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Ellsworth and Putney Family Genealogy in New England

Last Update: 22-Nov-2010

This page is intended to collect and provide information on the genealogy of the Ellsworth and Putney families and their related families in New England. Also some information on New Brunswick and Yorkshire England families is available at the end of this page.

In particular, this page will concentrate on ancestors and descendants of Jeremiah Ellsworth, who was born in England and came to Rowley MA about 1650, and also John Pudney / Putney who was born in England came to Salem MA about 1650. Descendants of these two individuals lived primarily in the east Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire areas of New England throughout the 1600s and 1700s. They intermarried extensively with many other well known New England families like the Batchelders, Hoyts, Tennys, Jewetts, Moultons, Chases, Middletons, Burleys, Bryants, and others. Both families settled extensively in the central and northern New Hampshire areas, especially in and around Wentworth NH in the 1700 and 1800s.

I have fairly extensive decendancy information on both Jeremiah Ellsworth and John Putney. If you have information on these families prior to 1900, please let me know at
. If you are looking for connections into this family, send info on the possible link, and I will try to find them.

Ellsworth Families in America

Ellsworth Graves in Wentworth NH  (NEW)

Ellsworth Cousins List
Ahnentafel of Squire Elmore Putney
Ancestors of Alice Jane Ellsworth
Ellsworth and Putney Family Searches
Asa Putney of Dunbarton Revolutionary War Pension Application
Bartlett Ellsworth - Civil War Soldier (Including photos of Fredericksburg National Cemetery and Enlistment Papers NEW)
12th New Hampshire Infantry Excerpts from First Battle of Fredericksburg Records
Colonel Elmer Ellsworth Handbill Photo
Photos from Ellsworth/Putney Hometowns
Jewett Gravestone Photo

I also have significant genealogical info related to the families listed below. Send me email if you have queries on these names in these locations and eras.

New Brunswick - Immigrants from England, Scotland and Ireland who came to New Brunswick in the 1800s, some of whose descendants went to Eau Claire Wisconsin and Boston MA area in the early 1900s. Families: McKechnie, Patterson, Connely, Eastwood

New Brunswick Pioneers

Yorkshire - Residents of Yorkshire East Riding England 18th & 19th Century English genealogy of following families: Garbutt, Owston, Newton, Piercy, Taylor, Vasey, Wilkie.

Note that the information posted here is based on varying degrees of evidence.  Before assuming that  this information is accurate, I  recommend independent verification from other sources according to good genealogical practice.

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