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Betsey Smith

F, b. circa 1803, d. 1837
Birth*circa 1803  
Marriage*circa 1821 Ellisburg, New York, USA; Groom=John Ellis 


John Ellis b. 3 Feb 1784, d. 7 Jul 1847

Dorcas Smith

Marriage* Groom=William C. Ellis 


William C. Ellis b. 1840

Ebenezer Smith

M, b. 4 October 1734, d. 6 July 1824
Note* [Working File.FTW]

From 'Richard Ellis and his Descendants, 1888'.

He was a Baptist minister, began to preach when 19 years of age, and wasordained August 20th, 1761.

When a young man he served in the Army in the French and Indian War, andassisted in building a fort around his father's house, which was a resortof the neighborhood against the Indians for about three years. After thedeath of Remember Ellis, his first wife, in 1795, Elder Smith marriedLucy Shepardson, June 15th, 1796. She died on October 5th, 1808, aged 68years. Jan 5th, 1809, he married Esther Harvey, and she died on October14th, 1814, aged 78.

Elder Smith was a pure and noble man and was held in high esteem by allwho knew him, and he was extensively known throughout New England and NewYork. Elder Supply Chase, of Detroit, Michigan, a Baptist minister nowover 86 years of age, says, 'Elder Ebenezer Smith's is one of thesanctified names in the Baptist denomination.' Both he and his father,Chileab Smith, were pioneers in the Baptist faith in WesternMassachusetts. The persecution they suffered on account of theirreligious belief was almost incredible. This extended over the course ofabout ten years and required them to make repeated journeys to theGeneral Court at Boston for redress of their grievances. Their orchardswere torn up and lands sold to pay tithes for the support of otherchurches than their own. Warrants for their arrest on fictitious chargeswere issued, but in each instance they were completely vindicated. Ayear before his death Elder Smith wrote quite a full account of hisministry and trials.

Elder Ebenezer Smith was a son of Chileab Smith, Sr. who was born inSouth Hadley, Massachusetts in 1708, and he, Chileab, was a son ofPreserved Smith, who was born in 1679, who was a son of Preserved Smith,born January 27, 1637 and the latter was a son of Reverend Henry Smith,of Wethersfield, Connecticut who emigrated from England in 1636. Incrossing the ocean they encountered such violent storms that all hopes oftheir reaching land was lost. However they were providentiallypreserved, and having a son born on the voyage, they gave him the name ofPreserved, which has been a frequent name in the Smith family in everygeneration since.

Mr. Chileab Smith, Sr. was a very positive character and the most notedman in Ashfield's history. On account of a schism in the church atWethersfield, Connecticut, a large portion of the congregation removed toHadley, Mass. Years afterwards another schism took place at Hadley, whenChileab moved to Ashfield in 1750 - then called Huntstown. At the age of80 years he was ordained a Baptist minister by his sons Elders Ebenezerand Enos Smith. At the age of 85 he married his second wife. He died inAshfield in 1800, aged 92 years. His first wife, and mother of hischildren, was Sarah Moody. One of his sons, Chileab, Jr. was born inHadley in 1742, and died in Ashfield in 1843, aged 100 years and sevenmonths.

Elder Ebenezer Smith was a minister of the gospel for 72 years, andpreached 10,920 sermons, and rode one horse over 25,000 miles. Hepreached in Ashfield nearly 40 years. When 76 years of age he made avisit to Cayuga County, New York, where several of his children hadsettled. He made the trip on horseback and was gone 120 days, andpreached as many sermons as he was days gone. At Throopsville, CayugaCounty, New York, he preached to the settlers there in the hollow of alarge buttonwood tree which held an audience of 32 persons. From this asa beginning the Baptist church there was founded.

His last sermon in Ashfield was 'delivered May 22, 1815, before a largeassembly.' He was then in this 81st year. The sermon was printed andreads like a good, old- fashioned strictly orthodox discourse. The nextyear he removed to Stockton, Chautauqua County, New York, where his sonEbenezer, Jr., had settled in 1815. Every Sabbath thereafter, until hisdeath, he rode his horse to the place of worship. He died at the houseof his son Ebenezer, Jr., July 6th, 1824, aged 89 years, 9 months, andtwo days, in the full vigor of his mental powers, and as full of honorsas of years. While he deplored his lack of educational privileges in hisyouth, he knew the advantages of early education and his eldest son,Preserved, and youngest son, Richard, went to Brown University, wherethey graduated. He raised seven children, and a year before his deathestimated his posterity then living at 100 souls. Personally Elder Smithwas about five feet eight inches tall, thick set and dark complexioned. 
Birth*4 October 1734 South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage*1 July 1756 Deerfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts, USA; Bride=Remember Ellis 
Death*6 July 1824 Stockton, Chautauqua, New York, USA 


Remember Ellis b. 1 May 1735, d. 15 Sep 1795

Edith Mae Smith

Marriage* Groom=Charles Willard Ellis 


Charles Willard Ellis b. 1880

Ferne Grace Smith

Marriage* Groom=Donald Dean Ellis 


Donald Dean Ellis b. 1915

Gladys Irene Smith

F, b. 8 January 1917, d. 11 January 2003
Birth*8 January 1917 Wilmington, North Carolina, USA 
Marriage*12 June 1932 Marion, South Carolina, USA; Groom=Marshall Stenson Ellis 
Death*11 January 2003 Atrium Nursing Home, Jacksonville, Florida, USA 


Marshall Stenson Ellis b. 8 Oct 1912, d. 13 May 1971

Seaborn C. Smith

M, b. 22 November 1892
Birth*22 November 1892  

Catherine Snyder

F, b. 6 September 1856, d. 23 January 1939
Birth*6 September 1856 Spring Bay, Illinois, USA 
Marriage*23 July 1873 Spring Bay, Illinois, USA; Groom=Benjamin Ellis 
Death*23 January 1939 Cherryvale, Kansas, USA 


Benjamin Ellis b. 27 Jul 1855, d. Nov 1929

Olivia Soper

Marriage* Groom=Orrin J. Ellis 


Orrin J. Ellis b. c 1831

John Walter Spann

M, b. 19 January 1905
Birth*19 January 1905 Jeff Davis County, Georgia, USA 


Myrtle E. Ellis b. 4 Oct 1908, d. 2 Apr 1954

Elizabeth Spearman

F, b. circa 1798, d. 21 July 1825
Birth*circa 1798  
Marriage*13 May 1824 St. Mary's Anglican Church, Bideford, Devon, England; Two people with the surname Spearman were witnesses. No Ellises.; Groom=Robert Ellis 
Burial*1825 St. Mary's Anglican Church Cemetery, Bideford, Devon, England 
Death*21 July 1825 aged 27 years 


Robert Ellis b. c 1798, d. 27 Dec 1861

Arvin Francis Spell

M, b. 7 December 1885
FatherLevi Willis Spell b. 12 May 1856
MotherMary Elizabeth Ellis b. 22 Mar 1861
Birth*7 December 1885  

Elmira E. Spell

F, b. 2 September 1889
FatherLevi Willis Spell b. 12 May 1856
MotherMary Elizabeth Ellis b. 22 Mar 1861
Birth*2 September 1889  

Emma Bell Spell

F, b. 18 March 1885
Birth*18 March 1885 Appling County, Georgia, USA 


Thomas Jefferson Ellis b. 29 Nov 1872, d. 29 Jan 1925

Florida Spell

F, b. 20 August 1895
FatherLevi Willis Spell b. 12 May 1856
MotherMary Elizabeth Ellis b. 22 Mar 1861
Birth*20 August 1895  

Floye Virginia Spell

F, b. 1 July 1891
FatherLevi Willis Spell b. 12 May 1856
MotherMary Elizabeth Ellis b. 22 Mar 1861
Birth*1 July 1891  

Gaines Erastus Spell

M, b. 20 April 1888
FatherLevi Willis Spell b. 12 May 1856
MotherMary Elizabeth Ellis b. 22 Mar 1861
Birth*20 April 1888  

Infant son Spell

M, b. 6 September 1894
FatherLevi Willis Spell b. 12 May 1856
MotherMary Elizabeth Ellis b. 22 Mar 1861
Birth*6 September 1894  

Levi Willis Spell

M, b. 12 May 1856
Birth*12 May 1856  


Mary Elizabeth Ellis b. 22 Mar 1861

Maggie Lee Spell

F, b. 7 July 1883
FatherLevi Willis Spell b. 12 May 1856
MotherMary Elizabeth Ellis b. 22 Mar 1861
Birth*7 July 1883  

Mary Elizabeth Spell

F, b. 29 September 1897
FatherLevi Willis Spell b. 12 May 1856
MotherMary Elizabeth Ellis b. 22 Mar 1861
Birth*29 September 1897  

Sallie Mae Spell

F, b. 4 March 1902
FatherLevi Willis Spell b. 12 May 1856
MotherMary Elizabeth Ellis b. 22 Mar 1861
Birth*4 March 1902  

Gilbert B. Spencer

M, b. 10 May 1826, d. 24 February 1886
Birth*10 May 1826 Groton, Connecticut, USA 
Marriage*6 October 1878 Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA; Bride=Sarah Clark 
Death*24 February 1886 Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA 
Burial* Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA 


Sarah Clark b. bt 1839 - 1840, d. 20 Feb 1924

Charlotte Stalonis

Marriage* Groom=Clarence Ellis 


Clarence Ellis b. 1906

Mary Staples

F, b. circa 1725, d. 19 May 1818
Birth*circa 1725 Raynham, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage*circa 1750 Raynham, Massachusetts, USA; Groom=Philip Ellis 
Death*19 May 1818 Raynham, Massachusetts, USA 


Philip Ellis b. c 1725, d. 1779

Elizabeth Elenor Staymetz

Marriage* Groom=Aaron Ellis 


Aaron Ellis b. 1852

Phebe Stephens

Marriage*23 May 1773 Middleboro, Massachusetts, USA; Groom=George Ellis 


George Ellis b. 10 May 1747

Elizabeth Stevens

Marriage*before 1654 Groom=Edward Ellis 


Edward Ellis b. 12 Dec 1630

Lucy Stewart

F, b. 26 August 1863
Photo* of their 5 daughters; Principal=Kenneth Forbes Ellis 
Religion* Presbyterian 
Birth*26 August 1863 Summerside, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada 
Marriage*28 September 1882 Both were residents of Summerside; Groom=Kenneth Forbes Ellis 
Cen-E-with*20 April 1901 Summerside, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada; 1901 Canadian Census||Lucy Ellis||Lucy was 37 years old. Her birthdate was recorded as 26 Aug 1863. Born in urban PEI, she was Canadian, of English descent. She was Presbyterian. She could read and write and spoke English, her mother tongue. She was married; HOH=Kenneth Forbes Ellis 
Letter*16 September 1915 Sender=Dr. Kenneth Stewart Ellis 
Estate-Div of-Heir*11 July 1936 my wife...all the real & personal estate, belonging to me at the time of my death...[Lucy was appointed] Executrix; Principal=Kenneth Forbes Ellis 
Estate-Will*25 July 1940  
Residence* South side of Belmont St., Summerside, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada 
Burial*circa 6 February 1943 People's Cemetery, Summerside, Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Canada 
Note*16 February 1943 Inventory of Estate of Lucy Ellis--- Real estate-- $1500.00
Personal Property-- [no total given]
Total--$ 7455.43

[signed by] Lorna Ellis
Witness Richard S. Hinton 
Estate-Will*19 February 1943 ... to my daughter Lorna Ellis, Registered Nurse, of Summerside..., all my estate both real and personal... I herby nominate and appoint my... daughter Lorna Ellis as sole executrix... 
Num Child*9 June 1983 seven; Principal=Kenneth Forbes Ellis 


Kenneth Forbes Ellis b. 8 Aug 1853, d. 27 Jun 1936
Marriage*28 September 1882 Both were residents of Summerside; Groom=Kenneth Forbes Ellis 

Mary Ward Stiles

F, b. 8 March 1822, d. 14 February 1902
Birth*8 March 1822 Rindge, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, USA 
Marriage*3 June 1841 Rindge, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, USA; Groom=Ebenezer Burt Ellis 
Death*14 February 1902 Brattleboro, Windham County, Vermont, USA 


Ebenezer Burt Ellis b. 18 Jul 1818, d. 14 Jan 1907