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The Weekly Antioch Ledger
25 March 1876
1 April 1876
8 April 1876


 Volume VII, #1, March 25, 1876, Saturday

1.                  Rev. W. N. MESERVE - only made $48 last month. The congregation needs to guarantee him at least $100 per month to support his large family.

2.                  Wm. B FORMAN - appointed deputy assessor for this township.

3.                  Charles HUNTSMAN - to deliver milk at six cents per quart.

4.                  William HILLEGAS - pioneer of Oakland died suddenly at home in Berkeley on Tuesday. He was a principal owner of Central Coal mine in Antioch.

5.                  Wm. N. MESERVE - dentist who is now prepared to insert artificial dentures.

6.                  Peter STREET - swine for sale.

7.                  E. H. or G. W. KIMBALL - house for sale on Wyatt Street, Antioch.

8.                  Daniel LOUDERBACK - deceased, Notice to Creditors. D. P. MAHAN, administrator of estate.

9.                  Henry GARDNER - deceased, Notice to Creditors, Alice GARDNER of Antioch, administratrix of estate.

10.              Robert H. FULLER - wood for sale.

  Volume VII, #2, April 1, 1876, Saturday

 1.                  Richard SWAIN - body exhumed at Smithís Point while excavating the sand hills for the pottery works. The coffin had decayed but the red hair was well preserved.

2.                  J. P. ABBOTT - commissioned by Gov. IRWIN a Notary Public of Contra Costa County to reside in Antioch.

3.                  Unclaimed letters at the Antioch Post Office: John M. BROWN, T. BOYLE, J. B. COLLINS, D. D. CARDE, A. W. CRAIG, J. W. ENNO, Edward HALEY, T. J. MERS, P. A. THOROP, J. WHITEMAN, John WILLS. - V. W. PHILLIPS, P.M.

4.                  R. B. HARD - his mercantile is going out of business.

5.                  Leap Year Ball - given by the ladies of Antioch at Homburgís Hall. Each man had to be escorted across the room by a lady (usually not the manís spouse-LDB). Mrs. Frank WILLIAMS was in charge of the ball. Attendees (man listed with his escort):  W. C. JOHNSON/Miss Emily BELL, M. S. LEVY/Mrs. Wm. GIRVAN, H. F. BEEDE/Mrs. J. P. ABBOTT, Jules BLOCH/Mrs. J. G. CHASE, F. S. McNULTY/Mrs. S. JESSUP, Geo. WRIGHT/Miss Lou WILLIAMS, Arthur PIERCE/Mrs. I. H. PATTERSON, Albert BEEDE/Mrs. Bell READER, Dennis M. PITTS/Mrs. C. H. GORDON, C. H. GORDON/Mrs. D. M. PITTS, M. KAHN/Miss COFFMAN, F. WILLIAMS/Mrs. W. C. JOHNSON, W. V. PLUM/Mrs. F. WILLIAMS, C. W. MOCK/Mrs. HAHN, Elias EMMONS/Miss Mary LAW, Mr. PIERCE/Miss MOSES, Mr. and Mrs. JACOBS, Supervisor WALKER/Miss REGAN of Nortonville, Mr. CONROY of Nortonville/Miss PARSONS, I. H. PATTERSON/Mrs. L. DAHNKEN, Lewis DAHNKEN/Mrs. METCALF, the unnamed reporter/Mrs. H. F. BEEDE

6.                  Constable MOLLER - selected the liberty pole at the corner of Wyatt and Galloway streets as the place where the public whipping of wife-beaters would take place.

7.                  John HUGHES of Nortonville - charges dropped for keeping a house of ill-fame as no witness was willing to disgrace himself by testifying concerning the facts of his knowledge.

8.                  Sobriety DILLWOOD - will not be responsible for his sonsí debts.

9.                  W. W. SMITH - Pitts Twelve-Horse Bower and Separator for sale, cheap.

 Volume VII, #3, April 8, 1876, Saturday

1.                  A. P. WATSON and J. BYNON - partnership in town of Nortonville dissolved.

2.                  Carl M. SMYTH - age 5, son of Mr. M. SMYTHE, died on Thursday last in a brick mill accident in Smithís Point.

3.                  Rev. A. H. JOHNSON - former pastor of the Congregational Church in Antioch will be returning to California from his home in Maine.

4.                  S. WOLF - one of the oldest Antioch merchants announced the death of his mother in France.

5.                Mr. SEAVY - rapidly completing the new school house.

6.                  Dr. E. L. WEMPLE - relocated his practice from Nortonville to Antioch.

7.                  Meeting of Fire Company - F. WILLIAMS, presiding, Mr. O. M. JESSUP elected to membership, W. C. JOHNSON and W. W. RODGERS resigned on account of removal from town.

8.                  Mr. and Mrs. SMITH, residents of Point of Timber for eleven years were sent to the county hospital. Neighbors had been caring for them for some time. Both are at the advanced age of four score years.

9.                  Mr. George ROTCHFORD - drowned last week. He lived in Antioch for a number of years, moving to Benicia two or three years ago. He leaves a wife and three children.

10.              Town Trustees meeting: Francis WILLIAMS, J. W. GALLOWAY, HOMBURG, M. S. LEVY, J. G. CHASE, S. S. PITTS, Dennis M. PITTS, Samuel SAYER.


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