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Mary Edwards

Marriage*late 1700's Gwaenysgor, Flintshire, Wales; Principal=Enoch Ellis 


Enoch Ellis

Robert Stanley Edwards

M, d. 24 March 1943
Marriage*24 March 1877 Bride=Martha Washington Ellis 
Death*24 March 1943  


Martha Washington Ellis b. 1857, d. 1906

Samuel Edwards

M, b. circa 1774, d. circa 1838
FatherUnknown number of generations Edwards
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Rhirid Flaidd (The wolf) - Lord of Penllyn. born c. 1150-55 (Kit #'s 2340, 21572, 19039)(Haplogroup R1b Group 8)
Marriage*25 September Ross County, Ohio, USA; Bride=Mary Ann Roberts 
Birth*circa 1774  
Death*circa 1838  


Mary Ann Roberts

Unknown number of generations Edwards


Richard Ellice

M, b. 1621, d. 1694
ChartsKit # 393923, Direct Male Descendants of Richard Ellis (b. 1621-1694 England) (Haplogroup I1 Group 5)
Birth*1621 England 
Marriage*1650 Dedham, [Norfolk County], Massachusetts; Principal=Elizabeth French 
Death*1694 Dedham, [Norfolk County], Massachusetts 


Elizabeth French

Jane Elliott

F, b. 6 November 1782
Birth*6 November 1782 Jefferson County, Tennessee, USA 
Marriage* Groom=Jesse Keller Ellis 


Jesse Keller Ellis b. 6 May 1784

Jennifer Jane Elliott

F, b. 16 November 1782, d. 29 October 1839
Birth*16 November 1782 Jefferson County, Tennessee, USA 
Marriage*31 July 1804 Jefferson County, Tennessee, USA; Principal=Jesse Keller Ellis 
Death*29 October 1839 Coles County, Illinois, USA 


Jesse Keller Ellis b. 6 May 1784, d. 3 Oct 1857

Joseph Ellis (Ellice)

M, b. 1631, d. 1672
FatherJohn Ellis b. 1583, d. 2 Apr 1697
MotherAnn Benjamin b. 1589, d. 30 Jun 1619
ChartsKit # 178519, Direct Male Descendants of Thomas Ellis (b. 1567-1630 England) (Haplogroup I1 Group 5)
Note* Information taken from NEW ENGLAND FAMILIES--Genealogical and MemorialVolume. 1. Joseph Ellis(Ellice), probably the youngest of the Ellisbrothers who settled in Dedham and Medfield, MA. was born about 1635and doubtless came from England to live with one of his brothers. Hewas a taxpayer as early as 12-6-1659 and his name appears next to thatof Richard Ellis (Ellice) on the list in that year. He continued onthe tax list until 1671. In that year he probably died, for in theyear 1672 his widow Ruth takes his place as a taxpayer. He drew landwith Sargent Richard Ellis and Michael Metcalf, 3-23-1662/63. Thefollowing extract from the Dedham town records relates to hisappointment as schoolmaster, 'in consideration of the present want ofa schoolmaster and the weakly estate of our brother, Joseph Ellis(Ellice), he being willing and we being hopeful he may do some good inteaching some children to read English, so for the present and untilone more able may be attained; do so agree that he shall have 6s. aweek so long as he shall so teach.' (March 23, 1663/64). He receivedhis salary, amounting to 15 pounds, 12 shillings Feb. 10,1665 and madea similar contract for 1666. The records show he was paid for part ofthe year of 1666. An account of his service, similar to this, isgiven in the book 'Schools and School Teachers of Dedham.'
Birth*1631 Wrentham, Suffolk, England 
Marriage*19 September 1650 Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA; Bride=(?) Ruth 
Death*1672 Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA 


(?) Ruth

Joseph Ellis (Ellice) II

M, b. 1 October 1666, d. 25 March 1752
FatherJoseph Ellis (Ellice) b. 1631, d. 1672
Mother(?) Ruth
ChartsKit # 178519, Direct Male Descendants of Thomas Ellis (b. 1567-1630 England) (Haplogroup I1 Group 5)
Birth*1 October 1666 Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA 
Marriage*25 October 1688 Dedham, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA; Bride=Mary Graves 
Death*25 March 1752 Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA 


Mary Graves b. 1668, d. 7 Feb 1713

? Ellis




Aaron Ellis

FatherJohn Ellis
MotherBathsheba B. Hatten b. 1807, d. a 1860

Aaron Franklin Ellis

M, b. 4 October 1894, d. 3 November 1960
FatherJoseph Aaron Ellis b. 28 Nov 1870, d. 10 Feb 1927
MotherRittie Adeline Hutchison b. 29 Oct 1870, d. 10 Nov 1932
Birth*4 October 1894 Coffee County, Georgia, USA 
Death*3 November 1960 Coffee County, Georgia, USA; Unknown GEDCOM info: Tuberculosis 
Burial* Reedy Branch Church Cemetery, Broxton, Coffee County, Georgia, USA 


Lola Brantley

Abb Ellis

M, b. circa 1836, d. 1864
MotherCatherine Hatten b. 1800
Birth*circa 1836 Telfair County, Georgia, USA 

Abbie Gail Ellis

F, b. 10 August 1903
FatherCalvin Quinn Ellis b. Sep 1876
MotherMary Rhymes
Birth*10 August 1903  

Abner Ellis

M, b. circa 1801
FatherWilliam Ellis b. 1758, d. 1827
MotherSarah Elmore
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of John Ellis (b. c.1607) (Kit #'s 24239, 13235, 35667, 87550, 94809, 37367, 213671, 197362, N118383, 430203 )(Haplogroup I1 Group 1)
Birth*circa 1801 Barren, Kentucky, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Frances Drew 


Frances Drew

Abraham Ellis

Marriage* Principal=Prudence Lindsey 


Prudence Lindsey

Absolom Ellis

M, b. 1755
FatherAbsolom Ellis b. c 1727
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Absolom Ellis (c1727) (Kit # 88935)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)
Birth*1755 Dobbs County, North Carolina, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Phereba (Fereby) Merritt 


Phereba (Fereby) Merritt

Absolom Ellis

M, b. circa 1727
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Absolom Ellis (c1727) (Kit # 88935)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)
Birth*circa 1727  



Addison Ellis

M, b. circa 1799, d. 1859
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of Addison Ellis (c1799) (Kits 53496, 176535, 181622, 212269, 223077, 238752, 246581, 253272)(Haplogroup R1b Group 4)
Birth*circa 1799 South Carolina, USA 
Residence*circa 1820 Greene County, Georgia, USA 
Marriage*12 July 1821 Greene County, Georgia, USA; Bride=Celia Fuller 
Marriage*28 July 1832 Crawford County, Georgia, USA; Principal=Matilda Self 
Death*1859 Choctaw County, Mississippi, USA 

Family 1

Celia Fuller

Family 2

Matilda Self

Aden Leroy Ellis

M, b. 10 February 1885, d. 2 September 1943
FatherElisha Thomas Ellis b. 1860
MotherLouella Oswald
ChartsDirect Male Descendants of William Ellis (c1394) (Kit #'s 66592, 121854, 133108, 25132, 485070)(Haplogroup I1 Group 3)
Birth*10 February 1885 Rockford, Illinois, USA 
Marriage* Bride=Hazel Rathburn 
Death*2 September 1943 Omaha, Nebraska, USA 


Hazel Rathburn d. 1964

Agnes Ellis

F, b. 12 July 1897, d. 1969
FatherJames R. Ellis b. 1856, d. 7 Aug 1905
MotherSallie A Hinson b. Mar 1861
Note* Had one daughter living in Jacksonville, Fla. 
Birth*12 July 1897  
Death*1969 Jacksonville, Florida, USA 

Agnes Ellis

F, b. 1842, d. after 31 March 1851
FatherRobert Ellis b. c 1798, d. 27 Dec 1861
MotherElizabeth Brooks
Baptism*1842 St. Mary's Anglican Church, Bideford, Devon, England 
Occupation*31 March 1851 a scholar 
Death*after 31 March 1851  

Agnes Ellis

F, b. 30 January 1765
FatherRobert Ellis b. 23 Aug 1732
MotherMary Handford
Baptism*30 January 1765 St. George's Anglican Church, Monkleigh, Devon, England 

Agnes Ellis

F, b. 28 February 1787
FatherRobin Ellis b. 29 Sep 1763, d. 1845
MotherAnn Hooper b. c 1761, d. 1843
Baptism*28 February 1787 St. George's Anglican Church, Monkleigh, Devon, England; privately 

Agnes Ellis

F, b. 29 March 1801
FatherGeorge Ellis b. 1 May 1766, d. 31 Dec 1847
MotherAnn Heard b. bt 1772 - 1776
Baptism*29 March 1801 St. George's Anglican Church, Monkleigh, Devon, England 
Marriage*before 16 December 1846 Groom=(?) Law [?] 


(?) Law [?]

Agnes Ellis

F, b. 5 October 1823, d. circa October 1824
FatherJames Ellis b. 7 Apr 1776, d. c Dec 1843
MotherMary Trick b. bt 1782 - 1786
Baptism*5 October 1823 St. George's Anglican Church, Monkleigh, Devon, England 
Death*circa October 1824  
Burial*17 October 1824 St. George's Anglican Church, Monkleigh, Devon, England; aged 1 yr. 

Agnes Ellis

F, b. 18 June 1826
FatherJames Ellis b. 22 Mar 1801
MotherJane Ramsay
Birth*18 June 1826 Lot 12, Prince Edward Island, Canada