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William C. Ellis

M, b. 1861
FatherWilliam C. Ellis b. 1840
MotherDorcas Smith
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of John Ellis (1800) (Kit #'s 63196, 68683)(Haplogroup I1 Group 4)
Birth*1861 Georgia, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Harriette Bramlett 


Harriette Bramlett

William Cobblestone Ellis

M, b. 17 June 1867, d. 21 September 1927
ChartsKit # 326350, Direct Male Descendants of William Cobblestone Ellis (1867-1927) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*17 June 1867 California, USA 
Marriage*13 November 1899 San Fransisco, California, USA; Bride=Catherine Agnes Murray 
Death*21 September 1927 Vallejo, California, USA 


Catherine Agnes Murray

William Columbus Ellis

M, b. circa 1847, d. before 1930
FatherAndrew Bynum Ellis b. c 1823
MotherNancy (?)
Birth*circa 1847  
Marriage* Groom=Jane B. (?) 
Death*before 1930  


Jane B. (?)

William Edward Ellis

M, b. 29 June 1848, d. 7 June 1922
Lit # 213671 - William Edward Ellis (1849-1922, Cleveland Co., NC)
FatherZenas Alonzo Ellis b. 1821, d. 16 Mar 1905
MotherHannah Rippy b. 15 Jun 1826, d. 1863
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of John Ellis (b. c.1607) (Kit #'s 24239, 13235, 35667, 87550, 94809, 37367, 213671, 197362, N118383, 430203 )(Haplogroup I1 Group 1)
Birth*29 June 1848 Cleveland County, North Carolina, USA 
Marriage*11 May 1875 Cleveland County, North Carolina, USA; Bride=Margaret M. Rippy 
Death*7 June 1922 Cleveland County, North Carolina, USA 


Margaret M. Rippy

William Elijah Ellis

M, b. 17 December 1866
FatherJoshua Ellis b. 29 Oct 1839, d. 10 Apr 1929
MotherMartha Blackshear
Birth*17 December 1866  

William Eugene Ellis

M, b. 24 January 1906, d. August 1989
FatherGeorge Albert Ellis b. Aug 1879 or Aug 1880, d. 5 Jun 1948
MotherGrace Bertha Taylor b. 27 Dec 1879, d. 12 Dec 1959
ChartsKit # GB39732, Direct Male Descendants of George Albert Ellis (b. 1879-1948) (Haplogroup I Unmatched)
Birth*24 January 1906 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Marina Carranza 
Death*August 1989 San Jose, Costa Rica 


Marina Carranza b. 21 Sep 1910, d. 29 Dec 1975

William Eugene Ellis

M, b. 1921, d. 1989
FatherJohn William Ellis b. 30 Dec 1896, d. 8 May 1978
MotherHelen Lorene Sears
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of John Ellis, b. 9 Mar 1732/33, Frederick Co., VA (Kit # 24277, N44480, 205681)(Haplogroup R1b Group 2)
Marriage* Bride=Audrey Beatrice Cosby 


Audrey Beatrice Cosby b. 1924, d. 2003

William Finis Ellis

M, b. 11 April 1902
FatherGeorge Finis Ellis b. 22 Oct 1866, d. 18 May 1932
MotherLillie Luella (Ella Lou) Johnson b. 18 Feb 1874, d. 24 Jan 1967
Birth*11 April 1902  

William Gaines Ellis

M, b. 18 September 1887, d. 2 August 1954
FatherJoseph William. Ellis b. 8 Jun 1850, d. 24 Sep 1898
MotherElmira Wilcox b. 30 Dec 1853
Birth*18 September 1887  
Death*2 August 1954 Jeff Davis County, Georgia, USA 

William Garrison Ellis

M, b. 1869, d. 1957
FatherWiley Columbus Ellis b. 1847
MotherM. Kincer
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Walter Ellis (b.1750 Caswell, NC d. 1831 GA) (Kit #231760, 165359 )(Haplogroup R1b Group 1)
Birth*1869 Georgia, USA 
Marriage*1891 Georgia, USA; Bride=Elizabeth Virginia Harris 
Death*1957 Alvaredo, Texas, USA 


Elizabeth Virginia Harris

William Grant Ellis

M, b. 1864
FatherHenry Ellis b. 1839
MotherLucinda Adkinson
ChartsDirect Male Descendant of Henry Ellis (1839, Indiana) (Kit # 60152)(Haplogroup R1b Group 10)
Birth*1864 Dunlap, Peoria, Illinois, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Frances Leota Long 


Frances Leota Long

William H. Ellis

M, b. 1904
FatherJohn H. Ellis b. 1862
MotherCatherine Haygood
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of John Ellis (1800) (Kit #'s 63196, 68683)(Haplogroup I1 Group 4)
Birth*1904 Georgia, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Lula Carnes 


Lula Carnes

William Hatten Ellis

FatherWilliam Wootsen Ellis b. 1840

William Henry Ellis

M, b. 1840
FatherShadrich Ellis b. c 1793
MotherMary (?) b. 1799
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Edward Ellis (c1616) (Kit #'s 7889, 10764, N54597, 186338, 269556)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)



William Henry Harrison Ellis

M, b. 1814
FatherWilliam Ellis b. 1791, d. 20 Jan 1851
MotherFreelove (Freelone) Fitzpatrick
Marriage*1840 Bride=Elizabeth Register 


Elizabeth Register b. 1815

William Henry Harrison Ellis

M, b. 1845
FatherJeremiah Ellis b. 25 Apr 1820, d. 21 Jan 1898
MotherFrances Whitley b. 6 Oct 1827, d. 3 Apr 1902
Marriage* Bride=Lydia Fowler 
Marriage*19 January 1875 Bride=Lidda Honican 

Family 1

Lydia Fowler

Family 2

Lidda Honican

William Henry Rawle Ellis

M, d. 28 March 1909
FatherRobert Ellis b. c 1797, d. 28 Aug 1872
MotherHannah Darby d. 4 Feb 1891
ChartsKit #'s 51017, 50850, 95369, Direct Male Descendants of Johan Ellis (b. c.1549 ) (Haplogroup J2)
Note* was connected with the first battery on the Waihi Company's property, which at the time was built on the site of the present No. 1 shaft. He has been in Waihi off and on since that period and for the last ten years [to 1909] has been continually employed at the Waihi Company's Waihi battery 
Milit-Serv* New Zealand; saw service in the Maori war 
Marriage*9 August 1858 marriage performed by Rev. Maurice [Sawby/Sawley ?]. Witness was J.N. Renou[f?] 
Note*26 May 1859 Douglastown, New Brunswick, Canada; "On demand I promise to pay Capt. John Ellis the sum of seventeen pounds curancy for value received."
[signed] W. H. Ellis
[dated] Douglastown, May 26th 1859; Principal=Capt. John Ellis 
Marriage*after 1860 New Zealand; Bride=Susannah Fernley Fisher 
Immigration*between 1860 and 1865 New Zealand; "from Prince Edward Island ... and landed in Auckland in the early sixties" 
Photo* New Zealand; Principal=Susannah Fernley Fisher 
Member of*28 March 1909 the Masonic Lodge, New Zealand 
Residence*28 March 1909 Waihi, New Zealand; Principal=Susannah Fernley Fisher 
Death*28 March 1909 New Zealand 
Burial*31 March 1909 Purewa Cemetery, Auckland, New Zealand; Section D, Row 20, Plot 28 
Obituary*19 May 1909 Obituary of William Henry Rawle Ellis

We regret to record the death of an old but highly respected resident of Waihi, Auckland,
New Zealand, in the person of Mr. William Henry Rawle Ellis, which took place at the
hospital on the 28th March after a short illness. The deceased was connected with the
erection of the first Battery on the Waihi Company property, which at that time was built on
the site of the present No. 1 shaft. He had been in Waihi, off and on, since that period and
for the last 10 years had been continually employed at the Waihi Company's Battery. Mr.
Ellis, who was 73 years of age, saw service in the Maori war. He leaves a widow, five
daughters and three sons to mourn their loss. He came to New Zealand in the early days,
from Summerside, P.E.I.. He was the second son of the late Mr. Robert Ellis, brother of
Mrs. H.C. Green, and uncle of Mrs. Holden Mills of Summerside. His first to Waihi was
made some 30 years ago. His married son, Mr. H. Ellis, and Mrs. Bond, and Mrs.
Cuthbertson, his two married daughters reside in Auckland. He was a member of the King
Hiram Masonic Lodge, Summerside. The funeral took place at Auckland on the 31st May.
It was private and attended only by relatives.; Spouse=Susannah Fernley Fisher, Parent=Robert Ellis 


Susannah Fernley Fisher d. Dec 1924
Marriage*after 1860 New Zealand; Bride=Susannah Fernley Fisher 

William Jordan Ellis

M, b. 1908
FatherRichard Lee Ellis b. 1878
MotherFrances Jones
ChartsKit # 7041, Direct Male Descendants of Richard Lee Ellis (1878) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*1908 Macon, Georgia, USA 

William Jr. Ellis

M, b. 10 January 1719, d. 15 January 1795
FatherWilliam Ellis b. c 1694, d. b 18 May 1768
MotherJoanna Gibbs b. 13 Mar 1697, d. a 2 Apr 1762
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of William Ellis (c1394) (Kit #'s 66592, 121854, 133108, 25132, 485070)(Haplogroup I1 Group 3)
Birth*10 January 1719 Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage*15 September 1743 Plymouth or Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA; Bride=Patience Gibbs 
Death*15 January 1795 Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA 
Burial* Manomet Ponds Cemetary, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA 


Patience Gibbs b. 17 Jun 1719, d. 8 May 1805

William Ellis Jr.

M, b. 1778, d. 1835
FatherWilliam Ellis Sr. b. 1745, d. 1809
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of William Ellis Sr. (1745-1809) (Kits # 78645, 170911, 185826)(Haplogroup I1 Group 1)
Birth*1778 Randolph County, North Carolina, USA 



William M. Ellis

FatherWilliam Ridgeway Ellis b. 1819, d. 1877
MotherElizabeth Hearn b. 1828, d. 1885
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Ellis Ellis (Kit #'s 104787, 12566, 518140)(Haplogroup R1b Group 6)
Marriage* Principal=Nancy E. Ellis 


Nancy E. Ellis

William MeWhinney Ellis

M, b. 1806
FatherSamuel Bately Ellis b. 1777
ChartsKit # 82231, Direct Male Descendants of Samuel Bately Ellis (1777) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*1806 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA 



William N. Ellis

M, b. 1802
FatherGerman or Gearmon Ellis b. bt 1765 - 1770
MotherEdith Harper
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Gearmon Ellis (b. c. 1765) (Kit #'s 58454, 54124)(Haplogroup R1b Group 3)
Birth*1802 Virginia, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Elizabeth (?) 


Elizabeth (?)

William N. Ellis

M, b. 15 December 1859, d. 25 December 1962
FatherJames Knox Polk Ellis b. 8 Jan 1840, d. 24 Feb 1906
MotherMargaret B. Sample b. 16 Jun 1831, d. 12 Aug 1894
Birth*15 December 1859  
Death*25 December 1962  

William Neal Ellis

M, b. 3 January 1808, d. 18 August 1852
FatherJohn Ellis b. 16 Mar 1772, d. 28 Feb 1844
MotherNancy Hail (Hale) b. 18 Dec 1781, d. 20 Feb 1837
ChartsDirect Male Descendant of John Ellis (1872-1844, Tennessee) (Kit #'s 142000, 147382, 349410)(Haplogroup R1b Group 12)
Birth*3 January 1808  
Marriage*23 December 1834 Bride=Mary (Polly) Morrison 
Death*18 August 1852  


Mary (Polly) Morrison b. 29 Dec 1809, d. 18 Nov 1876

William Perry Ellis

M, b. 26 September 1854, d. 18 November 1931
FatherEzra Mudge Ellis b. 17 Feb 1807, d. 2 Sep 1886
MotherLydia Lewis b. 12 May 1815, d. 16 May 1886
ChartsKit # 266899, Direct Male Descendants of William Perry Ellis (1854-1913)(Haplogroup J2)
Birth*26 September 1854 Linn County, Iowa, USA 
Marriage*4 July 1883 Estherville, Emmet County, Iowa, USA; Bride=Roxy Jennie Baum 
Death*18 November 1931 Butte, Silver Bow County, Montana, USA 


Roxy Jennie Baum b. 13 Aug 1861, d. 4 Apr 1935

William R. Ellis

M, b. 1822, d. 1908
FatherJeremiah Ellis b. 8 Dec 1780, d. 26 Nov 1857
MotherNancy (Anna) Underwood b. 6 Apr 1782, d. 20 Apr 1867

William Reedy Ellis Jr.

M, b. 16 September 1913, d. 1981
FatherWilliam Reedy Ellis Sr. b. 1886, d. 20 Feb 1960
MotherMelvina Doty
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of William Reedy Ellis (Kit # 233794)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)
Birth*16 September 1913 Lexington, Mississippi, USA 
Marriage* Principal=Sarah Elizabeth Wilkins 


Sarah Elizabeth Wilkins b. 2 Feb 1913, d. 10 Feb 2013

William Reedy Ellis Sr.

M, b. 1886, d. 20 February 1960
FatherJoseph Thomas Ellis b. 22 Apr 1850, d. 1926
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of William Reedy Ellis (Kit # 233794)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)
Marriage* Principal=Melvina Doty 
Death*20 February 1960 Lexington, Mississippi, USA 


Melvina Doty

William Ridgeway Ellis

M, b. 1819, d. 1877
FatherStephen Ellis b. 1780, d. 1825
MotherElizabeth Elzey b. 1786, d. 1860
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Ellis Ellis (Kit #'s 104787, 12566, 518140)(Haplogroup R1b Group 6)
Marriage* Principal=Elizabeth Hearn 


Elizabeth Hearn b. 1828, d. 1885