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Surnames M-R
(includes some "stray" entries that were included in this section of the book)

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NameAmount paid
Bank of Antioch$21.30
Bank of Antioch$11.40
Cody, M. - 1551 Luguna St. Calif.$3.00
Maguire, P.$7.50
Maloney, P.$5.70
Marshall, B. P. Est.$16.00
Marshall, Eliz$6.50
Marshall, G. B.$.50
Masonic Lodge$11.60
McAravy, J.$6.25
McAravy, John$11.00
McBride, M.$41.35
McCloskey, Catherine$5.50
McCoy, C. N.$7.50
McCoy, E. A.$5.75
McDaniel, Mrs. R.$.50
McDaniels, C. G.$4.00
McKellips, S. H.$20.00
McLeod, E.$7.75
Meek Co., H. W. and W. E.$10.00
Meek Co., W. E and H. W. $21.60
Meinken, Annie$23.00
Mendonca, A.$8.30
Metler, C. J.$6.00
Meyer, Caroline$9.50
Meyer, G.$9.40
Meyer, L. and G.$81.00
Meyers and Bloomfield$3.00
Milcholetti, C.$2.00
Miller, John and Mary$9.89
Mills, Aggie W$2.75
Mills, Fred$7.00
Montgomery, C. F. and Ellen F.$12.50
Moore, L. W..$17.50
Morgan, Thos.$4.50
Morgans, Ida L.$4.50
Mulhare, P.$11.30
Murphy, Jas. and Alice$22.80
Newman, Adolph$4.25
Nicholls, Annie$1.50
Nolan, Jas. 
Nouque, Frank$2.00
Raiche, Alfred$4.00


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