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# 5 Charles Heiser Sr.

5th son of Johann Adam and Anna Maria Heiser

Rudolph Ullerich Catherine Heinrich Susanna Frederick Ernst


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Charles was born between 1760 and 1765. He is listed as a married taxpayer in 1785 and the 1790 census shows he had a son and 2 daughters. He married Anna Marie Mueller (Miller), daughter of Johann and Anna Margaretha Mueller. Information from later dates indicates the first three children were George, Margaret and Mary. A son Adam was born on Feb 20, 1792 and baptized at "Old Red" on Apr 19, 1792. Later children were Elizabeth (Molly) abt 1791, Charles in 1799, Frederick in 1802 and Heinrich.

George #37 b.1785 Margaret #38 Mary A. #39 H. Adam #40 Elizabeth (Molly) 1791 #41 Charles #42/ b 1799 Frederick #43 b.1802 Heinrich #44 b. 1802


Charles moved his family to Pendleton Co., Va. in about 1793-4. His complete descendency will be described later, however, his children as follows:

# 37 George b Brunswick Twp before 1790 md Elizabeth Propst on Nov 7, 1815

#38 Margaret b c 1786 md John Stiehl before May 1810. A female under 10 is shown in the 1810 census. They had daughter, Nancy, born in 1815. They attended Mallows.

#39 Mary or Eve Mary b 1877-90 md John Mumbert in 1818.In the 1850 census, she is listed at age 64 and John Mumbert at 77, daughter, Eve Mary and her husband, John Ayres, are listed in the 1850 census, E. Mary is 22 and John is 32. rom county marriage records, John Ayres md Eve Mumbert on Oct 1849.

#40 H. Adam b Feb 20, 1792 md Mary Ann Varner Nov 9, 1813 d Feb 23, 1880 in Sterling Twp., Brown Co., Ohio

***** my anscestor

#41 Elizabeth (Molly) b abt 1791 in Va. md Henry Puffenberger before 1818. d after 1860. Henry died on July 3, 1856.

#42 Charles b Sept 20, 1799 on South Fork md Phoebe Lough Feb 25, 1824 d May 8, 1858.

#43 Frederick b Sept 21, 1802 md Elizabeth Hevener Dec 2, 1825 d Apr 15, 1858.

#44 Heinrich confirmed in 1819. Indicated in 1820 census, not in will. No other info.


Based on census data Charles was born between 1760 and 1765. He is shown as married in the 1785 tax list for Berks. Co., Pa. He married Anna Maria Mueller (Mary Ann Miller) who was the daughter of Johann Mueller and is listed in his will as Mary Hiser. The 1790 census indicates that Charles and Mary had one son and two daughters before the census. The son was named George and the daughters were probably Margaret and Mary based on census data and order of mention in Charles' will. The 1860 census lists Elizabeth (Molly) as age 70 whereas the 1850 edition shows 57 yrs for the third daughter. From this Elizabeth could have been born either before or after H. Adam who was baptized at Old Red Church on Feb 20, 1792. The baptismal record shows Charles under the German spelling of Carle. Our next record of Charles is am militia listing in Pendleton Co., Va.. in 1794. He voted regularly in Pendleton Co. starting on Apr. 7, 1794.

Pennsylvania to Virginia

This move was made at about the same time as Anna Maria's father moved his family to this area. There is an item in "Morton's History of Pendleton County" that Conrad Mueller (Charles brother-in-law) and Adam Greenwalt walked from Pennsylvania to Virginia in about 1795. The Millers (Muellers), Greenwalts and the Hisers were close neighbors in both states. The trip itself would be difficult under any circumstances. It had to involve either a crossing of a pretty rugged mountain chain or following some very narrow winding valleys along the Potomac tributaries. It is not likely there was a wagon road in those days. In any event- Charles, Mary Ann and four or five small children made the trip during the early 1790's (probably 1793) with whatever items they had to have to a start a new life in a new area. We can speculate that the men made early trips into the area to locate and clear land, build cabins etc., and that the families came later.

Pendleton county terrain is even more rugged than the Schuylkill county area they left. There are four mountain ridges that traverse the county from southwest to northeast with three tributaries of the Potomac River forming narrow valleys in between. The new families located in the northeast part of the present county on the west side of the South Fork River. The first settlements in the county were in about 1748. In 1756, difficulty with the Shawnees began to develop and two forts were built. Both forts were captured in 1758 and the occupants were captured or annihilated with a total loss of about sixty persons. At its beginning Pendleton county was a part of a very large area designated Augusta County. In 1777 it became part of the newly formed county of Rockingham and then in 1787 Franklin was made the county seat of the new county of Pendleton. Names prominent in the area before the county was formed were Propst, Dunkle, Stump, Hinkle, Hevener and Coplinger.

Charles received a warrant on 50 acres of land near the South in 1797. (He probably cleared the land and built on it before the warrant was issued.) I visited the site of the oritinal homestead for the first time in 1974. We appreoahed from above on a winding mountain road and looked down into a lovely green valley with about 20 acres cleared out of an area still wooded in nature. At that time a stone chimney still stood where the house, which I stepped off as being 20x20 had been. More recently the chimney has been demonlished.

It must have taken every square foot of this property to support a family of at least nine in the early 1800's. The cultivated crops (by hand or with crude plows) were probably used to feed livestock and for year round staples. Flax and wool were provided for homespun cloth. There would be few, if any, cash crops. Families and communities were of necessity very close knit. Community records show several members would marry with close neighbors and quite often there were marriages between cousins.

Additional land was acquired near the South Fork by a Charles Hiser in 1817, 1819 and 1823 but this could have been and most likely was Charles, Jr.

The family probably attended Old Probst Church until 1813-4. It was built in 1769 in the South Fork area. The records we are able to find do not include names for the period 1795 to 1814. Charles and his family were original member of Mallow's Church when it was formed in 1813. It was a Union Church. The Hisers and Greenwalts were Reformed members and the Muellers were Lutheran. The church records were kept in German until 1837. Translators have the name as Hauser for this period. The listings of baptisms, confirmations and communicants have established many of the dates for Charles' descendents. Other materials used for this period include Charles will, Hiser cemetery records, county records of marriages, land records and census data.