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Francis Marion Ellis

M, b. 1873, d. 1948
FatherGreen Ellis b. 1822, d. 1893
MotherAmanda Nobles
Marriage* Bride=Nancy Elizabeth Ward 


Nancy Elizabeth Ward

Frank Ellis

M, b. 14 May 1878, d. 20 November 1948
FatherBenjamin Ellis b. 1841
MotherRebecca Jane Wilkins
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Stephen Ellis (c1740-c1802) (Kit #'s 104787, 12566)(Haplogroup R1b Group 6)
Birth*14 May 1878 USA 
Marriage* Bride=Mary Weaver 
Death*20 November 1948  


Mary Weaver

Frank Corley Ellis

M, b. 1909
FatherLevel Handy Ellis b. 1881
MotherBertha Eugenia Corley
ChartsKit # 16666, Direct Male Descendants of Joseph Ellis (c1718) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*1909 Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Annie Christine Moody 


Annie Christine Moody

Frank K. Ellis

M, b. August 1862
FatherIsaac Ellis b. Mar 1822, d. a 1900
MotherMargaret Boomer b. 23 Jan 1832, d. 30 Jan 1864
ChartsKit # GB2119, Direct Male Descendants of Richard Ellis (1704-1797) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Marriage* Ellisburg, New York, USA; Bride=Maggie Fuller 
Birth*August 1862 Ellisburg, Jefferson County, New York, USA 
Marriage*1886 Bride=Anna G. LaPlant 

Family 1

Maggie Fuller b. 1862

Family 2

Anna G. LaPlant b. Jan 1866

Franklin Handy Ellis

M, b. 1854
FatherLevin Handy Ellis b. 1805
MotherMariah Jane Culver
ChartsKit # 16666, Direct Male Descendants of Joseph Ellis (c1718) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*1854 Culver, Georgia, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Eliza Louise Wren 


Eliza Louise Wren

Franklin Pierce Ellis

M, b. 22 August 1852, d. 7 May 1896
FatherJohn William Ellis b. 1812, d. Nov 1854
MotherZilpha Bryant b. 13 Jul 1819, d. 1 Jul 1908
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Edward Ellis (c1616) (Kit #'s 7889, 10764, N54597, 186338, 269556)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)
Burial* Mt. Pleasant Church, Holmes County, Mississippi 
Birth*22 August 1852 Holmes County, Mississippi 
Marriage*14 December 1869 Principal=Bettie Lou Ammons 
Death*7 May 1896  


Bettie Lou Ammons b. 23 Oct 1851, d. 22 Apr 1927

Fredis A. Ellis

M, b. 1819
FatherStephen Ellis b. c 1770
MotherTemperance (?)
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Joshua Ellis (c1745) (Kit # 9495)(Haplogroup R1b Group 6)
Birth*1819 Putnam, Georgia, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Sarah Trammell Castleberry 


Sarah Trammell Castleberry

Freelove Malinda Ellis

F, b. 1847
FatherJeremiah Ellis b. 25 Apr 1820, d. 21 Jan 1898
MotherFrances Whitley b. 6 Oct 1827, d. 3 Apr 1902
Marriage* Groom=Daniel Linville 


Daniel Linville

Freeman Ellis

?, b. 1683
FatherMordecai Ellis b. 24 Mar 1650/51, d. 5 Feb 1709/10
MotherSarah Born(Bourne?) d. 25 Oct 1716
Birth*1683 Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA 

G.W. Ellis

M, b. July 1860, d. before 1870
FatherTheophilus Ellis b. c 1819, d. 2 Dec 1861
MotherSarah Ann Ellis b. Feb 1836
Residence*1860 Columbus, North Carolina, USA 
Birth*July 1860 Columbus County, North Carolina, USA 
Death*before 1870  

Gaines Ellis

M, b. circa 1838
MotherCatherine Hatten b. 1800
Birth*circa 1838 Telfair County, Georgia, USA 

Gamaliel Ellis

M, b. 27 September 1757
FatherMatthias Ellis b. 7 Mar 1719/20
MotherLucia Bennett b. 2 Oct 1725, d. 3 Oct 1804
Birth*27 September 1757 Middleboro, Massachusetts, USA 

Garland W. Ellis

M, b. 2 October 1824, d. 17 October 1886
FatherMead Ellis b. 1798, d. 26 Apr 1835
MotherAlpha (?)
ChartsKit # 5637, Direct Male Descendants of Mead Ellis (1798-1835) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*2 October 1824 Humphrey's County, Tennessee, USA 
Marriage*11 September 1850 Lewis, Tennessee, USA; Bride=Lucinda Langley 
Death*17 October 1886 Texas, USA 


Lucinda Langley

Gary Guy Ellis

FatherRufus Ellis b. 1899
MotherBessie Susan Rister

Gaston Floyd Ellis

M, b. 11 December 1900
FatherJoseph Rufus Ellis b. 7 Jan 1876, d. 28 Aug 1946
MotherIda Lou Tompkins b. 18 Jan 1879
Birth*11 December 1900  

George Ellis

M, b. 10 May 1747
FatherMatthias Ellis b. 7 Mar 1719/20
MotherLucia Bennett b. 2 Oct 1725, d. 3 Oct 1804
Birth*10 May 1747 Middleboro, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage*23 May 1773 Middleboro, Massachusetts, USA; Bride=Phebe Stephens 


Phebe Stephens

George Ellis

M, b. circa 1778
FatherGeorge Ellis b. 10 May 1747
MotherPhebe Stephens
Birth*circa 1778  

George Ellis

M, b. 4 October 1795
FatherGeorge Ellis b. 1 May 1766, d. 31 Dec 1847
MotherAnn Heard b. bt 1772 - 1776
Baptism*4 October 1795 St. George's Anglican Church, Monkleigh, Devon, England 

George Ellis

M, b. 1 May 1766, d. 31 December 1847
FatherRobert Ellis b. 23 Aug 1732
MotherMary Handford
Baptism*1 May 1766 St. George's Anglican Church, Monkleigh, Devon, England 
Marriage*5 April 1792 St. George's Anglican Church, Monkleigh, Devon, England; Bride=Ann Heard 
Residence*7 June 1841 Lodge, Monkleigh, Devon, England 
Will*16 December 1846 Parish of Monkleigh, Devon, England; The will was witnessed by James NanceKivell Mills and William Thorn 
Occupation*16 December 1846 Parish of Monkleigh, Devon, England; a farmer 
Death*31 December 1847  
Event-Misc*3 March 1848 Archidiaconal Court of Barnstaple, Devon, England; Type: Estate-Probate 
Event-Misc*3 March 1848 Parish of Monkleigh, Devon, England; Type: Estate-Div of-Heir the two dwellinghouses owned by her husband, and his personal belongings. The will states: '...all those my two Leasehold Dwellinghouses and Gardens with the Appurtenances thereunto belonging called or known by the name of North [Spot ?] situate in the said parish of Monkleigh and now in my own occupation and late in the occupation of Joshua Thorn as Tenant to have and to hold the same for and during the term of her natural life from and immediately after my decease Also I give and bequeath unto my said Wife Ann Ellis all of my Household Goods and furniture of every sort and quality from and immediately after my decease'
After her death the houses were to go to her Son Joseph and daughter Mary, the other belongings were to be divided equally amongst the living children, '... all the rest residue and remainder of my Goods Chattles and Effects of what nature or Kind [illegible] or wheresoever I give and bequeath the same and every part and parcel thereof unto my said Wife Ann Ellis And my Will is and I do hereby further order and direct that from [word(s) missing] after the death of my said Wife Ann Ellis I give and bequeath all [word(s) missing] part of my Effects to my then surviving children to be equally divided among them...'; Principal=Ann Heard 


Ann Heard b. bt 1772 - 1776
Marriage*5 April 1792 St. George's Anglican Church, Monkleigh, Devon, England; Bride=Ann Heard 

George Ellis

M, b. circa April 1806
FatherRobin Ellis b. 29 Sep 1763, d. 1845
MotherAnn Hooper b. c 1761, d. 1843
Birth*circa April 1806 St. George's Anglican Church, Monkleigh, Devon, England 

George Ellis

M, b. 7 October 1804
FatherWilliam Ellis (Shipbuilder) b. 23 Aug 1774
MotherHannah Tawton b. 22 Jun 1770
Baptism*7 October 1804 Northam Anglican Church, Northam, Devon, England 
Marriage*6 January 1826 Richmond Parish, Prince Edward Island, Canada; George, a bachelor and Ellen, a spinster, both of lot 12, were married after the proclamation of banns; Bride=Eleanor McArthur 
Occupation*4 January 1827 Prince Edward Island, Canada; a shipwright 


Eleanor McArthur

George Ellis

M, b. 1767, d. circa 1840
FatherStephen Ellis b. c 1740, d. c 1802
MotherSarah Waller b. c 1750, d. c 1830
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Stephen Ellis (c1740-c1802) (Kit #'s 104787, 12566)(Haplogroup R1b Group 6)
Birth*1767 Lauren, Sussex County, Delaware 
Marriage* Bride=Nancy Fenwick 
Death*circa 1840 Orange County, North Carolina, USA 


Nancy Fenwick b. c 1779

George Ellis

FatherJames "Dink" Thomas Ellis b. 14 Dec 1842, d. 28 Oct 1902
MotherSophrona Williams b. 19 May 1847

George Abbott Ellis

M, b. 24 February 1844, d. 4 April 1896
FatherEbenezer Burt Ellis b. 18 Jul 1818, d. 14 Jan 1907
MotherMary Ward Stiles b. 8 Mar 1822, d. 14 Feb 1902
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of William Ellis (c1394) (Kit #'s 66592, 121854, 133108, 25132)(Haplogroup I1 Group 3)
Birth*24 February 1844 Rindge, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, USA 
Marriage*30 January 1872 Brattleboro, Vermont, USA; Bride=Emma Newell Gould 
Death*4 April 1896 Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan, USA 


Emma Newell Gould b. 10 Jun 1849, d. 5 Jan 1938

George Albert Ellis

M, b. August 1879 or August 1880, d. 5 June 1948
ChartsKit # GB39732, Direct Male Descendants of George Albert Ellis (b. 1879-1948) (Haplogroup I Unmatched)
Birth*August 1879 or August 1880  
Marriage*30 November 1903 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA; Bride=Grace Bertha Taylor 
Death*5 June 1948 Braintree, Massachusetts, USA 


Grace Bertha Taylor b. 27 Dec 1879, d. 12 Dec 1959

George Albert Ellis

M, b. 16 January 1908, d. 23 April 1954
FatherGeorge Albert Ellis b. Aug 1879 or Aug 1880, d. 5 Jun 1948
MotherGrace Bertha Taylor b. 27 Dec 1879, d. 12 Dec 1959
Birth*16 January 1908 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage* Braintree, Massachusetts, USA; Bride=Mary Pierce 
Death*23 April 1954 Braintree, Massachusetts, USA 


Mary Pierce

George Clayton Ellis

M, b. 11 October 1916
FatherJohn Calvin Ellis b. 26 Feb 1898, d. 23 May 1959
MotherBeatrice Hatten b. 16 Sep 1900, d. 6 Nov 1964
Birth*11 October 1916  
Burial*27 January 1917 Philadelphia Church, Jeff Davis County, Georgia, USA 

George Elbert Ellis

M, b. 14 May 1928, d. 10 March 1998
FatherJesse Dewey Ellis b. 27 Jan 1895, d. 10 Jun 1950
MotherHelen C. Carr b. 15 Sep 1905, d. 1998
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of James Ellis (1723-1801, Maryland) (Kit #234337, 227560)(Haplogroup R1b Group 9)
Birth*14 May 1928 Maysville, Kentucky, USA 
Marriage*6 December 1946 Principal=Mary Cecelia Brell 
Death*10 March 1998 Covington, Kentucky, USA 


Mary Cecelia Brell b. 10 Nov 1928, d. 2013

George Finis Ellis

M, b. 22 October 1866, d. 18 May 1932
FatherJames Knox Polk Ellis b. 8 Jan 1840, d. 24 Feb 1906
MotherMargaret B. Sample b. 16 Jun 1831, d. 12 Aug 1894
ChartsDirect Male Descendant of John Ellis (1872-1844, Tennessee) (Kit #'s 142000, 147382, 349410)(Haplogroup R1b Group 12)
Birth*22 October 1866  
Marriage*19 December 1893 Bride=Lillie Luella (Ella Lou) Johnson 
Death*18 May 1932  


Lillie Luella (Ella Lou) Johnson b. 18 Feb 1874, d. 24 Jan 1967