William Endean & Betsy Rescorla

Let our posterity know
that we their ancestors,
uncultured and unlearned,
amid all trials and temptations,
were men of integrity.

Alexander Crummell

Elizabeth Rescorla
Betsy Rescorla
William was born, according to the 1851 census, around 1785 in St Agnes, Cornwall and died 1 on the 5th February 1859, aged 74 in Horrabridge, Buckland Monachorum, Devon of natural causes. He was at different times listed as a miner and as an agricultural labourer. We have been unable to trace William's birth/christening record, however the Endean families of Richard & Ann Indean and William & Elizabeth Indean were living at St Agnes around the time of William's birth.

Elizabeth, known as Betsy, was born to John Thomas Rescorlar, (For information on the Rescorle surname, click here ) around 1789 and died 2 on the 10th March 1875, aged 93, according to the death certificate, at Shankhouse, Northumberland of old age. However, according to the information on the1851 census and on her headstone she would have been 86. We have been unable to verify Betsy's birth and parentage, however a John Thomas Rescorlar did marry an Elizabeth Youlton on 17th May 1784 at Whitchurch and two of William & Betsy's children have the middle name of Youlton. William & Betsy were married 3 on the 18th April 1820 by Banns at Buckland Monachorum. John Thomas Rescorlar was one of the witnesses. Elizabeth was illiterate and signed her name with a cross and interestingly William was listed as and signed his name as "William Dean". (see Dennis Endean Ivall's note on the pronunciation of Endean). William was entered as a soujourner, which meant he was a temporary resident i.e. he may have been working in the parish or staying in the parish prior to the wedding. And he was also listed as a widower. As yet we have not found the details of his first marriage.

William and Betsy had the following children
Jane Colmore Endean bap.12 Nov 1820, died 8 Jan 1821, aged 5 months
John Colmore Endean bap. 30 Sept 1821
Elizabeth Youlton Endean b. 14 Oct 1822, bap. 7 Sept 1823
William Endean bap. 9 Jan 1825
Jane Colmore Endean b. 7 July 1827 bap. 3 Oct 1826(?)
James Youlton Endean bap. 22 Feb 1829

Again, they were all registered as "Dean" except for William who was registered as "Dane" and the second Jane Colmore who was registered as "Andean".

In the 1851 Census, William, aged 66 & Betsy, aged 63 are listed as living with their son, James, aged 21 and Mary Mason, a widow aged 63, whose occupation is gathering rags & bones. Both William & James are listed as Copper Miners and William's birthplace is given as St Agnes.


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John Colmore Endean

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2. Death Certificate No 137, 1875, Tynemouth, Blyth, Northumberland
3. Marriage at Buckland Monachorum, Devon 18th April 1820 Parish register entry No.50 Page 17

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