems everyone enjoyed hearing them. Obituaries read included those for Harry Richburg, Catherine English Theus, William "Bill" English, Jr., and Jack Morris. In addition, Linda Becham read the obituary for her Mother, retired Macon County Probate Judge Mrs. Myrna English Cheek. Also, Mrs. June Byrd included the news of the passing of cousin Dud English of Coffee County, Alabama. Another of our Coffee County cousins that passed away this year is Ned Young. We will keep these folks and their loved ones in our thoughts and prayers.

The memorial at the family cemetery provided an opportunity for people to talk about the ancestors and the lives they led. It was a time to reflect on the world and the society in which our ancestors lived and we honor them. Daniel English led the group in singing 'Amazing Grace' and 'God Bless America', and thoughtfully brought along copies of the lyrics for those who needed them and we're fairly sure everyone was pleased to have the chance to lend their voices to this impromptu choir.

When the memorial adjourned everyone was invited to regroup at the Ellaville location for the family reunion and BBQ. Wilbur Justice and his family placed Gardenia blooms and Magnolia blooms on the tables and made it all very special. Thomas Harrell outdid himself with the feast he provided this year. The meal was very tasty with "a sizable amount of BBQ Chicken with the pork and all the trimmings." James notes, and he added that the Ice Tea was nice & sweet and just the way he likes it. Sam Joe says it was the best barbecue he's eaten in a long time! And Wilbur & Vickie "... were thrilled to fellowship with kindred during the meal"

Kenneth English came up from Florida and brought one of the brothers' Bibles to share with entries that go back to 1832. He couldn't let anyone handle it because of it being so fragile and he's considering having this Bible preserved or restored. Richard Collins had a computer and screen set up to show pictures and what all was in the Thomas English Bible that his mother has. Huey Theus gave away autographed prints of various pictures that he has drawn and these were real nice. It seemed everyone enjoyed visiting.

Jack Lester's son (Bill lives in Arizona) was able to come with Jack and his daughter Kathy from Alabama this year. John Fradella and his mother, Elizabeth, made the trip from South Carolina and we were very happy to see them. Elizabeth's brother had hoped to come up from Florida but at the last minute had a change of plans although we know he was with us in spirit. Mrs. June Byrd and her son Tim mentioned that they were happy to learn about the reunion, and to get to attend. Millard English let us know that his three brothers were unable to attend but he was pleased to meet a new "cousin"...Robby Pickney. They knew each other years ago but had lost track and here he finds that Robby had married into the English family! We had two families that had 4 generations present, and a couple of the little children must be great great great great great grand children of our Sampson & Fanny!

We had a good meeting in Ellaville, and Dean Fowler explained about a Family Association. James wrote down a list of volunteers, and Dean said he would be glad to organize the effort if the group wants it.

John Fradella and Judy Bentley both took pictures that can be sent over the Internet, and we hope to have these to share very soon. John recently had a computer crash and is having a difficult time reinstalling the software needed to view the pictures from his digital camera. Right about now we expect that he's ready to throw the computer out of the window. (Let's send him some positive energy as he struggles with this contraption!)

James estimates that we had somewhere between 55 and 60 who attended the BBQ, not easy to estimate since he doesn't know if everyone signed the register book or not. Others have estimated more than 70 people were present. Sam Joe English summed it up best "…We really had a warm and wonderful time."


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