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Heiser/Hiser Photo Page 1

Rudolph Ullerich Catherine Heinrich Susanna Frederick Ernst
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Hiser Photo Page please be patient with this page loading, pictures take a little time to load. If you'd like to add to this or recognize some of the unknowns, please contact me. Also notice there are more photo pages.
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George W. Hiser

George W. Heiser (picture submitted by Karin)

unnamed Hisers (picture by Karin) help us identify !!!

unknown hisers

Woods photography (Karin)

tawnunknown from pa
Zion Old Red Church five sisters  n mom
roy & thelma

I apologize for the poor quality of pictures. These were printed on a black and white copier and sent to me this way. If you copy any old photos use a Xerox color copier. Though they may not be color copies, the quality is more real. If you have these same pictures and would be interested in scanning and sending them to me, see the below email address.

Thank you


P. S. I do have a few more pictures to add to this.

The first couple of pictures were donated by Karin and I believe they were of Ullerich Heiser's family. If Karin will write me again, we can get this straightened out for sure.

Roy, and the sisters above are from the descendants of Johann Adam, Charles,H. Adam,John Perry, William Heiser. Their lineage is on H.Adam page.


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