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Elm Grove, Mendon, Buckland, Day, Fishkill Rural

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Alfred V. and Marilyn J. Emans

Diantha and James W. Emans
Elvin Lee and Janice E. Emans
Eva E. and William H. Emans
Harry and Luella Emans
Miriam and Carl D. Emans
Silva M. Emans
Deloss Fry
Don S. Fry
Floyd and Winnie Fry
Herbert E. and Vera I. Fry
Iola M. and Rexford C. Fry
Jeanettie and William S. Fry
Robert E and Virginia V. Fry
Ruby A. and Meredith E. Fry
William O. Fry
David W. & Nancy Ann (Wilges) Keister
Located next to the spire shaped stone of Catherine B. (Huffman) Wilges [see below] in the Buckland Cemetery.
courtesy of Dale Wilges
Harry F. and Zoa H. Miller
Melvin and Eloise Miller
Frank and Ida Belle Muter
Kenneth D. and Ruth A. Roberts
Ora and Dorris M. Roberts
Anna M. and Francis M. Wilges
Anna Wilges, wife of S. L. Wilges
courtesy of Dale Wilges
Catherine Wilges
courtesy of Dale Wilges
Emma T. and Herman E. Wilges
Ethel M and Eddie L. Wilges
Millie M. and Clifford L. Wilges

The following cemetery photographs are courtesy of Dale Wilges.  They were taken 20-25 years ago.  Located in what is known as the Day Cemetery on a farm near Austin, Ohio (Ross County).

Gravestones of Samuel J. Wilges and Catherine (Huffman) Wilges.  As you can see they are badly weathered as they were cut in a stone that was probably soft, such as sandstone.

The following cemetery photograph is courtesy of Francis C. Emans. Taken March 1993 of John F. Emans and Emma Barrett Emans. Lot 738, Section ? at Fishkill Rural Cemetery in Fishkill, New York.


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