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Jacobus Emans
son of Jan Emans, Sr. and Sarah Jansen

Jacobus was born between 1670 and 1680. He died prior to April 17, 1749. He resided in Gravesend. Jacobus married Geertje Romeyn, daughter of Stoffel Romeyn, on May 10, 1700. Their children were: John (probable), Christopher (probable), Peter (probable), Benjamin (probable) and all the following were born 1718 and after in Gracesend: Abraham, Cornelius, Geertie, Elizabeth, Jacobus, and Cornelia.

Abraham was baptized October 5, 1718. He married Sarah Schenck on November 5, 1740. He died on November 21, 1810. Cornelius married Eva Voorhies on May 13, 1749 and died May 19, 1792. Jacobus died in 1816 and had no children.


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