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Obituaries: [1800s]
Family Obituaries Listed by year of death
  1. Mr. Edwin English (30 Oct 1820- 07 Jan 1858)
  2. Rev. Sampson J. English (02 Jan 1790-Dec 1865/Jan 1866)
  3. Mr. John T. Kelsoe (b. date unk.-Oct 1879)
  4. Mr. John Edwin Lumpkin (28 Apr 1856-31 Jul 1896)
1. Mr. Edwin English Obituary
Dates: 30 Oct 1820- 07 Jan 1858
Parents: Sampson J. English & Frances 'Fanny' Hardison
The Macon Messenger; January 20, 1858. (Abstracted by Williard Rocker)
Edwin ENGLISH, Esq. died in Oglethorpe, on the 6th inst. (January 6, 1858). Edwin ENGLISH, Esq., an old and much esteemed citizen.
2. Rev. Sampson J. English
Dates: 02 Jan 1790-Dec 1865/Jan 1866
Spouse: Frances 'Fanny' Hardison (c.1772-aft.1870)
Upatoi Baptist Association Minutes*
Sept 8, 1866
Whereas, God in his providence has seen fit to remove, by the hand of death, our much beloved brother, Elder Sampson English, since our last session, and while we bow in humble submission to his divine will, yet we deem it our duty as an evidence of the high esteem in which he was held by us, to offer the following tribute of respect to his memory: Brother English was greatly loved and esteemed by our body, having long been one of its leading and most useful members. He had been a faithful minister of Christ for the last forty years, and in his dying moments he rejoiced in that faith which had enabled him to overcome the world, and now to meet death without fear. His long and useful life endeared him to all who love the truth, and though we meet him no more on earth, yet we trust we shall meet him in that realm where parting is known no more.
*From the research of D. Davis. Note: This obit is taken from the minutes of the Upatoi Baptist association found in the Georgia archives microfilm collection.
3. Mr. John T. Kelsoe Obituary
Dates: ?-Oct 1879
Relation: Brother-in-law of Mrs. Mary Bethia (Moody) English
THE BUTLER HERALD - Butler, Ga. September 2, 1879
Abstracted by Marilyn N. Windham
OGLETHORPE - On Sunday last, Patrick Russ, John Russ, his son and Thomas Ashbery, Jr. has been drinking. J. T. Kelsoe, the deceased, owned a general store where spirits were retailed. The men went to Kelsoe's place and he opened the store for them, but a difficulty occurred between John Russ and Kelsoe over Thomas Ashbery, who it seems was a mere lad. John Russ hit Kelsoe on the temple with a bar used in fastening the store from inside. Kelsoe, thinking he was not badly hurt went home and upon lying down, expired about 20 minutes after the incident. John Russ fled and Patrick Russ was arrested and put in jail.
4. Mr. John Edwin Lumpkin Obituary
Dates: 28 Apr 1856-31 Jul 1896
Parents: William D. Lumpkin & Nancy S.
Spouse: Anna Josephine W. English (1858-1917)
The Butler Herald; Tuesday, August 11, 1896; Page Three
Death of Mr. John Lumpkin
Mr. John Lumpkin, son of Mr. Wm. D. Lumpkin, died at (paper torn) home four
miles above Tazewell last Friday after a four weeks illness of typhoid fever.
His remains were buried at Tazewell Saturday. He leaves a wife and six
children to mourn his death. He was thirty-five years old and was a good
father, husband and citizen. Mr. Lumpkin did not belong to any church but was
a good moral man. Those who knew him best say he was never known to speak evil of anyone, it mattered not how badly he was treated. When he could not speak well of anyone he would not speak (paper torn) which was a pretty good (paper torn) within itself. - Buena Vista Patriot]
this obit transcribed by Carla Miles
Obituaries transcribed by Davine Campbell and posted here with her permission.
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