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Benjamin J. Ellis

M, b. 1833
FatherBenjamin Ellis b. 1796
ChartsKit # N25200, Direct Male Descendants of Benjamin Ellis (1796) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)



Benjamin Joseph Ellis

M, b. 1688, d. 1767
FatherJeremiah Ellis b. 3 Jul 1644, d. 1722
MotherMary Skinner
Birth*1688 Surry, Virginia 
Marriage*1710 Northampton, North Carolina; Principal=Elizabeth Roger 
Death*1767 Sussex, Virginia 


Elizabeth Roger

Benjamin S Ellis

M, b. 12 January 1841, d. 20 July 1907
FatherAddison Ellis b. c 1799, d. 1859
MotherMatilda Self
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Addison Ellis (c1799) (Kits 53496, 176535, 181622, 212269, 223077, 238752, 246581, 253272)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)
Birth*12 January 1841 Georgia, USA 
Death*20 July 1907 Missouri, USA 



Benjamin Samuel Ellis

M, b. 1825
FatherBenjamin Ellis b. 1805
ChartsKit # B4184/A0002, Direct Male Descendants of Benjamin Ellis (1805) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*1825 Manchester, England 



Benjamin Thomas Ellis

M, b. 9 October 1825, d. 22 April 1874
FatherJohn Irving Ellis b. 6 Oct 1799
ChartsKit # 105989, Direct Male Descendants of Christopher Ellis (1747-1820) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*9 October 1825 Mississippi, USA 
Death*22 April 1874 Lone Pine, Houston County, Texas, USA 



Benjamin Tomlinson "Tecumseh" Ellis

M, b. 30 October 1847, d. 9 September 1909
FatherWilliam Tomlinson Ellis b. 18 Jan 1824, d. 1 Oct 1864
MotherSarah Ann Welborn
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Edward Ellis (c1616) (Kit #'s 7889, 10764, N54597, 186338, 269556)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)
Birth*30 October 1847 Madison County, Alabama, USA 
Marriage* Olive Branch, DeSoto County, Mississippi, USA; Bride=Martha "Mattie" Lou Walden 
Death*9 September 1909 Olive Branch, DeSoto County, Mississippi, USA 


Martha "Mattie" Lou Walden

Bennett (Sally) Ellis

F, b. 1649
FatherLt. John Ellis b. c 1620, d. b 23 Mar 1676/77
MotherElizabeth Freeman b. b 11 Apr 1624, d. b 20 Apr 1714
Birth*1649 Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, USA 

Bennie Ellis

M, b. September 1887
FatherDoctor F. Ellis b. 23 May 1853, d. 7 Jun 1930
MotherSilence E. Green
Birth*September 1887  

Bertha Ellis

F, b. between 1901 and 1902
FatherNathaniel Lewis Ellis b. 18 Jan 1865, d. 8 Sep 1931
MotherEliza Jane Sloan b. 3 May 1876
Birth*between 1901 and 1902 Somerville/Medford? 

Bertha G Ellis

F, b. May 1892
FatherFrank K. Ellis b. Aug 1862
MotherAnna G. LaPlant b. Jan 1866
Birth*May 1892 Virginia, USA 

Bertha Temperance Ann Ellis

F, b. 22 March 1906
FatherJoseph Aaron Ellis b. 28 Nov 1870, d. 10 Feb 1927
MotherRittie Adeline Hutchison b. 29 Oct 1870, d. 10 Nov 1932
Birth*22 March 1906  

Betsy Ellis

F, b. 1770
FatherThomas Ellis b. 26 Sep 1744, d. 18 Apr 1800
MotherJerusha Clark b. 28 Oct 1745, d. 29 Dec 1817

Betsy Ellis

F, b. 25 May 1800, d. UNKNOWN
FatherCaleb Ellis b. 16 Aug 1754, d. 11 Apr 1813
MotherMary Crouch b. 4 Aug 1757, d. 3 Mar 1813
Death*UNKNOWN Early life 
Birth*25 May 1800 Ellisburg, Jefferson County, New York, USA 

Betsy H Ellis

F, b. 1820
FatherNathaniel Ellis b. bt 1788 - 1789, d. c 1858
MotherRemember Swift b. 9 Mar 1790, d. 14 May 1877

Bettsy Ellis

F, b. 1807, d. 28 July 1818
FatherThomas Ellis
MotherRebecca Swift (Or Burgess)
Burial*1818 Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA 
Death*28 July 1818 Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA 

Betty Ellis

F, b. 1748
FatherWilliam Jr. Ellis b. 10 Jan 1719, d. 15 Jan 1795
MotherPatience Gibbs b. 17 Jun 1719, d. 8 May 1805
Birth*1748 Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA 

Billy Ellis

M, b. 1933, d. September 1954
FatherWilliam Eugene Ellis b. 24 Jan 1906, d. Aug 1989
MotherMarina Carranza b. 21 Sep 1910, d. 29 Dec 1975
Birth*1933 Honduras 
Death*September 1954 San Jose, Costa Rica 

Billy Clyde Ellis

M, b. 1 February 1919
Birth*1 February 1919 Greenville, Texas, USA 

Boyd Stanley Ellis

M, b. 1909
FatherGrover Cleveland Ellis b. c 1880
ChartsKit # 55953, Direct Male Descendants of James Ellis (c1850) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*1909 Carrol, Kentucky, USA 



Bradley Johnson Ellis

M, b. 1864
FatherJames Thomas Ellis b. 1832
MotherMary Meadings
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of James Ellis (1746-1809) (Kit #30669)(Haplogroup R1b Group 9)
Birth*1864 West Virginia, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Elizabeth Ann Atkinson 


Elizabeth Ann Atkinson

Bunyan Ellis

M, b. 1834
FatherJoshua Ellis b. c 1801
MotherSarah Charles/Sarah Martin (?)
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Absolom Ellis (c1727) (Kit # 88935)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)
Birth*1834 Wayne County, North Carolina, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Amanda Aycock 


Amanda Aycock

C. Lee Ellis

M, b. circa 1901, d. 1983
FatherLee Berkley Ellis b. 18 Jan 1864
ChartsKit # 105989, Direct Male Descendants of Christopher Ellis (1747-1820) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Birth*circa 1901 Texas, USA 
Death*1983 Texas, USA 

Cadwalader Ellis

M, b. circa 1655, d. circa 1690
FatherCadwalader Ellis b. 1627
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Rhirid Flaidd (The wolf) - Lord of Penllyn. born c. 1150-55 (Kit #'s 2340, 21572, 19039)(Haplogroup R1b Group 8)
Birth*circa 1655 Llanycil, Wales 
Marriage*circa 1680 Wales; Bride=Jane Cadwalader Rowland 
Death*circa 1690 Merionethshire, Wales 


Jane Cadwalader Rowland

Cadwalader Ellis

M, b. 1627
FatherEllis ap John b. c 1595
MotherDoulce Ellis vz David
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Rhirid Flaidd (The wolf) - Lord of Penllyn. born c. 1150-55 (Kit #'s 2340, 21572, 19039)(Haplogroup R1b Group 8)
Birth*1627 Gwernhefin, Llanycil Parish, Penllyn, Wales 
Baptism Pri*25 July 1627 Llanycil Parish, Wales 



Cadwalader Ellis Jr.

M, b. 1683, d. 1730
FatherCadwalader Ellis b. c 1655, d. c 1690
MotherJane Cadwalader Rowland
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Rhirid Flaidd (The wolf) - Lord of Penllyn. born c. 1150-55 (Kit #'s 2340, 21572, 19039)(Haplogroup R1b Group 8)
Birth*1683 Llanycil, Wales 
Marriage*July 1712 Goshen Twp., USA; Bride=Margaret Edwards 
Death*1730 Caernarvon Twp., Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA 


Margaret Edwards

Caleb Ellis

M, b. circa 1832
FatherAbner Ellis b. c 1801
MotherFrances Drew
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of John Ellis (b. c.1607) (Kit #'s 24239, 13235, 35667, 87550, 94809, 37367, 213671, 197362, N118383, 430203 )(Haplogroup I1 Group 1)
Birth*circa 1832 Shawnee, Gallatin County, Illinois, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Elizabeth Brinkley 


Elizabeth Brinkley

Caleb Ellis

M, b. 15 November 1805, d. 8 March 1852
FatherCaleb Ellis b. 1767, d. Dec 1805
MotherSarah Victory "Sally" Moss b. 1790
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of John Ellis (b. c.1607) (Kit #'s 24239, 13235, 35667, 87550, 94809, 37367, 213671, 197362, N118383, 430203 )(Haplogroup I1 Group 1)
Birth*15 November 1805 York County, South Carolina, USA 
Marriage*13 March 1827 Bride=Martha Rebecca Bailey 
Death*8 March 1852 Forsyth County, Georgia, USA 


Martha Rebecca Bailey b. 1809, d. 1878

Caleb Ellis

M, b. 1767, d. December 1805
FatherJohn Ellis b. 1729
MotherMary Quinn
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of John Ellis (b. c.1607) (Kit #'s 24239, 13235, 35667, 87550, 94809, 37367, 213671, 197362, N118383, 430203 )(Haplogroup I1 Group 1)
Birth*1767 Rowan County, North Carolina, USA 
Marriage*1804 Bride=Sarah Victory "Sally" Moss 
Death*December 1805 York County (now Cherokee County), South Carolina, USA 


Sarah Victory "Sally" Moss b. 1790

Caleb Ellis

M, b. 16 August 1754, d. 11 April 1813
FatherRichard Ellis b. 1704, d. 7 Oct 1797
MotherJane Phillips b. 1 Jul 1709, d. 1760
ChartsKit # GB2119, Direct Male Descendants of Richard Ellis (1704-1797) (Haplogroup R1b Unmatched)
Note* [Working File.FTW]

From 'Richard Ellis and his Descendants, 1888'.

The ninth and youngest child of Richard Ellis, it is not probable that hewas born in Ashfield for at the time of his birth the settlers of thattown had gone to the older settlements, to avoid the Indians during theperiod of the French and Indian war. However this may be, it is evidentthat he was with his father in Colrain early in his life, and on the 24thof January 1777, at which date his name is found in his father's books.

He joined the Revolutionary army, in which he served several campaigns.He was under Generals Gates and Ethan Allen at Lake Champlain,Ticonderoga and when Burgoyne surrendered. He served through most of theRevolutionary War. About 1799 he married Mary Couch and, it is said,lived for some time in Vermont. He next moved to Oneida County, NewYork, near Litchfield, and in 1795 he settled permanently in JeffersonCounty, New York, at a place which was named after him, Ellisburg. Hepurchased 500 acres of land and built a grist mill. This was his homeuntil his death in 1813. He probably learned the milling business fromhis father. It is evident that he was a man of industry, courage, andperseverance, for it requires all these qualities to succeed in so wildand remote a region as Jefferson County was when he settled there. Herehe raised his family of eleven children, and quite a number of hisdescendants now reside there and at Belleville, in the same county (1888)

From the Jefferson County, NY Historical Society Web Site:

'CALEB ELLIS son of Richard & Jane (Phillips) Ellis
Born: August 14, 1754 (lived at Keene, N.H.) Ashfield, Mass.
Died: April 14, 1813 in the town of Ellisburg, Jefferson County,N.Y.

Married: About 1779 MARY COUCH (CROUCH)
Born: August 4, 1757
Died: March 3, 1813 aged 54 years (g.s.) in town of Ellisburg, N.Y.

Service: Caleb Ellis served as a private in the Revolution in Capt.
Jeremiah Stiles' Co., Col. Paul Dudley's Sergeant's Regiment. Servedunder
Gen. Horatio Gates and Ethan Allen and was at the surrender of Burgoyne.
War Department, Washington, D.C.

Remarks: Caleb Ellis and his wife are buried in the Ellisburg cemetery
with a number of his children. The dates of birth of Caleb and his wifeare
taken from the Bible record sent to the Pension Department when his sonRobert
applied for a pension for service in the war of 1812. Caleb and Mary hadthe
following children:
Daniel, b. August 23, 1780;
Hannah, b. April 3, 1782;
John, b. February 3, 1784;
Jane, b. February 6, 1786;
Thomas, b. June 19, 1788;
Squire, b. June 6, 1790;
James, b. August 12, 1792;
Robert, b. March 24, 1794;
Polly, b. April 24, 1796;
Sally, b. March 14, 1798;
Betsey, b. May 25, 1800.'

From 'Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Revolution',Volume 5, Page 297

Ellis, Caleb, Keene, NH, Private, Captain Jeremiah Stile's co., Col. PaulDidley Sargent's regt.; must roll dated Aug 1. 1775; enlisted April 21,1775; service 3 months 18 day; also, company return [probably October1775]; also, order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money datedBoston, Nov. 10, 1775. 
Birth*16 August 1754 Colrain, Franklin County, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage*circa 1779 Guilford, Vermont, USA; Bride=Mary Crouch 
Death*11 April 1813 Ellisburg, Jefferson County, New York, USA 


Mary Crouch b. 4 Aug 1757, d. 3 Mar 1813