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Elliotts of New England

Elliott Names Found Primarily, or Originating, in New England States

Births prior to 1850, Marriages prior to 1875 & Deaths prior to 1900

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Admiral Manley Elliott is as far back on my Elliott line as I could get. The earliest record was that of his marriage to Abiah Burton in Andover, Vermont, May 14, 1812. Later census records would indicate he was born in New Hampshire in 1792 or 1793. Efforts to find the parents of Admiral have been futile, though the experience has be rewarding. The data in this database has been collected, starting in the 1980s. An analysis of the data has narrowed the possible choices down to only a handful. This effort has shown just how few the records and how many the gaps. The thought was that if I collected this data and organized it by families that one day I would get a hit and then, very likely, I would be able to zip back to the immigrant ancestor, post haste. No hits yet, but there is hope. In the meantime, I have helped several find their way back. With the publishing of this database, even with some rough spots in it, I am sure others can benefit.


And then there is Thomas & Sarah Adams also of Andover, Vermont, there when Admiral and Abiah lived there. There seemed to be a special tie to Thomas and Sarah, but they seemed to disappear from Andover without trace about the time Admiral and Abiah left, in the teens (181x). Later a Thomas and Sarah that cannot be easily eliminated are found in Surrey, NH, not far from Andover. What this relationship was still escapes me. It seems the background of Thomas and Sarah Adams is as elusive as that of Admiral. dre



Picture on left: Old Burring Ground, Ipswich, MA.
Picture on right: Andover, VT, buildings.
Background: Old North Church, Boston, MA.










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