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The Personal Story of Geraldine Myers Leishman Guymon

By herself.

Born: July 12, 1937

Place: Logan, Cache, Utah (at the William Budge Memorial Hospital)

Mother: Florence Alta Myers Leishman

Physician: W.O. Christenson.

I weighed 7 lbs, 4 ounces and had dark hair and eyes. My mother's doctor was a very kind gentleman and had been a mayor of Wellsville. I was reared in Wellsville. A very nice place to grow up.

After my step-grandfather died, Grandma T went to live and work in Ogden. I loved to go and stay with her on weekends. There was a very nice park right across from her apartment which was in a large white apartment house. In the spring and summer the lawn was full of tiny daisies. She rented a small apartment which was up many starts. We would correspond between Ogden and Wellsville. I really enjoyed her letters. She wrote beautifully and also had much news to tell me. She saved a few of my letters and before she died she gave them back to me.

I did not have a brother until I was seven years old. His name was Dallas Reese Leishman. Fourteen months later another brother joined the family and his name was Truman. About five years after that our only sister Kathryn (Kathy) came to our family.

When kindergarten started I can remember taking my lunch and a rug. The rug was for nap period. I did something which made the teacher mad and she hit me with a yard stick. The teacher's name was Mrs. Wallis. I cried so hard and long that she took me out and put me in the window still and gave me some candy and tried to talk me out of crying.

When I was young I liked to climb trees and I had a cat of many colors. Her name was Fluff. I also had a pet rooster which ended on our kitchen table one Sunday for dinner. Our family had a very sweet little black cocker spaniel and her name was Lady. We loved her very much. A big hunting dog taught her to chase cares and one driver went out of his way to hit her. She died soon after.

In elementary school I specially liked arithmetic, spelling and reading. I though the spelling bees were exciting. This was when the classes would have a contest between the girls and boys in seeing how long we could out spell the other group. We also had the study of music and composers. This is where I first learned to enjoy symphony music. Our red-headed teacher, Mrs. Perkins played the record, Peter and the Wolf, which was all orchestrated. We sang, listened to musical records and learned how to read music.

In junior high I started playing the saxophone and the piano. I took saxophone lessons from William Terry and piano lessons from Anon Maughan and Reta Poppleton and Maughan McMerdic. He was an especially good teacher and could play very well. When I had four children I sold Tupperware to make enough money for a piano. This was when Park was finishing his Doctorate in Chemistry. We purchased the piano from Dunkley Music in Ogden.

In Wellsville Junior High we girls liked the boys but they didn't pay much attention to us. I thought something must surely be wrong with me but I didn't have any problem with getting a date in high school. I went with guys from Hyrum, Logan and one from Blanding Utah.

I played saxophone solos, duets and quartets. The duets were played with DeVon Nish from River Heights. We were on assemblies. We also were in high school assemblies competition. We received some excellent ratings. Our high school band (South Cache) had an excellent director. He was Grant Jenkins and he taught us to be a number one band. We were invited to lead the Rose Parade in Portland Oregon in the year that I was a junior. It was really fun even though we marched in the rain. The Portland Police escorted across Portland with their siren screaming. It was exciting to a group of teenagers.

One play was the only one which I was in. I usually didn't want to take the time to stay after school for practices. The one play was the "Little Mermaid".

Another activity which I really like to participate in was the Sparta Pep Club - our marking group. We had a purple dress with a white dickey and white gloves and a purple hat - a flat style, which was worn on the side of our head. I was also in the pep band. We really enjoyed the basketball games in which I marched and played.

When I was a junior I met Park at a dance while he was attending Utah State College. He was only a freshman then. I didn't see him too much that year. That was the year that I contracted measles. That was something which I will never forget because I really suffered with the measles for two miserable weeks. I was really sick with a high fever. The doctor even came to our home to help relieve my suffering.

Park and I started to go with each other more in his sophomore year of college. At my high school graduation, he took me to dinner at Maddox in Brigham and gave me a beautiful ruby ring while we were there. When he was a junior he proposed. We drove through the canyon. Everything was so pretty, being the fall time of year, a season which I have always been partial to. The ring, which he slipped on my finger, was a beautiful one with a curved design on each side of the main set of diamonds. We went to show our friends and family. I couldn't understand why Mon and Dad cried then but I surely do now.

We were married the following March 16, 1956. It was between quarters (winter and spring). I had a quarter and a half of college and now wish that I had finished more. I later went to Weber State College where I did receive my associate degree.

We had a wonderful wedding. There were many friends at the temple with us, and we started through at 8:00am and were married by 1:00pm. We drove to Wellsville and home and opened presents and had a nice ham dinner. The dinner was prepared and served by grandma T, Shirley Glenn, Annie Bowen Aunt Barbara Brandon. The food was very good. Friends and relatives attended the dinner. Many people came to our reception. It was a good reception and we were very tired when it was over.

A small tree was tied to the back of our little gray ford. We had our pictures taken. This was before the reception. Then people started coming and continued until ten thirty PM. I received many nice hugs and kisses, and was really happy that we could have both of our families there and that they could go through the temple with us. Kathy, my little sister, cried so hard that I was leaving home she became sick. We had a good program, Zan Litz, a first cousin announced our program. Dick and Carolyn Guymon, a brother of Park's and his young wife, took us away from the crowd to our little ford, which was hidden at Joe and Della Parker's home in Mr. Sterling. It was in a good hiding place for no one guessed where it was.

We stopped in Brigham, for the night, and had breakfast there the next morning. Salt Lake City was our destination. We went to see the Bingham Copper Mines and other sights in Salt Lake City.

After this short honeymoon, Park had to be back in college for spring quarter. He did very well all through college and really worked hard in his study and research. About a year later we were the proud parents of a little girl, Dianna Lynn. She had a round little face and clear pretty skin. We really enjoyed her. Then there were other children who joined our family when Park went back for higher degrees.

Dianna was born while we lived along the boulevard in a large apartment house. The owner was Mrs. Evelyn Farr. This was during spring quarter. During Park's senior year we moved into a larger apartment. It was owned by a German couple, whose name was Bartlemen. This apartment was on 8th North in Logan. Since they were very frugal they were constantly turning the heat down. Most of the time Dianna had blue lips and fingers from the cold. I finally told the man that my baby was freezing. This did not help so Park found a way of fixing the thermostat. This fooled them for when they went into the basement it was cold so he would leave it on and we were warm upstairs.

Park received his B.S. after which we moved to Blanding and lived there that summer in his Aunt Rachael's house. From there we moved on to El Paso in the fall. Park was stationed in El Paso for a few months and then sent onto South Dakota where he worked as a Ajax Missile Officer for the total of two years counting his schooling in Texas.

During the Christmas holidays, we went home. Park was through with training in Texas so we enjoyed our families before going back to South Dakota. Our stay was very pleasant in our ward in South Dakota. We arrived there in the year of 1957.

After a very tiring search for an apartment, we finally found one on New Year's Night and we were exhausted. The first night that Park and I went to church we were given jobs in the ward, rather branch, my job being Activity Counselor of the Young Women's Mutual Improvement Association and park was asked to be Elder's Quorum Secretary and to be on the Boy Scout Committee, as chairman.

About a month after we found our apartment, we had orders to move to hosing on a missile site which had new well built houses. The site was on the plains between Ellsworth Air Force Base and Rapid City in South Dakota. We had to buy new furniture for the house. We didn't own much furniture. The house in which we lived was very nice and I wished when we prepared to leave that we could take the house with us.

While we lived in the nice white framed house on the missile site, rather not far from it, our second child was born and we named him Michael Park Guymon. The nurses said he was a very good baby. The ones in the delivery room wanted to steal him. He work us up one night for a feeding and after that he slept all night. He has an olive complexion and looks like my side of the family. Dianna looks like her Dad.

We moved to Blanding when Park was discharged from the Army. We lived in his grandmother's house for a while. She was living with a daughter, Rachael Kartchner, in Salt Lake City. During our stay in her house, Mike was very sick with ear infections and sore throat. We almost lost him one night his fever reached 106 degrees and he went into convulsions. We rushed him to the hospital because we could not find the doctor. There was a highway patrol waiting for us. When we told him why we were speeding he called ahead to the hospital. He radioed ahead to the hospital and told them we were coming and to be ready for us which they were and had his temperature down soon after. His tonsils were removed that summer even though we could never get him totally well.

In Blanding we bought a house trailer and lived in it for a year there, then we pulled it to Logan where Park would do graduate work. We lived in the trailer from 1960 to 1964. Gordon, our third child, was born while we lived in the trailer in Blanding. Although Gordon was born in the hospital at Monticello. I was canning pears and had to leave them and go to the hospital so Park and his mother finished the pears.

While we resided in Logan and still in the trailer, an 8 foot by 39 foot trailer, we welcomed our fourth child, Kevin, and he was a very good baby. After he came I could not stand the little trailer any longer so in the spring we moved into an apartment on a sunken part of Logan and it was called The Island. We lived there for a year,, long enough for Park to receive his PHD in Chemistry. Graduation was a thrilling day for all of us. His family came. We were invited to President Chase's home for a reception.

Park had good offers for work, Los Alamos in New Mexico and the Purina Company. There was an offer from Chicago which would have started out with pay of $14,000 a year but we wanted to stay in Utah. He has been very well liked by students and has been on demand by them. He is very good to help them.

When we first came to Ogden. The 61st ward had a very spiritual Bishop, Leo Porter, and he is now our Stake Patriarch, this year of 1978 and has been for several years. I was second counselor in the primary for a year. I was going to college and it was too hard to keep up so I was released and given the Sunday School organist job. I have taught Primary in Logan, Blanding and Ogden. I have been a visiting teacher for many years and have done genealogy all of my married life in my spare time. I have sung with the Relief Society Singing Mothers and in stake and ward choirs. I sang in the chorus of a pioneer play in Blanding Utah and have sung in the Messiah and other special programs. I was involved as Cub Scout Den Mother and Blazer B teacher for a total of five years.

Allan, our fifth child, was born in the old Dee Hospital. It has been torn down since them. There is now a beautiful hospital, the McKay Dee, which is about two blocks from our home in Ogden. He has been ajoy to me. He helps me a lot in the home and does very well in school.

Our first two children, Dianna and Mike are listed in Who's Who in America High School Students and Gordon is listed in Famous Names and Faced. All three have won much recognition in regional and international science fairs.

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