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Notes/Gen1: Andrew ENGLISH Family of Bathurst, NSW, AU
migration: Coppoquin Waterford Ireland to New South Wales, Australia
Contributed by: Mrs. Roslyn Robinson
Descendants of
Andrew ENGLISH and Ellen GRIFFEN
Generation 1

1. Andrew1 ENGLISH [4660], born abt 1793 in , Waterford, Ireland, U.K; died 2 Feb 1844 in , Bathurst, NSW, Australia He married Ellen GRIFFEN [4661], died bef 1839.

Notes for Andrew ENGLISH
Andrew arrived Australia 17 June 1839 Waverley.
Source British Library Newspaper Library London 1988. Part of page from
"Waterford Mail" 14 July 1938.
The following trials were then procceded with;-
ANDREW ENGLISH. stood indicted for killing a sheep on the 25th May at
Leperatown, the property of Edward Dower.
Edward Dower swarn stated that he resides at Leperatown; that he lost a sheep,
and when he missed it, went in search of it, and found part of it, the head and part of the feet, in the field of his neighbour of his; saw afterwards the first part of the fresh and the skin with the police; there was a mark on the back by which he could know the sheep; witness brought the part he found, and compared it with what the police had, and found them to correspond. On his examination being closed, he stated that he did not wish to have any one punished.Constable Hughes sworn state that he knows the prisonser who told him he livedat the Carrigeen in Waterford and on the morning about 3 or 4 O'clock ofthe daystated he (witness) took the prisoner into custody in Patrick st. and that theprisoner had a bag on his back. witness asked the prisoner if he was a dealingman, to which prisoner replied that he dealt in sheep skins and goat skins;witness then asked him to show what he had in his pack; which prisoner couldnot immediately open; he then pulled some wool out of a hole that was in thepack; witness then said that he would wish to have a dealing with the prisoner,and after seeing the wool of the skin, said I will now deal with you then tookthe prisoner to the tower the two fore-quarters were in the skin; afterwardswitness showed the skin to Dower, who said it was his ewe; the flesh was warm;prisoner said he got the sheep from Thomas Hennessey of Kilbarry and that he(prisoner) might thank his company for his doom.Mary Dower, wife of the first witness, proved the finding of the head and feet of the sheep, in the field of her neighbour.Councellor Hassard cross
examined the witnesses on behalf of the prisoners with considerableingennity,
but nothing was elicited to affece their testimony. The prisoners was found
The articale is not complete and the only other reference to it was in "The Irish Link" a magazine that is no longer published, which led me on the trail to the above article. It said "The following cases were before the Hon. Judge Moore and were reported in "The Waterford Mail"
Andrew English was found guilty of killing a sheep on 25th May at Leperstown, the Porperty of Edward Downer.
Andrew was and elderly convict. His convict indent shown no assignment number or any additional information. He was in the Bathurst Districe in 1844 when he was accidently killed. There was an inquest with no additional information. It is unknown where he is burried.
Andrew was conviced on 16 Jul 1838 at Waterford.
Convict papers read. Age. 57 R & W. Rom Cath. Widower. 4 Male 4 Female Children
County Waterford. Tanner and Currier. Steeling Sheep. trial Waterford dated 16 July 1838. sentence 15 years no previous convictions 5' 1/2" tall Sallow
appreance Hair, Brown mixed with grey, brown Eyes. Description. Lost 2 frount upper teeth, red whiskers, scar on right side of
under lip, raised mole on right side of neck, breast and arms hairy, crucifix
rather illegible inside lower right arm, raised mole and IHS inside lower left arm, scar outside cap of left knee.
A coroner's inquirie was held on the 17th February 1944 into the death of
Andrew. Findings Accidental death at Bathurst this is all that is stated.

From the Cash book of the local store at Rockley the following English names
where found. Ernest, Daniel, Reuben of Triangle Flat and Dominic of Triangle
Flat do not know who the belong to yet.
CAPPOQUIN is the name of a townland, a Town and the Catholic parish for both near Lesmore Co. Waterford, some of the history of Cappoquin involves the history of the fitzgeralds, who are supposed to have built a castle nearby.

Notes for Ellen GRIFFEN
Miss Sharon Montague 123 Munro St. Babinda Qld 4861
Children of Andrew ENGLISH and Ellen GRIFFEN were as follows:
2 i Mary2 ENGLISH [4666], born 21 Jan 1813 in Cappaquin Waterford Ireland; christened 21 Feb 1813 in Cappaquin Catholic Parocial Records Waterford Ireland. sponsors Thomas McGrath & Anna Hogan
+ 3 ii John2 ENGLISH [4662], born 1816 in Coppaquin, Waterford, Ireland, U.K; died 15 Oct 1886 in Hospital, Bathurst, NSW, Australia; buried Oct 1886 in , Bathurst, NSW, Australia. He married (1) Catherine HERRIN [4669]; (2) Johanna MOORE (House Servant) [4670]; (3) Annie Elizabeth Mary JONES [4671].
+ 4 iii Catherine2 ENGLISH [546], born 14 Jun 1817 in Coppoquin, Waterford, Ireland, U.K.; died 26 Apr 1878 in "Teesdale", Hobbys Yard, NSW, Australia; buried 29 Apr 1878 in , Longswamp, NSW, Austrlia. She married Henry GRAHAM (Labourer) [545].
+ 5 iv Ellen2 ENGLISH [4663], born 29 Sep 1822 in Coppaquin, Waterford, Ireland, U.K.; died 12 Feb 1886 in , Smithfield, NSW, Australia. She married John Sean CONNERY [5011].
+ 6 v Honara2 ENGLISH [4664], born 1824 in Coppaquin, Waterford, Ireland, U.K.; christened 5 Apr 1824 in Cappoquin Waterford Ireland U.K.; died 1885 in , Sydney, NSW, Australia. She married William ORR [5046].
+ 7 vi Patrick2 ENGLISH [4665], born 1830 in Coppaquin, Waterford, Ireland, U.K.; died 1883 in , Carcoar, NSW, Australia. He married Margaret RYAN [5280].
8 vii Male2 ENGLISH [4667].
9 viii Male2 ENGLISH [4668].


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