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#2 Ullerich Heiser

Generation II

2nd son of Johann Adam and Anna Maria

Rudolph Ullerich Catherine Heinrich Susanna Frederick Ernst
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Ullerich was born in Oley Twp., Berks Co., in the colony of Pennsylvania between 1755 and 1760. He took an oath of allegiance in May of 1778 which probably means that he was 21 that year and therefore was born in 1757 or before. He is listed as a married taxpayer starting in 1778. The 1784 tax records show that he had one cow and that there were four persons living in his household.

After the death of his father in 1789 officials of the orphans court determined that the 150 acres of land owned by his father could not be broken up and divided among the heirs in a practical manner and must be sold with the proceeds going to the heirs. Ullerich assumed responsibility for the land with an agreement to pay his brothers and sisters for their shares.

He is listed in the 1790 census with a household including one male over 16 (self) 4 males under 16 (probably John Adam, John Sr., Andrew and George) and two females. He married Margaretha Schwenk, daughter of Conrad Schwenk.

Records of Summer Hill Lutheran and Reformed Church in a Mannheim Twp. show that Margaretha and Ulrich Heiser had a son born on May 7, 1790 who they named Johann George.

The 1798 tax census shows Ullerich owning 300 acres of land with a hable (lean to and corral) a sawmill and a 26 ft. by 20 ft log house. He purchased an original lot in Orsigsburg in the early 1800's. He and his brother Henry were signers of the ordinances for the formation of Christ Reformed of Brunswick Twp. It was apparently completed about 1800 and was located across the "turnpike" from "Old Red Church" but I have not been able to locate any church records.

The 1800 census shows a household of six males and two females with Ullerich and Margaretha both under 45. Two boys were under 10, two were aged 10 to 16 and one was over 16. The girl was 10 to 16.

Ullerich apparently sold his fathers land in 1809 and bought land in an area called Shefferville near present Ringgold.

In the 1810 census his household has reduced to he and his wife with one male 10-16 and two males aged 16-26. There is one female aged 26-45 in the 1820 census. Ullerich was Treasurer of Friedens Lutheran and Reformed Church from 1813 to 1815.

Ullerich died in about 1829-30. He is not shown in the 1830 census but a woman about the age of Margaretha is shown in the household of his son Andrew. There is a tombstone for a Margaetha Heiser who died at age 82 on June 1, 1832 located at Old Red Churchyard.

Ullerich apparently had trouble sometime after 1820 and before his death. In 1822 he signed an agreement to work for his son, John, who assumed his debts. This may account for the apparent blank in terms of administration or estate papers.

The information available indicated that Ullerich and Margaretha had five sons and one daughter. For the most part the dates for births and deaths are estimates based on census etc. Their children were;

John Adam #18


Anna Barbara #19

b. Apr 10,1784

not enough info (on Ullerch page)

John Sr. #20

b Apr 1, 1786

Andrew #21

b. apt 1788

Johann George #22

b May 7, 1790

Daniel #23

(on Ullerich page)


#23 Daniel abt 1798 the youngest son of Ullerich. He married Anna Marie (Mary) in about 1818. She died before 1840. Daniel left Rush Twp. in the 1840's and moved to Butler Twp. He is in Eldred Twp with his son Matthias in 1860. His children were

# 101 Mary b Mar 10, 1819 bap at Friedens.Not in 1830 census.
#102 Matthias b abt 1821 md Elizabeth ? who was also born abt 1821. Daniel was living with Matthias in 1866 in Eldred township. Matthias children :
#309 Jacob b 1843 Anna Litweiler. Their child #557 Hanna Elmire b 1/26/1863 bap 12/18/1863
#310 Thomas b 1849
#311 Mary Ann c 1851 and husband had a daughter Fietta born Apr 17, 1868 and bap June 27, 1868.
#312 Matilda b c 1854
#313 Daniel b c 1857
#314 Magdalene b c 1860

#103 Thomas b 1825-7 in Shenandoah Twp in 1870 He appears in Rush Twp. in 1850 as a teamster after Daniel had moved to Butler twp. In 1870 he is in Shenandoah twp. with wife, Mary and seven children as a laborer. Mary was born in mid. 1830's. Children:

#316 Clara c 1854
#317 Benjamin c 1858
#318 Jacob c 1859
#319 Mary c 1862
#320 Eunice c 1865
#321 Lydia c 1867
#322 Anthony c 1868


#104 Henry b 1828
#105 Edward b 1830


#19 Anna Barbara b Apr 10, 1784. Age 66 in 1850 census. Believed to have married George Lorah of New Ringgold. Buried at Salem or Hetzels Ev. Lutheran Ch., Pine Grove. Three children were baptized at Friedens Church. L1 2/16/1808//L2 5/27/1817//L3. Elizabeth 4/19/1821 there were 5 boys and 3 girls in the 1830 census.
1862-3. He md Mary ? (1848-1918). He died in 1922