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#6 John Adam Heiser

child of Johann Adam and Anna Marie Heiser

II generation

Rudolph Ullerich Catherine Heinrich Susanna Frederick Ernst
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John Adam or Adam was born Jan 24, 1765 and died in January 1830 at age 65 years less 12 days, according to his tombstone at Summer Hill Reformed churchyard in Mannheim Twp. He was single at the time of his fathers death in 1789. On Apr 9, 1792 he was a sponsor for the baptism of his nephew Adam. His oldest son, Simon was born Nov 16, 1793.

He must have married Susannah Marburger sometime in 1792. He and his wife Susannah were sponsors for the baptism of his niece, Susanna, who was the daughter of Henry and Magdalena Heiser on Sept 26, 1794.

Adam and Susannah had a son George born on Dec 11, 1795. Judging by the sponsorship of their children and the naming of their oldest son, Susannah was the daughter of Simon and Anna Maria Marburger. (Anna Maria was born in Feb 1742 in Philadelphia and died Feb 1821 in Orwigsburg). In October of 1797 Adam and Elizabeth were parents of a daughter, Christian. A daughter Sophia was born on Nov 15, 1800 to Adam and Susannah. I have explored all the possibilities I can think of and concluded that Susannah and Elizabeth are the same person.

The couple attended Summer Hill Reformed Church throughout their married life. They lived in N. Mannheim Twp. In 1798 their house was valued at $157.50 and land etc. was valued at $720.

The 1800 census shows 2 sons and 1 daughter under 10 with both Adam and Susannah at 26-45. The 1810 census has one son 10-16 and one 16-26. One daughter is 0-10 and one is 10-16 with both Adam and wife over 45.

When Simon died in 1823, Adam was obliged to assume his debts and thereby forced to declare insolvency. Adam died in 1830. The children of Adam and Susannah were:

#45 Simon b Nov 16, 1793 #46 George b Dec 11, 1795 #47 Christian b Oct 1, 1797 confirmed Oct 29, 1815 #48 Sophia b Nov 15, 1800

#45 Simon born Nov 16, 1793, confirmed in 1809 and died on Dec 6, 1823. We known that he died having borrowed money which was only partially repaid. Adam was requested to pay his debts and shortly thereafter declared insolvency. Simon is called Samuel in the file.

#46 George was born Dec 13, 1795. He is 16-26 in the 1820 census with a daughter under 10 and then we find no record until 1860 when a George appears in North Mannheim Twp who shows as age 63 and is married to Rachel, age 53. Their children are shown below but with low confidence:

#176 daughter born before 1820

#s 177-179 not assigned

#180 Charles b 1843

#181 Francis b 1845

#182 Sarah b 1851

Note: Adam had a son George born as shown above and the 1820 data fits. We do not know that the George in North Mannheim is Adam's son.