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Florence Ellsworth

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    Florence Ellsworth was born January 3, 1903 in Erie County, Pa. She first married Benjamin Franklin Thompson on ?? and had two girls from this marriage. Arline Thompson in Erie Pa and Lois Jean Thompson in Dayton, Ohio.

Florence was approximately 5'2" and petite.  I don't think anyone knew her natural color of her hair. Florence was a beautician with her own business which she ran out of her home on Wyoming Avenue in Dayton, Ohio. Florence had one leg shorter than the other from birth and to get around she had special shoes made, one  with a 3" toe and heal.

Ben was a womanizer and quickly interested in other women. Florence divorced him and raised the girls herself. She dated around and at 31 married Harold Bell ( who was 33) on July 20, 1935. She loved music and her love of music was quickly passed to her girls. They began singing as the Bell sisters. She played the organ and piano and sang. In her church she always sang in the choir.


Florence Ellsworth







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