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CSA Pension: Mrs. Jasper Newton English Widow's Pension 1919
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Mrs. Jasper Newton English -- Widows Pension Application
Missouri Ann Higgins English (29 Feb 1840 - 08 Mar 1930)

Page 18 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Ordinary’s Cert.+ Widow’s Pension cover
Page 19 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Widow’s Widow Pension
Page 20 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Marriage License cover + Ord. Statement
Page 21 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Marriage License copy

1. Page 18 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Ordinary’s Cert.+ Widow’s Pension cover

Page 18 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Ordinary's Cert.+ Widow's Pension cover
English, Jasper N. (Mrs)
Macon County
NO. ___
Widow's Pension
Under Act 1910-as Amended by Act of 1919.
County: Macon
Name: Mrs Jasper N English
Widow of: Jasper N. English
Company: Co A
Regiment: Cutts Batln.
Comminssioner of Pensions

Ordinary's Certificate
State of Georgia, Macon County

A.C. Felton, Sr., Ordinary of said County, do certify that I know Mrs. Joseph N. English, the applicant for pension. She is the person she represents herself to be and she is a bona fide continuing resident citizen of said County and was on the 4th November 1908; that I also know C S S Horne, the witness who swears to the service of husband; that ["both of them are" crossed out] She is now resident of said County and {"were duly sworn by me before signing" crossed out]C S S Horne of Sumter Co the foregoing affidavits (before Ordinary Sumter Co) and that they both are truthful, trustworthy, and their statements are entitled to full faith and credit.

Sworn under my hand and official seal of office this 27th day of October 1919.
A.C. Felton, Sr., Ordinary
Macon County
1. Before any questions are answered the Ordinary shall swear applicant and the witness in the following words: "You do solemnly swear that you will true answers make to each of the questions asked you and the evidence you shall give will be the truth. So help you God."
2. Additional affidavits may be attached if blank space are insufficient.
3. Only widows who married prior to January 1st, 1881, are entitled.
4. All affidavits must be made before the Ordinary of the residence of the person to be sworn and certified by such Ordinary.
5. Attach certified copies of marriage license if obtainable. If not, prove marriage, by some person, or by general reputation.


2. Page 19 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Widow’s Widow Pension

Page 19 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Widow's Widow Pension

Application for Pension by a Widow Under Act of 1910 As
Amended by Act of 1919
Questions for Applicant

State of Georgia, ....Macon .... County
Personally before me comes ....Mrs Jasper N. English .... of said
State and County, and, after being duly sworn, an oath says
that she desires to apply for a pension allowed under
the Act of 1910, as amended by Act of 1910, and
submit testimony to make out the same, true answers
makes to the following questions to-wit:

1. What is your name, and where do you reside?
Mrs Jasper N English. Macon Co.

2. How long and since when have you been a continuing resident of the State of Georgia?
1840 -29th Feb -All my life.

3. When, where and to whom were you married?
1858 - May 16th. Macon Co Ga. Jasper N. English.

a. Have you married since the death of first and soldier husband?

4. When, where and in what Company and Regiment did your husband enlist as a soldier in Confederate Army or Georgia Militia? (State the arms and class of Service.)
1861 -Americus Ga/ Cp/ A Cutts Batalion (11th Ga.)

5. When and where did the commands of your husband surrender or discharge from the army?
Appomattox 1865.

6. Was your husband personally present at the time of the surrender or discharge of this command?
No - He lost and arm at Gettysburg, was at home.

7. If he was not present state clearly where he was?
He was at home wounded.

8. Where was his command when he left?

a. For what cause did he leave his command?

b. By whose authority did he leave his command?
Commanding officer.

c. For how long was he granted leave of absence?

(No 'd.' listed on form)

e. What was his physical condition when he left his command?
Wounded Lost an arm.

f. What effort did he make to return to his command?

g. In what way was he prevented from going back to Command?

h. Was he captured by the enemy at any time? ....No ....

i. If so, when and where captured and where held as a prisoner, and when and for what cause released?

j. When and where did your first husband die?
1895 -Sept 1st.

k. Were you residing together when he died?

l. If not, how long had you resided apart?

m. Are you now a widow?

9. Have you or your husband heretofore been paid a pension by the State?
Yes He had.
If so, when and for what cause were you or your husband placed on the roll?
Disabled on account of the loss of an arm.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this the} Mrs Jasper N English
4th day of Sept 1919} (X Her Mark)
A C Felton Sr , Ordinary}
of Macon County}

3. Page 20 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Marriage License cover + Ord. Statement

Page 20 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Marriage License cover + Ord. Statement
Jasper N English
Missouri Higgins
Issued Mary 12th 1858
And Recorded on Page 35 Book
A of Marriage Licenses
A C Felton Sr, Ordinary

Georgia Macon County
I A C Felton Sr Ordinary of said County, do certify that the within contains a true and correct copy of the Marriage License issued to Jasper N English & Missouri Higgins of file in this office
Och 28th 1919

AC Felton Sr Orday
Ex Off Clerk Court of Ordinary
Macon County Georgia

4. Page 21 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Marriage License copy

Page 21 1919 Mrs. J.N. English Marriage License copy

Marriage License
To any Judge, Justice of the Peace, Minister of the Gospel
You are hereby authorized to join Jasper N English and Missouri Higgins in the Holy Sate of Matrimony, according to the Constitution and Laws of this State and for so doing this shall be your License.
And you are hereby required to return this License to me, with your Certificate heron of the fact and date of the Marriage.
Given under my hand and seal this 12th day of May 1858
W J. Collins(LS.) Ordinary   
I Certify that Jasper N. English and Missouri Higgins were joined in Matrimony by me this 16th day of May Eighteen Hundred and Fifty-Eight
Marlin Edge JR
Recorded Dec 22nd 1858

Jno M. Greer  DCCO Ordinary

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