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Obituaries: [1910-1914]
Family Obituaries Listed by year of death
  1. Mr. Henry Seymour English (17 December 1868-28 August 1910)
  2. "Little" Dan Ferrell Kleckley (31 Oct 1908-17 Nov 1910)
  3. Mrs. James Frederick [Drucilla Meadows] Daniel (16 Oct 1836-14 May 1912)
  4. Mr. Matthew H. English (13 Jan 1829-22 May 1913)
  5. Mrs. David 'Hammet' [Mamie Kennedy] Kleckley (11 Jan 1880-09 Jul 1913)
  6. "Little" John Daniel English (d. 30 May 1914)
1. Mr. Henry Seymour English Obituary
Dates: 17 December 1868-28 August 1910
Parents: Thomas H. 'Tom' English & Eliza Virginia Higgins
Spouse: Alice White
The Macon County Citizen - Oglethorpe, Ga. September 2, 1910
DEATH OF HENRY ENGLISH - Death robbed the home and loved ones of a faithful and devoted son and brother, and the state and county of one of its best young citizens, when the spirit of Henry S. English winged its flight at his old home near Englishville, early Sunday morning. He had passed through a long period of suffering and on doubt, was entirely ready and willing to go. His death marks the passing of one of the most robust young men who ever went out from Macon County into the busy world. He was a picture of health and went west to win fame and fortune, and was going up rapidly, being one of the most prominent officers of a large irrigation corporation in Oregon, when he contracted the dread disease. Realizing that his strength was slowly but surely ebbing away, he came back to the old home a year ago and at last sank, weary and suffering, into the sheltering arms of his Maker. He was a son of the late lamented Thomas H. English and his wife, Eliza Virginia [Higgins] English and was unmarried. He left a mother and several brothers and sisters, and a large circle of friends. His remains were interred Sunday afternoon in the old family cemetery near his home.
2. "Little" Dan Ferrell Kleckley Obituary
Dates: 31 Oct 1908-17 Nov 1910
Parents: Daniel Kleckley & Maxie Blanche English
The Macon County Citizen - Oglethorpe, Ga. November 18, 1910
DEATH OF LITTLE ONE - Ferrell, the three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kleckley, passed away, Wednesday afternoon, after a short illness from pleurisy. The little fellow was idolized by his parents and was a favorite in the community. That he should have been cut off so soon and so suddenly, is another of the many decrees of Providence that we cannot understand. All there is left to do is to bow submissively, though with broken hearts, and try to feel that it was for the best. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire city. The funeral occurred Thursday, in the Oglethorpe Cemetery.
3. Mrs. James Frederick [Drucilla Missouri Meadows] Daniel Obituary
Dates: 16 Oct 1836- 14 May 1912
Spouse: Col. James Frederick Daniel (1834-1905)
Relation: Mother of Mrs. Samuel Sampson English [Drucilla Eliza Daniel]
The Macon County Citizen - Oglethorpe, Ga. May 17, 1912
Found in: 'The Week's Local News" - Mrs. Missouri Daniels, widow and relic of the late J. F. Daniels, died at her home near Garden Valley Tuesday night, Mrs. Daniels had not been in the best of health for quite a while, though her death was rather sudden and unexpected, as she had been up and about her household duties the day previous, and ate a hearty supper before retiring Tuesday night.
Interment was had at Pleasant Grove Cemetery Thursday. She was a good Christian woman, and will be missed in her community. She is survived by her daughter, Mrs. A. W. English of Terrell County and two sons, W. F. Daniel of Bibb County and J. M. Daniel of this county, to all of whom the Citizen extends sympathy.
4. Mr. Matthew H. English Obituary
Dates: 13 Jan 1829-22 May 1913
Parents: Sampson J. English & Frances 'Fanny' Hardison
Spouse: Mary Bethia Moody (1847-1933)
The Macon County Citizen - Oglethorpe, Ga. June 6, 1913
A GOOD MAN GONE - Mr. Mathew English died at his home in Englishville on Thursday, May 22nd, and was buried on Friday, May 23rd, in the English Cemetery. He was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church and a conscientious Christian gentleman. He was 83 years of age, and had served Macon County as a commissioner for thirty-two years, and during all these years was never absent from a single meeting. He was an honest straight-forward citizen, a good neighbor and a devoted husband and father. In his death, the county has lost one of its best and most influential citizens.
5. Mrs. David 'Hammet' [Mary Stewart 'Mamie' Kennedy] Kleckley Obituary
Dates: 11 Jan 1880-09 Jul 1913
Parents: J. B. Kennedy
Spouse: David 'Hammet' Kleckley (1884-1937)
The Macon County Citizen - Oglethorpe, Ga. July 11, 1913
MRS. D. H. KLECKLEY DEAD - The city was saddened on last Wednesday when the news reached here from Ellaville of the death of Mrs. D. H. Kleckley, where she had gone to have an operation performed. The operation took place on Sunday and death came the following Wednesday.
She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kennedy, who live on Route One. She leaves besides her husband, one daughter, Miss Louise and a host of other relatives and friends to mourn her departure. The remains arrived from Ellaville Thursday morning and were laid to rest in the City Cemetery Thursday afternoon. The Citizen joins the many friends of the bereaved ones in extending sincere sympathy in this hour.
6. "Little" John Daniel English Obituary
Dates: d. 30 May 1914
Parents: Mathew 'Mack' English & Mattie Kleckley
The Macon County Citizen - Oglethorpe, Ga. June 5, 1914
"LOCAL NEWS" - Little John Daniel, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Mack English, formerly of this place, but now residing near Jeffersonville, Ga., died Saturday night, May 30th from the effects of a fall he received several days ago, and the little body was brought here Sunday and laid to rest in the Mt. Zion Lutheran Cemetery. Rev. C. A. Phillips of Plains, conducted the funeral services.
Obituaries transcribed by Davine Campbell and posted here with her permission.
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