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bushranger John Vane, 1863
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"I'm researching the life of the bushranger John Vane who rode with the Ben Hall gang during 1863. Vane's father William lived adjacent to Henry Graham, husband of Catherine English..." (Craig Bratby; Newbridge NSW/ 18 Jul 2010)
Dear Barbara,
I found your website while searching for information on Henry Graham. Henry was the husband of Catherine English.
Roslyn Robinson contributed the information for the page.
I'm researching the life of the bushranger John Vane who rode with the Ben Hall gang during 1863. Vane's father William had two blocks of land that I'm trying to pinpoint. On the 1854 surveyor field book map (see PDF below) it shows that Henry Graham had 30 acres (identifying the location of his hut) directly adjacent to William Vane's two blocks.
A descendent of an associated family (Radburn) has shown me where he remembers a home standing some time ago, that is now non-existent, which he thinks was William Vane's place (Wattle Grove). I have attached (see PDF below) a parish map from 1884 showing what could be the location of William Vane and Henry Graham's blocks. A coincidence (..?) being that Vane had a 30 and a 34 acre block and Henry had a 30 acre block in the same sequence.
Henry and Catherine must have moved from Kings Plains to Neville (then known as Number One Swamp or Mount Macquarie) between the births of their sons John in 1848 and Thomas in 1852. Thomas is registered at Mount Macquarie.
Interesting to note that two names among the list of debtors from your webpage are related to the Vane family - John Cheshire married Christina Vane and John Beauchamp married Margaret Vane, both ladies were John Vane's sisters. John and Christina Cheshire lived at Teasdale Park, a farming property with an Inn established by George Cheshire (John's father) adjacent to the Old Lachlan Road near Hobby's Yards and which grew to become the postal town of Teesdale.
I'm hoping that you or Roslyn could help me in confirming some of this detail.
Many thanks in anticipation,
Craig Bratby
Newbridge NSW
18 July 2010

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