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Event photos: Linda English-Holland sings the National Anthem
18 August 2001 - Cleveland Indians game
Linda's name and picture on the Jumbo Tron Hello dear folks!

"Cleveland was wonderful! We have a video tape of me singing our National Anthem at Jacobs Field before the Cleveland Indians game with the Anaheim Angels, which the Indians won! …"
(above) Linda English-Holland's name on the Jumbo-Tron, her image is to the right  
"The Cleveland Indians are a great organization. They treated us as if we were royalty - but I think they treat everyone that way. After I sang, I met the owner, who personally thanked me for the "very nice addition to today's game" and I rode up on the elevator with him. He was a very nice, very cordial gentleman. I was also invited back to sing next summer."
Jumbo Tron view during the singing of the National Anthem
(above) Jumbo-Tron view during the singing of the National Anthem    
Comedian/Actor Jay Mohr with Linda English-Holland
(above) Actor/comedian Jay Mohr wih Linda
"After I went back to my seat, Jay Mohr, comedian and actor, was sitting behind me. As I stepped over to my seat he asked, "You just sang the National Anthem, didn't you? I heard the first two notes out of your mouth and I said 'She's a pro!'" He was funny and charming and we had a marvelous time. He was Bob Sugar in "Jerry Maguire" - he was also in "Picture Perfect," "Pay It Forward," "The Wedding Planner" and he sits in for Regis Philbin on the morning show, "Live with Regis and ..." when Regis has other obligations. I have a photo of him too - he posed with me. He was a very nice guy and we were quite impressed with him."

"…I cannot say enough good things about the Cleveland Indians, their staff, their stadium, their hotdogs, their roasted peanuts, their offices, - it was just a wonderful experience! I never cared much for baseball before but the Cleveland Indians will always be my favorite team! I can hardly wait to go up and sing again next summer. If we go when they play Toronto, I will get to sing the Canadian National Anthem and then our National Anthem. I would like to do that."

"Another special thing about singing for the Indians this year is that they are celebrating their 100th Anniversary. The team was founded in 1901 and they are charter members of the American League. See? I now know more about baseball than I ever thought I would..."

Love to all of you, Linda (written 26 Aug 2001)


  Linda  at the game -18 August 2001

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