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Allen Family History
Allen Family History

My name is Dennis Allen. I was born in Auburn Nebraska, transplanted to Omaha before I can even remember. Grew up in Omaha, where I married, and shortly after, entered the US Army. After 10 years I decided military life was not for me anymore and returned to the Omaha area, where I now work for Uncle Sam, but don't have to put on a uniform everyday.

I started looking into my family history in about 1990. In the last 15 years or so, my family history grew from just a few pages in a plain folder, to a desk full of information, computer graphics, my very own web page and over 29,000 names. Those in my file range from those only slightly related by marriage to others with a direct blood connection to me, most I have never met. This is really just a hobby for me, updating things and researching when time allows. In 2012, I plan to retire with 38 years government service and spend all my time on this project. While it may not be worth much to anyone else, it's worth millions to me in terms of my historical background and the hours spent to comprise it.

With my computer, my Family Tree Maker software, free web space offered by ROOTSWEB© and a few hours a week, I've been able to meet many of my distant cousins who have happened upon my web site. If you are one of those, either found within my data, or a relative I've yet to include, drop me a line. Let me know you've been here and how you like or dislike the site. I also encourage you to send me corrections if you find mistakes. All information contained herein has been gathered from family members, the LDS web site, among others, and other genealogy researchers who have graciously provided input.

For the protection of privacy, I do not publish dates of individuals thought to be living - birth on or after 1905 with no death date listed or marriage on or after 1930 with no death date listed. Additionally, I attempt not to publish address or social security number data.

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