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Mathias Ellis

M, b. 1681
FatherMordecai Ellis b. 24 Mar 1650/51, d. 5 Feb 1709/10
MotherSarah Born(Bourne?) d. 25 Oct 1716
Birth*1681 Sandwich, B., Massachusetts, USA 

Matilda Ellis

FatherWilliam Ellis b. 1791, d. 20 Jan 1851
MotherFreelove (Freelone) Fitzpatrick
Marriage* Groom=William Toomey 


William Toomey

Matilda "Tid" Ann Ellis

F, b. 11 November 1847, d. 10 January 1910
FatherJeremiah Ellis b. 25 Apr 1820, d. 21 Jan 1898
MotherFrances Whitley b. 6 Oct 1827, d. 3 Apr 1902
Birth*11 November 1847  
Marriage* Groom=Willaim Harvey Workman 
Death*10 January 1910  


Willaim Harvey Workman

Matthew Ellis

M, b. 19 December 1739, d. circa 1800
FatherRichard Ellis b. 1704, d. 7 Oct 1797
MotherJane Phillips b. 1 Jul 1709, d. 1760
Note* [Working File.FTW]

From 'Richard Ellis and his Descendants, 1888'.

He was but two or three years of age when his father moved to Deerfieldand but seven or eight when he settled in Ashfield. From no accountwhich the writer can obtain does it appear with certainty what became ofMatthew or where he settled. It is known that after the death of hismother in Ashfield (then Huntstown) his father removed to Colerain, inthe same county about 15 miles north-easterly from Ashfield. He tookwith him his two youngest children, Hannah and Caleb. That Matthew alsowent with them, or was there for a time is evident from a charge found inhis father's account book and under the date of November, 1768, inaccount with 'William Clark, the first: To stoning your well 15shillings. To Matthew one day at ye well 6 shillings and sixpence.'

It is probable that Matthew Ellis was not married at this time, althoughhe was 28 years of age, for no trace of him or his descendants are foundin Colerain. Circulars of inquiry have been quite extensively sentthroughout the States, from which the following response has beenreceived from Indiana. Whether the writer is one of the descendants ofMatthew Ellis of Ashfield, has not as yet been decided but it seemsprobable that such is the case...

Letter from Reuben Ellis, Jackson, Tipton Co., Indiana, Dec. 16th, 1885.
Dear Sir: - I have before me a circular handed to my son, W. D. Ellis,making inquiries about the descendants of Richard Ellis, of Ashfield,Mass. My father's name was Eliphalet and his father was Matthew Ellis,who was, I think a son of Richard Ellis of Ashfield. My father Eliphaletwas born in 1787, and settled in Indiana, about the years1822, and diedin 1844. I have heard him speak of Ellisburg, and of his brothers Enos,Seth, and Levi, and George, born 1815, Ann, 1817, William, 1810, Enos,1821, David, 1823, Matthew, 1830, Reuben (myself) 1834, Levi, 1836, andSally, 1838.

My father, Eliphet Ellis was in the War of 1812, and was in the battle ofSackett's Harbor. I think he was born in New York or Vermont. My olderbrothers are all dead and I have no knowledge of any more distantrelatives. I will make inquiries and let you know if I learn anythingfurther.

To Dr. E. R. Ellis, Detroit, Mich.
My Aunt Sarah Fulton Franklin, of Guilford, Vermont, used to say that'Levi Ellis and one they called 'Liph' (most likely Eliphalet) were inthe battle of Sackett's Harbor, Jefferson County, NY (Mary 29, 1813).'Liph' was then living in or near Carthage, Jefferson County, NY' -Letter from Robert Fulton, Green River, Vermont, April 1886.
Jabaz Franklin, of Guilford, Vermont, now 90 years of age, who marriedSarah Fulton, of Colerain, a grand-daughter of Richard Ellis, says that'some of the Ellises moved into Vermont, but he has lost the run ofthem.' If these were related to Richard Ellis they must have beendescendants of Matthew, as all the other Ellis families are accounted for. 
Birth*19 December 1739 Easton, Massachusetts, USA 
Death*circa 1800  

Matthias Ellis

M, b. 7 March 1719/20
FatherJoel Ellis b. 17 Jan 1679, d. 21 Jun 1763
MotherElizabeth Churchill b. 7 Oct 1687, d. 6 Apr 1710
Birth*7 March 1719/20 Middleboro, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage*7 April 1743 Middleboro, Massachusetts, USA; Bride=Lucia Bennett 


Lucia Bennett b. 2 Oct 1725, d. 3 Oct 1804

Matthias Ellis

M, b. circa 1780, d. 1813
FatherGeorge Ellis b. 10 May 1747
MotherPhebe Stephens
Birth*circa 1780  

Mead Ellis

M, b. 1798, d. 26 April 1835
ChartsKit # 5637, Direct Male Descendants of Mead Ellis (1798-1835) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*1798 Franklin County, Virginia, USA 
Marriage*circa 1821 Bride=Alpha (?) 
Death*26 April 1835 Humphrey County, Tennessee, USA 


Alpha (?)

Mehitabel Ellis

F, b. 31 December 1693, d. September 1751
FatherMathias Ellis b. 2 Jun 1657, d. 30 Aug 1748
MotherMercy Nye b. 4 Apr 1652
Birth*31 December 1693 Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA 
Death*September 1751 Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA 

Melvin Ellis

M, b. September 1895
FatherHeber Ellis b. 1858
MotherMary England
ChartsKit #'s 51017, 50850, 95369, Direct Male Descendants of Johan Ellis (b. c.1549 ) (Haplogroup J2)
Marriage* Bride=Elizabeth Harris 
Birth*September 1895 Springfield, Prince Edward Island, Canada 


Elizabeth Harris

Mercy Ellis

F, b. 17 August 1685, d. before 30 October 1751
FatherMathias Ellis b. 2 Jun 1657, d. 30 Aug 1748
MotherMercy Nye b. 4 Apr 1652
Birth*17 August 1685 Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA 
Death*before 30 October 1751 Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA 

Michael Ellis

M, b. 1798
FatherJeremiah Ellis b. b 1775
MotherNancy Duke
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Edward Ellis (c1616) (Kit #'s 7889, 10764, N54597, 186338, 269556)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)
Birth*1798 Davidson, Tennessee, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Margaret Leona Moore 


Margaret Leona Moore

Michael Pelton Wardell Ellis

M, b. 12 October 1919, d. 27 September 2003
FatherL. Pelton Ellis b. 22 Oct 1891
MotherMiriam Gertrude Lafferty b. 1897
Note* Moved to New York or New Jersey. 
Birth*12 October 1919 New Hanover, North Carolina, USA 
Residence*1920 Wilmington Ward 3, New Hanover County, North Carolina, USA 
Milit-Beg*2 January 1942 Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA 
Death*27 September 2003 Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina, USA 

Mildred Mable Ellis

F, b. 24 August 1915, d. 7 August 1998
FatherMarshall Perry Ellis b. 27 May 1888, d. 25 Oct 1918
MotherLula Parker b. 5 Jan 1894, d. 1919
Address* Rt. 1, Box 190, Cerro Gordo, North Carolina, USA 
Birth*24 August 1915 Wilmington, North Carolina, USA 
Marriage*28 August 1932 Marion, South Carolina, USA; Groom=Colonel Henry Jenkins 
Death*7 August 1998 Fair Bluff, North Carolina, USA 
Burial*9 August 1998 Hinsons Cross Roads, North Carolina, USA 


Colonel Henry Jenkins b. 23 Nov 1911, d. 22 Sep 1982

Miles Ellis

M, b. 1674
FatherRobert Ellis b. 17 Mar 1630
MotherSusannah Brock d. Mar 1694
Birth*1674 Devon, England 

Miles Ellis

M, b. 26 October 1600, d. 1683
FatherRobert Ellis b. 1575, d. 18 Sep 1629
MotherEllinor (?) d. 1633
ChartsKit #'s 51017, 50850, 95369, Direct Male Descendants of Johan Ellis (b. c.1549 ) (Haplogroup J2)
Baptism*26 October 1600 Northam Anglican Church, Northam, Devon, England 
Marriage*17 October 1624 Northam Anglican Church, Northam, Devon, England; Bride=Fillis Mershe 
Marriage*before 1630 Bride=Eme (?) 
Burial*19 March 1683 Northam Anglican Church Cemetery, Northam, Devon, England 

Family 1

Fillis Mershe d. 12 Sep 1629

Family 2

Eme (?) d. 1675

Miles M. Ellis

M, b. 1846
FatherCyrus Ellis b. 1799
MotherClarissa Birch
ChartsKit # 7272, Direct Male Descendants of Richard Ellis (c1704) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*1846 Niles, Cayuga County, New York, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Ellen M. Cleveland 


Ellen M. Cleveland

Miles Mortimer Ellis

M, b. 1907
FatherHerbert L. Ellis b. 1880
MotherAnna M. Kohlund
ChartsKit # 7272, Direct Male Descendants of Richard Ellis (c1704) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*1907 Orleans, Harlin County, Nebraska, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Lucille Verlinda Ott 


Lucille Verlinda Ott

Millard Porter Ellis

M, b. 1891
FatherRobert Lee Ellis b. 1867
MotherLouisa Workman

Milton Hicks Ellis

M, b. 22 May 1891, d. 6 April 1962
FatherBenjamin Tomlinson "Tecumseh" Ellis b. 30 Oct 1847, d. 9 Sep 1909
MotherMartha "Mattie" Lou Walden
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Edward Ellis (c1616) (Kit #'s 7889, 10764, N54597, 186338, 269556)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)
Birth*22 May 1891 DeSoto County, Mississippi, USA 
Marriage* Olive Branch, DeSoto County, Mississippi, USA; Bride=Eva Joseph Compton 
Death*6 April 1962 Clarksdale, Coahoma County, Mississippi, USA 


Eva Joseph Compton

Minta Ellis

F, b. 1801
FatherJohn Ellis b. c 1773, d. c 1842
Note* 1850 Telfair Census Records show that Peter was already dead by this time:
Minta 46 birthplace unknown
Abb L. 24 Telfair
William 18 Telfair
C.J. 16 Telfair
Martha 22 Telfair
Elizabeth 21 Telfair
Nathan 14 Telfair
Jane 12 Telfair
Columbia 10 Telfair 


Peter Hatten b. 1799

Mordecai Ellis

M, b. 24 March 1650/51, d. 5 February 1709/10
FatherLt. John Ellis b. c 1620, d. b 23 Mar 1676/77
MotherElizabeth Freeman b. b 11 Apr 1624, d. b 20 Apr 1714
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of William Ellis (c1394) (Kit #'s 66592, 121854, 133108, 25132)(Haplogroup I1 Group 3)
Birth*24 March 1650/51 Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage*circa 1679 Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA; Bride=Sarah Born(Bourne?) 
Death*5 February 1709/10 Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA 


Sarah Born(Bourne?) d. 25 Oct 1716

Morris? Ellis Jr.

M, b. 1756
FatherMorris? Ellis Sr. b. 1716
MotherSarah Coleston
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Thomas Ellis (c1683) (Kit # 25138)(Haplogroup R1b Group 2)
Marriage* Bride=Susannah (?) 


Susannah (?)

Morris? Ellis Sr.

M, b. 1716
FatherThomas? Ellis b. 1683
MotherJane Hughes
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Thomas Ellis (c1683) (Kit # 25138)(Haplogroup R1b Group 2)
Marriage* Bride=Sarah Coleston 


Sarah Coleston

Moses Ellis

M, b. 1792
FatherLevi Ellis b. 1739
MotherElizabeth (?)
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of William Ellis (c1394) (Kit #'s 66592, 121854, 133108, 25132)(Haplogroup I1 Group 3)
Birth*1792 Orange County, New York, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Mary Bennet Travis 


Mary Bennet Travis

Moses Ellis

M, b. 10 May 1766, d. 20 June 1829
FatherJoseph Ellis III b. 28 Jul 1736, d. 31 Dec 1781
MotherSarah Clark b. 1738
ChartsKit # 178519, Direct Male Descendants of Thomas Ellis (b. 1567-1630 England) (Haplogroup I1 Group 5)
Note* This was taken from the BARNARD, VT. HISTORY 1928
Moses with his brother, Joseph, were the ones who came to Barnard, VT.from Walpole, MA. in 1785. Moses at age 16 settled the Ellis Farmthat is dated 1785. This is painted on the big barn. His brotherJoseph settled an adjoining farm. Until 1947 the Ellis farm had notbeen out of the family. It still goes by that name but was bought byBaron Lenis de Rothschild of the French financiers. It was a realshow place after being remodeled and landscaped. The following arenotes by R.H. Ellis: The Baron and Mrs. de Rothschild are both dead(she is buried in the cemetery at East Barnard) and the farm has beenpassed to MIT, then to a man from Texas who never lived at the farm,and now to a family named Desmond. I visited the farm around 1973 andmet the Baroness . She showed us around the house and barn andallowed us to take pictures. She shared a story about when they firstbought the farm, ' The neighbors said that now that the Baron hadpurchased the farm. He would probably paint out the Ellis name.' Shestated, 'He did precisely that and then had the name repainted withorders that as long as he had the farm the name would always stay.She also told me about a visit she had from my Uncle Bert who broughther a black walnut tree and she gave him a pine to take back to IowaFalls, IA.'
From the Book belonging to Helen Moe: 'The Rothchilds--A FamilyPortrait' by Frederic Morton Published by the Curtis Publishing Co.Copyright 1961. Page 264-265 'Then Louis returned to his spaciousfarm in East Barnard, Vermont. The New England highlands evoked theAlps. The tart reserve of the Vermonters matched his own temper well. Professors of art and botany came to visit from Dartmouth. Hisbrother, Baron Eugene (surviving today and the husband of the Englishstage star Jeanne Stuart), often came to visit from his Long Islandestate. Baroness Hilda created a beautiful garden on the grounds, aswell as something Louis had never been sure he would like: a familyhome. He liked it. In the last years of his life the Rothchild folkseven gave open-air barn dances, and the Baron do-si-do'd with the samecool grace with which he had once waltzed on Vienna parquets. Hedied, in his seventies, the way a grand seigneur should--swimming inMontego Bay, under a blue and perfect Caribbean sky'.
This next was taken from Helen Moe's family history: Also from theHISTORY OF VERMONT, received from the Vermont Chamber of Commerce:Moses Ellis was a deacon in the Christian church which had a smallfollowing in this section in the early days. About the year 1801,when the Methodist persuasion first visited the neighborhood, she(Catherine Ellis) became seriously convinced of sin in heart and life. After mourning for sin many weeks, one day, while engaged in herdomestic employments, the burden was removed and her soul was made torejoice with exceeding joy. From that time her face was set towardheaven. For more than ten years her husband was rather opposed to'experimental religion'. Experimental religion has become a habitwith descendents of this woman to the present generation. 
Burial* Ashley Cemetery, E Barnard, Vermont, USA 
Birth*10 May 1766 Walpole, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage*3 February 1794 Walpole, Massachusetts, USA; Bride=Catherine Boyden 
Marriage*1827 Bride=Hannah Gay 
Death*20 June 1829 Barnard, Vermont, USA 

Family 1

Catherine Boyden b. 16 Feb 1767, d. 23 Sep 1826

Family 2

Hannah Gay

Mrs. E.L. Ellis

F, b. 22 October 1889, d. 27 January 1922
Birth*22 October 1889  
Death*27 January 1922  
Burial* Denton City Cemetery, Jeff Davis County, Georgia, USA 

Myrtle E. Ellis

F, b. 4 October 1908, d. 2 April 1954
FatherJoseph Rufus Ellis b. 7 Jan 1876, d. 28 Aug 1946
MotherIda Lou Tompkins b. 18 Jan 1879
Birth*4 October 1908 Jeff Davis County, Georgia, USA 
Death*2 April 1954 Jeff Davis County, Georgia, USA 


John Walter Spann b. 19 Jan 1905

Nancy Ellis

FatherJames W. Ellis b. 15 Jan 1832, d. 25 Jan 1875
MotherSarah Clark b. bt 1839 - 1840, d. 20 Feb 1924

Nancy Ellis

F, b. 21 October 1781, d. 29 January 1864
FatherGeorge Ellis b. 10 May 1747
MotherPhebe Stephens
Birth*21 October 1781 Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage*after 21 February 1801 Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA; Groom=Richard Blackmer 
Death*29 January 1864 Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA 


Richard Blackmer b. 1 Nov 1772

Nancy Ellis

F, b. 1842
FatherWilliam Henry Harrison Ellis b. 1814
MotherElizabeth Register b. 1815