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Oliver Easter Ellsworth

Oliver Easter Ellsworth  1872-1944




Gertrude Thomas Ellsworth


married Aug 12, 1895



We'll begin this page with Oliver Easter Ellsworth and Gertrude Ellen Thomas. We have further traced the information back. If anyone has any other family photos or info, please contact me.

As with any family info, there are stories past down from generation to generation which need to be checked for accuracy. Also, misspellings happen whether to type errors long ago or most recently. I've seen the Ellsworth name spelled with two l's and also with one. Also, most recent I heard that one family member had spelled her maiden name Thompson, without the p, all her life. It's to this special lady that I dedicate this page, in her memory Arline Thomson Hough b. July 22, 1926 d. January 12, 2005. My only Aunt.

It is said that most of the Ellsworth men were poor but honest farmers. Oliver was a building contractor for a time and a lay preacher in later life. It was told one Ellsworth relative died from a train, I believe it was Oliver.

Oliver's parents are William Harrison Ellsworth from Ashtabula County, Ohio and Annis (Annice) Wildman,  from Greenfield Twp, Erie County, Pa. Oliver was born in Feb 14, 1872 in Ashtabula County, Ohio,  and died in March 24, 1944. He is buried in East Ripley Cemetery in Ripley, New York.

Gertrude Ellen Thomas was born Sept 1, 1876 and died in Sept 1, 1925 of a goiter (thyroid growth).

They were married Aug 12, 1895. To this new family they had 5 children;

This is Gertrude's mother. So far no further info on her name.



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