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Descendants of Littleberry Walker
Generation No. 1

 1.  Littleberry1 Walker1 was born 1767 in South Carolina, USA, and died Aft. 1850 in Columbia County, Florida, USA.  He married Elizabeth Margaret ???. Possible maid names for Elizabeth are McClain and Young. Her grand mother Susannah McClain left a "dead of gift" to Elizabeth. Susannah also left a "dead of gift to her son John D Young. McClain may have been someone she married after John's father. There is also the possibility that Susannah McClain is the maternal grandmother.
Children of Littleberry Walker and Elizabeth ??? are:
 2 i. Susannah2 Walker, born Abt. 1896.  She married Lewis Lee.
 3 ii. Mary Walker, born Abt. 1897.  She married Willoughby Cooper.
 4 iii. Keziah Walker, born 1798.  She married (1) John Jacobs.  She married (2) Samuel B Morgan.
 5 iv. Isham Walker, born 1800.
+ 6 v. Littleberry Walker, Jr, born 1802 in Glynn Co, Georgia; died 1868.
 7 vi. Drucilla Walker, born 1803.  She married Nathan Smith.
 8 vii. Elias Walker, born 1805.  He married Elias Morgan.
 9 viii. Jeremiah Walker, born 1807.  He married Nancy Dowling.
 10 ix. Ansel Walker, born 1808.  He married Sarah A E ???.
 11 x. Elizabeth Walker, born 1810.
 12 xi. David Leonard Walker, born 1811.  He married Temperance Thomas.
 13 xii. Andrew Jackson Walker, born 1814.  He married Elizabeth Minchew.
 14 xiii. Elisha Walker, born 1816.  He married Carolyn ???.
 15 xiv. Westberry Walker, born 1818.  He married Lydia ???.

Generation No. 2

 6.  Littleberry2 Walker, Jr (Littleberry1) was born 1802 in Glynn Co, Georgia, and died 1868.  He married Nancy Newbern, daughter of Thomas Newbern.  She was born 1803, and died Aft. 1870.
Littleberry, Jr and Nancy joined the Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church about 1825.
Children of Littleberry Walker and Nancy Newbern are:
 16 i. Keziah3 Walker, born 16 February 1822.  She married Isham Samuel Peacock.
+ 17 ii. John Walker, born 1824; died Abt. 1864.
 18 iii. Phoebe Walker, born 1827.  He married Hillery W Cason.
 19 iv. Elizabeth Walker, born 1828.  She married Absolom Thomas, Jr..
 20 v. Ansel Walker, born 1829.  He married Caroline ???.
+ 21 vi. Berrien Walker, born 11 September 1835; died 6 July 1875.
 22 vii. Richard Walker, born 1833.  He married Elizabeth Peacock.
 23 viii. Isham Walker, born 1835; died 1862.
He died in the service of the CSA.

 24 ix. Mary Walker, born 1837.  She married Banner Thomas.
 25 x. James Walker, born 1839.
 26 xi. Michael Walker, born 1841.  He married Lucretia ???.

Generation No. 3

 17.  John3 Walker (Littleberry2, Littleberry1) was born 1824, and died Abt. 1864.  He married Mary Underhill, daughter of Joseph Underhill and ??? Roddenberry.  She was born Abt. 1827, and died 1886. Captured while serving the CSA. Died in a federal hospital of "quinzy".
Children of John Walker and Mary Underhill are:
 27 i. Daniel Jackson4 Walker, born Abt. 1847.  He married Polly Davis; born 25 January 1849.
 28 ii. Jackson Walker, born Abt. 1854.  He married Emaline Aspinwall; born Abt. 1858.
 29 iii. Joseph Walker.
 30 iv. James Henry Walker.
 31 v. Martha Walker, born Abt. 1851.  She married Ransom Thomas.
 32 vi. Mary Walker, born Abt. 1849.
 33 vii. Serene Walker, born Abt. 1857.  She married John Bennett.
Name also seen as Derena on some records.
 34 viii. Joel Walker, born 1859.  He married Lula Henderson.

 21.  Berrien3 Walker (Littleberry2, Littleberry1) was born 11 September 1835, and died 6 July 1875.  He married Mary Byrd, daughter of William Byrd and Sarah Phillips.  She was born 17 June 1846 in Emanuel County, Georgia, USA. Berry died as a result of a timber cart accident. He served in the Civil War. Berry and Mary are buried in a field on their old home place in Ware Co, Georgia.
Children of Berrien Walker and Mary Byrd are:
 35 i. Isabella4 Walker, born 15 November 1861.  She married Frank A Aspinwall 23 September 1880.
 36 ii. Joel R Walker, born 26 July 1863.  He married Mary Thomas.
 37 iii. John Walker, born 28 February 1866.  He married Martha E Henderson.
 38 iv. Saphrona Walker, born June 1870.  She married James T Smith 7 October 1886.
 39 v. Julia Ann Walker, born 1 January 1872 in Pierce County, Georgia, USA; died 7 November 1937.  She married Walter Leon Crews 22 November 1890 in Pierce County, Georgia, USA; born 14 October 1871 in Georgia, USA; died 9 September 1916.
Walter is buried in Mary's Chapel Cemetery, Pierce County, Georgia.
 40 vi. Dawson Walker

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