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Allen Family History

By Geraldine Guymon

About Kathryn Belle Tucker

She married Franklin Joseph Myers, the father of Florence, and later married Alexander Turcotte. She was not happy unless she was working. She worked as a good more than 16 years. When she was fired at the age of 72, she was very indignant. It took two younger girls to replace her as grandma was a very hard worker. When there was not enough work given to her to do she would find some.

When she could no longer work at Utah State University's cafeteria, she helped my other and her children. She was always aware of our needs and helped in every way that she could. Grandma T, Kathryn Belle Tucker Myers Turcotte died December 30, 1974 in the rest home in a beautiful valley in Mendon Utah. She died of natural causes in the Valley Rest Home. She suffered several strokes before entering the rest home. She was a wonderful mother and grandmother. She was very unselfish and many dishes of food were prepared for neighbors and family. She was a great cook. She fixed many wonderful meals and baked delicious apple and cream pies. I will always love her for what she was - a sweet, thoughtful and precious lady.

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