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CSA Pension: Mrs. Mathew H. English Widow's Pension 1919
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Mrs. Mathew H. English -- Widows Pension Application 1919 + Pension due desceased pensioner
Mary Bethia Moody English (26 Jul 1847 - 05 May 1933)
Page 25 1919 Mrs.M.B.English Ordinary cert + cover
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Page 27 missing 
Page 28 1919 Mrs.M.B.English – Witnesses for marriage quest.
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Page 31 1933 Mrs.M.B.English -Pension Due Deceased Pensioner
1. Page 25 1919 Mrs.M.B.English Ordinary cert + cover

Page 25 1919 Mrs. M.B. English Ordinary cert + cover
English, M B (Mrs)
Macon County
NO. ___
Widow's Pension
Under Act 1910-as Amended by Act of 1919.
Name:Mrs M B English
Widow of: Mathew English
Company: Co E…
Regiment: C22nd Ga Batln Artillery
Commissioner of Pensions

Ordinary's Certificate
State of Georgia, Macon County

A.C. Felton, Sr., Ordinary of said County, do certify that I know Mrs. M B English, the applicant for pension. She is the person she represents herself to be and she is a bona fide continuing resident citizen of said County and was on the 4th November 1908; that I also know Edwin O Williams, the witness who swears to the service of husband; [Edwin O Williams resides now in Fulton Co] that both of them are now residents of said County and were duly sworn by me before signing he foregoing affidavits and that they both are truthful, trustworthy, and their statements are entitled to full faith and credit.

Sworn under my hand and official seal of office this 27th day of August 1919.
A.C. Felton, Sr., Ordinary
Macon County



4. Page 28 1919 Mrs.M.B.English – Witnesses for marriage quest.

Page 28 1919 Mrs.M.B.English - Witnesses for marriage quest.

Questions for Witnesses as to Service of Husband and Marriage

State of Georgia, Macon County
Personally before me comes Edwin O Williams, who, after being duly sworn, true answers to make to the following questions, answers as follows:

1. What is your name and where do you reside?
Edwin O Williams

2. How long and since when have you known Mrs. M B English, applicant? Since 1860.

3. How long and since when has she continuously resided in this State? (Give date.)
All her life.

4. When and to whom was she married?
Mathew English.
How do you know?
Saw them ma

5. How long and since when did you know Mathew English, her husband? 1864

6. When and where did Mathew English, the husband of applicant, die? Do not know the date of his death.

7. Were the applicant and her husband living together as husband and wife at the date of his death?

8. If not, how long did they live apart before his death? (blank) Were they divorced? (blank)

9. When, where and in what Company and Regiment did Mathew English enlist?
Co E 22nd Ga Batln Artillery, Savannah Ga.

10. Were you a member of the same Company?
No, but same Batln.

11. How long within your personal knowledge did he perform actual military service with his Company and Regiment? Do no remember date of enlistment.
He served up to surren.

12. When and where did his Command surrender, and was discharged? Greensboro, N.C.

13. Were you personally present when it was surrendered?
If not, where were you
on wounded fulough.
and how came you there?

14. Was the husband of applicant personally present at surrender? Don't know. If not where was he? (blank)
When, where and for what cause did he leave Command?
(Give date.) (blank) By whose authority did he
leave his Command? (blank) And how long was
he granted leave? (blank) How do you know all this?

15. For what cause, if you know of your own
knowledge, was he prevented from returning to his
Command? (blank)

16. What effort did he make to return to his Command
and how do you know this? Of your own knowledge or
how? (blank)

Sworn to and subscribed before me this the}
5th day of May 1919} Edwin O Williams

[no signature at end for Ordinary, and no County entered]




7. Page 31 1933 Mrs.M.B.English -Pension Due Deceased Pensioner

Page 31 1933 Mrs.M.B.English -Pension Due Deceased Pensioner

English, M B
For Macon County
Application for Pension Due Deceased Pensioner
(Under Act 1904)
(to pay expenses of last illness and funeral)

A C Felton Sr Ordinary
For Mrs. M B. English
Date of Death Mary 5th, 1933
Amount: $90.00 + 127.

Paid to Ordinary on this claim
Date 1933 |Fund from which paid | $
11-4 | C & C | 90.00
2-15-35 | 1930 | 127.00
TOTAL 217.00

Handwritten note
Funeral 44.00
Doctor 46.00
Total 90.00

Other side of paper
Oglethorpe, GA Mary 16th 1933
Mrs. B.M. English
Oglethorpe Ga
In account with
Dr. H. C. Derrick
Physician and Surgeon

To services rendered in the very last illness of Mrs. B. M. English $172.00

The above and foregoing account is rendered for services on last illness for the funeral expenses as the case of Mrs. M. B. English who died without leaving sufficient property to pay the bill. H.C. Derrick, MD
Sworn to and subscribed before me this May 30th, 1933
A C Felton Sr., Ordinary


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