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Allen Family History

By Kathryn Belle Tucker

Written by herself

I was born on a farm near Johnson Nebraska in Nemaha County. On November 22, 1885. My parents were Mary Elizabeth Phelan and James Riley Tucker. At the age of six I started school. Our school house was one mile from home and my first teacher was Lelia Tracy, a cousin. She taught there several years and stayed at our home. She was a very good teacher and well liked. The school house was close to some nice shade trees and we used to have nice times of playing house there and during recess and noon hour.

My mother came across the plains from Petersburg Illinois and my father came from Eugene, Knox County, Illinois across the plains too. One uncle was a Methodist minister. He performed many marriages in the family, including my mother and father's.

My other had typhoid fever when she was nine years old and it left her deaf all of the rest of her life. She raised eleven children of her own plus two children of my father's former marriage. The other wife's name was Hannah Six (editor's note: Later found to be Hannah Sickman).

My father was a wonderful dad, good to all of us and a good provider. After I had finished the 8th grade of school, I went to Johnson High School for two years. I was 15 years old when I started. At 17 years old, I thought that I would like to get a job so my parents consented to let me go to Chicago to work at a railroad diner for a relative and her husband. I like the work and was under good supervision and I stayed for two years. Then I went back home and helped work on the farm. We raised all kinds of grain, also sugar cane and made sorghum. We always had a big garden and orchard with all kinds of fruit. We went to barn dances as we were out in the country and had good times. Most of our dances were square dances. I occasionally stayed a week or two with married sisters and got very home sick.

When I was 18 years old I worked in Lincoln Nebraska, fifty miles from home, doing house work for five dollars a week. I stayed there two years. I was married to Franklin Myers. It was in the year 1910 and we moved to Columbus Montana on September 5, 1817. We lived on a homestead for 8 years when a hail storm wiped out our entire wheat crop. We left the homestead and went to Billings Montana and worked in a beet factory, then went to Grass Creek Wyoming oil fields where my husband worked. In 1927 and 1928 I worked in Yellow Stone Park as supervisor and assistant cook.

In the fall came to Wellsville Utah. After Alex died I worked at the Utah General Depot for four years and the same at Hill Filed. I first worked in their cafeteria for eight years. I joined the Presbyterian Church when very young and have tried all of my life to live a good Christian life. My only child, Florence, lived in Wellsville Utah with her family.

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