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Surnames A-B

A-B, C-E, F-H, I-L, Home

NameAmount paid
Allwell, Lizzie $11.03
Anderson, J. $11.39
Anderson, Mary $5.47
Anderson, O. E. $17.85
Angelli, A. $1.83
Angelo, A. $5.92
Anti?ie, S. $6.38
Antioch Hdwre Co. $84.27
Antioch Lbr Co $527.47
Antioch Lbr Co $23.68
Antioch Wharf $91.10
Araque. G. $4.56
Arata, J. and Chechi, V. $7.75
Arata, J. and M. $14.58
Arata, Jos. $240.72
Arata, Jos. $9.11
Arata, Louis $52.40
Arentz, M. E. $6.38
Arentz, W. R. $5.92
Azevedo, M. G. $15.21
Baker, Alice E. ($22.81 pd by Baker, J.
                          $20.01 pd by Belshaw, Jo
                          $14.75 pd by Sayles)
Baker, Ina$6.28
Baker, K. E.$35.98
Baldwin, Isabelle$30.52
Ball, Fred F. $14.58
Ball, H. A. $72.97
Balogni, G.$14.53
Bank of Antioch$112.50
Bank of Antioch$30.08
Banneda, R. C.$20.50
Banneu, V.$29.16
Barnes, J. F.$29.16
Beasley, W. H.$17.30
Beede, C. F. T.$10.03
Beede, H. F.$15.30
Beede, H. McN $15.04
Beede, Margaret$14.22
Beede, R. M. $71.52
Beede, R. M. and H. McN $5.92
Belshaw, C. M.$415.33
Belshaw, J. T. (pd by Belshaw, W. W.)$5.92
Belshaw, Margaret$43.28
Belshaw, W. W. $13.67
Bettencourt, J. A.$10.48
Bianchini, G.$10.94
Biglow, F. J. et al$20.95
Blaylock, B. H.$20.50
Blaylock, E. E.$10.03
Bloomfield, Margaret$6.38
Bloomfield, N. W.$33.71
Bloomfield, W. G.$79.26
Bolz, Emma$19.14
Bonnickson, C.$23.23
Bonslett, J. A$34.80
Booth, A. A.$12.76
Brennan, J. J.$9.11
Briduchback, I. $68.80
Briggs, C.$8.50
Brown, B. F.$23.70
Bruns, J. and H.$79.08
Bulloch Bros $43.55
Bulloch, I. J. $32.35
Bullock, C. J. and Easley, R. P.$21.86
Burns, Catherine$23.86
Byers, A. T.$22.78

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