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Cemetery photos: John English family of Early Co., GA
Photos by James Cleveland 'Jimmy' English / August 2004

John ENGLISH Family Cemetery Photos
Photography of James Cleveland 'Jimmy' English
Blakely Early County - August 2004

Self-paced Photo Slide Show -- Click image to enlarge

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14BlakelyCemEntrance 15SusanJ&MarionE 16susanJEnglish 17mEEnglish
14BlakelyCemEntr... 15SusanJ&MarionE... 16susanJEnglish.jpg 17mEEnglish.jpg
18zionChMarker 20zionCh&SunSch 19zionCh&Cem 21SampE&CathTownsendEnglish
18zionChMarker.jpg 19zionCh&Cem.jpg 20zionCh&SunSch.jpg 21SampE&CathTown...
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22 September 2004
Hello Barbara, Hope everone is doing fine. Just a few lines and some pictures. First of all to clarify the subject of the Sowahatchee Cemetery. This is no cemetery at the present location of Sowahatchee Baptist Church, but this church was once located directly across the road from the present location of Zion Freewill Baptist Church. One of the pictures show Zion Freewill with the cemetery beside it where Sampson E. English and Catherine Townsend English are buried. The present location of Sowahatchee Baptist is about three miles east of the old location, one road over. The pictures also show the pastorium and Sunday School classes (classes used to be an old school house) of the Zion Freewill Church. All of this was told to me by Raymond English... Jimmy

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