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Allen Family History

My Family History

By Geraldine Myers Guymon

My father, Reese Archibald Leishman was born April 21, 1916 at his parents home, a red brick house in Wellsville Utah. The house had a nice good sized kitchen, living room with a pretty little coal stove which was always spotless and shining, three bedrooms and a little pantry where there was always something good to eat. Father's mother, Martha Archibald Leishman, was especially noted for her good sugar cookies. The recipe of which was published in a couple editions of the relief society cook books. The house had a very nice parlor in which the children were not allowed, except on special occasions. It was aside from the rest of the rooms. I will always remember how clean and orderly it was and how nice and cool it felt.

Father was reared in a good L.D.S. home. He was taught responsibility at an early age. When his father died, my father helped with many chores on the farm. He was only nine years old when his father passed away. There were times when he would have loved to play basketball but he helped his mother instead.

He graduated from South Cache High School in the spring of 1934. He courted my mother while in high school. He world walk one mile to mother's home then walk a mile back into Wellsville with her to a show, then walk her back home, then walk back to his home. No transportation for him.

He graduated from South Cache High School in the spring of 1934. He had such beautiful Holstein cows that he won a trip back to Chicago for his work with them. He had the farm for awhile when he was first married and I can remember watching him milk the cows. He later sold the farm and worked at a grain mill but the dust choked him so badly that he had to find other employment, so he started working at an Army Depot called 2nd Street, as it was located on 2nd street. He was a lift operator. He worked here for many years and commuted from Wellsville every day until Mother became ill with cancer. He received a medical leave to care for her and gained employment as a janitor of the elementary school in Wellsville. He really made the school sparkle as he always was a perfectionist. He also raised one of the most beautiful gardens that I have ever seen. The soil was even smooth from being raked so carefully. He took wonderful care of Mother. She would hurt so much and would ask him to rub her back and arms and he would. He waited on her and so did Grandma T.

My mother was born in Reed Point, Montana on September 5, 1917. She lived in Montana, Shelly Idaho, Yellowstone National Park, where my grandma ran a cafe. The last place which Mom resided was Wellsville Utah. She was christened in the Baptist church on September 14, 1917. A great teacher of the Book of Mormon, J. Carl Wood, taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She was baptized into the Church when she was eighteen years old. She married my father also when eighteen years old. They were married in the Logan L.D.S. temple on June 10, 1936. They honeymooned in Salt Lake City Utah. As they didn't have much money she bought a gold fish bowl to bring home and was quite a happy young bride. It was the time of one of the country's depressions.

Grand, Kathryn Belle Tucker Myers Turcotte, has a little yellow frame house which Dad had purchased, cleaned to perfection when they arrived home. It was a two roomed house then, with vines growing over the front. A year later I was born at the Budge Hospital in Logan Utah. There was a lapse of eight years before Mother's second child was born. The baby's name was Dallas Reese Leishman. I surely did love to take care of him. Words can't express how lonely I was for a brother or sister. I was happy when mother would let me help take care of him. He was a very handsome little chile and a handsome man. He was born on September 21, 1943.

About two years later another child graced our home. His name, Truman, Being named after a very fine man by the name of Truman Curtis. My brother Truman was born on February 9, 1945. Finally a sister was born and was blessed with the name of Kathryn after Grandma T. She was the fourth and last child and she was born on April 30, 1950. All four children were born in Logan Utah hospitals. Mother was told by our family physician, Doctor G Smoot Francis to never have more children after I was born because of her RH negative blood and father's positive blood. Through her faith and desire for a family she came through with four healthy children. We had normal children's diseases, measles, chicken pox and the boys had the mumps. I waited until my early 20's before catching the mumps from my children. It was so painful.

Building onto the two room home which my father had bought, father had two more bedrooms built then had the workmen convert a porch into a small bedroom. Mother put up wallboard in one end of our basement and made an attractive little bedroom which was to be mine. Thoroughly enjoying the room I spent many good hours there. At the time that the bedrooms were added a basement had been built. This made the house very comfortable. The washer was in the new part of the basement, with twin tubs. Grandma T really could make clothes white with the home-made soap and the old wash board. Later a gas stove was installed for canning fruits and vegetables and we put up plenty while I was growing up. Before the gas stove we used a wood burning one. I was really sorry when they threw away the old stove. It would have come in handy someday. Grandma T didn't miss many times of canning. We would help peel and they prepared many wonderful jars of fruit, jams, pickles and vegetables.

Father and Mother would have sacrificed anything that they had for their children. They would take us to dances, swimming parties, picnics etc.... Mom supported me all the way. She watched me and corrected me when I needed it, but had the wisdom of knowing how. She supported me when I played my saxophone or duets it was always very reassuring to look down and see her beautiful smile and feel her support.

For many years Mom was the only one in her family who belonged to the L.D.S. church then a cousin Jim Myers was converted to the gospel. Looking back now we were never wealthy but were comfortable. I have many pleasant memories of my home and family.

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