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Emerald   Idyll

Welcome To The Personal Web Page of   Jack Murphy

This web page will introduce you to me, my family and my interests.  It will include some facts about my
 background, my ethnic heritage and personal interests.  Somewhat late in life I began to investigate my 
Irish background and ancestors and began an interest in genealogy.  I will share some 
of this and introduce the viewer to the fascinating subject of genealogy.  For a few 
years now I have been gathering jokes off the internet.  I plan to present some of them 
for your enjoyment, as well.

     An Acknowledgement.  Normally, being a strong believer in example, I am 
uncomfortable around people who are overly preachy about their religious beliefs, but I would be remiss if I did not  thank our Creator for His grace and inspiration in enabling me to put  together these pages.  Without extensive access to His Heavenly Thesaurus it would not have been possible.  Microsoft's FrontPage 2000 software also helped, but nowhere near as much.


Family    A Poem: MY BETTE WITH AN E  Background  
Family--The Kimball Connection Kimball Views--Album One
Family--The Murphy Connection House Views--Album Two
Family Tree Notes Murphy Family Tree Layout Murphy Views--Album Three
McGlinchey Family Tree Layout

Ireland   St. Patrick's Story  Irish History to Famine The Destruction of Irish Trade
Irish Penal Laws--An Overview Irish Penal Laws--Detailed View
Famine--Personal  Stories Famine--Mass Evictions
Famine--Liverpool and Coffin Ships  Irish Christmas Traditions
Irish Myths--The Irish King Irish Myths--Irish Society
Racism in Ireland

Genealogy Genealogy  Getting Started  Passenger List Tips
Mat. GGF's Passenger List Steamer Forest City 1862
Passenger Arrivals of 82 McGlincheys, Boston, 1848-1891
Passenger Lists--Ports and Years Available
 Pat GM's Passenger List Catalonia 1883 Pat Gm's Family's Passenger List 1885

Humor The Value of Humor Seven Deadly Sins Seven Heavenly Virtues
The Ten Commandments Blessed Are The Jokes
  God's Perfect Joke A Prayer For The Birds
Sacrament Jokes The Works of Mercy

Inspiration Corner     Are you a Carrot?  An Interesting Story Prayer In An Alley
The Last Taxi Ride   Letter on The Pillow The Guest Preacher
Why Christmas A Santa Story The Little Things
The List of Compliments Grand Canyon Horse
Wings And Packaging   One Minute  The Marbles Story
The Christian Thing To Do  (An original short story)
You Do Good Work   (An original poem)

Contact        Contact Information