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History of the Emans Family

This page is about the descendants of Jan Emans, Sr. and their families. Jan Emans, Sr. of Gravesend, New York married first Sarah Jansen,daughter of Anthony Jansen and Grietje Reiners, in about 1660 and second Engeltie in about 1680. Jan was a master cooper by trade. In 1679 he was deputy mayor, 1688 to 1701 he was Gravesend town clerk, Magistrate in 1673, jury duty 1677 and freeholder of land beginning in 1656 until his death. According to census records of 1698 he entered English extraction. It is inferred that his father Andries although hailing from Leiden was among the Englishmen who left their native land and went to Holland to enjoy religious liberty and avoid persecution. His will was proved October 11, 1715. He is father to John, Anthony, Hendrick, Andries, Abraham, Sarah, and Jacobus from his first marriage and Cornelia from his second marriage.

Andries Emans was born 1677 in Gravesend. He married Rebecca Van Cleef November 24, 1695. Both were of Gravesend. Rebecca died on November 15, 1755 in New Jersey. The census of 1698 showed Andries with a wife and three children. His will mentions a 98 acre farm in New Utrecht, Long Island, 200 acres near Rocky Hill, Somerset County, New Jersey, 610 acres in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, property at 110 Neck Road in Gravesend, and 300 acres in Middlesex County, New Jersey. His will is dated September 1, 1728. Andries and Rebecca had 8 children: Hendricks, Johanes, Andrew, Benjamin, Jacobus, Ann, Sarah, and Rebecca.

John (Johanes) Emans was born about 1698 and died March 24, 1752. John married Teuntje Van Dyck about 1726. His will gives residence as Readington Twp., Hunterdon County, New Jersey. His will listed property 210 acres formerly the property of Mr. Buskerk, 300 acres bought from Adrian Lane and 310 acres of family estate. Teuntje and John had 9 children: Andris, Rebecca, John, Anna, Jacobus, Catreana, Sarah, Abraham, and Jacob. All of the children except the oldest son and oldest daughter were baptized at Readington, New Jersey.

John Emans was baptized January 31, 1731 in Readington, New Jersey. John married Mary Crom. Their children were Isaac, John and William.

Isaac Emans was born about 1765. He married Lean or Lenah Van Sickle. She was born in 1756 and died about 1819. Isaac died in 1814. Their children were Jacob, John and Andrew.

John Emans/Emmons was born February 12, 1791 in Readington, New Jersey. John married Leah DeMott. Leah was born September 6, 1790 and died April 4, 1855 in Putnam County, Ohio. John died May 1, 1861 in Putnam County, Ohio. They moved from Hunterdon County, New Jersey in 1835 and relocated in Putnam County, Ohio. Their children were: Gilbert J., Andrew J., Elizabeth, Richard D., John J. III, Nellen, Peter, William Joseph, Theodore Freelinghuysen, and Martha Marie.


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