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John Ritter Family

b. 1801, PA.

m. to Elizabeth SHRINER,
d. bef1880.

He may have had a brother Samuel Ritter born 1819 in Lehigh Co., PA,
died in 1891 in Ionia Co., MI. The Bottorffs were in Ionia Co., MI also.
Samuel Ritter married 4 times, twice in Wayne Co., OH and twice in
Ionia Co., MI. Since the Bottorffs were in Wayne Co., OH and Ionia Co., MI
it is very likely that Samuel was John Ritter's brother and uncle to Catherine Ritter.)
Henry N. and Hannah PERRINE of Wayne County, Ohio for $100.00
to John RITTER, Jr. of same, NW corner of NW 1/4 of Section 10
Township 16 Range 13, 40 acres. Deeded to Samuel HILL by the city of Washington, 1816. 
Then deeded to James VANORSTRAND April 4, 1829. 
Then deeded to Henry N. PERRINE January 16, 1830. Dated January 2, 1833. 
Witnesses: Daniel WHONSETTER and George WINSTON.

In the 1820 census for Medina Co., OH, Wadsworth twp., p. 103, line 9:
Ritter, Christian 010110101012
males (10-15) 1
           (18-25) 1
           (25-44) 1
females (0-10) 1
             (16-18) 1
             (26-44) 1
             (45+)  2

In the 1850 census for York Co., Manchester Twp., PA reel 432-890, p. 244a, lines 34-40:
John Ritter, 56(1794), m, farmer
Elizabeth Ritter, 53(1797), f
George Ritter, 20(1830), laborer
Edwin Ritter, 19(1831), laborer
Samuel Ritter, 16(1834)
Susan Ritter, 15(1835)
Mary Ritter, 14(1836)
page 244b, lines 1-2:
Catherine Ritter, 11(1839)
(close to the right age to be our Catherine)

Elizabeth Ritter, 8(1842)
(where are they in the 1860 census??)
In the 1870 census for Chester Twp., Wayne Co., OH, 305/301:
living next to John Holdeman family (spelled Huldeman)
Ritter, John, 69yr, m, w, day laborer, OH (name looks like Bitter)
Ritter, Elizabeth,  60yr, f, w, keeping house, PA
In the 1880 census for Chester Twp., Wayne Co., OH, roll T9-1076, page 56a:
John Holdeman, self, married, m, w, 48, OH, minister, PA, PA
Elisabeth Holdeman, wife, married, f, w, 46, PA, keeping house, PA, PA
Alpheus Holdeman, son, single, m, w, 17, OH, at home, OH, PA
Samuel Holdeman, son, single, m, w, 14, OH, at home, OH, PA
John Ritter, father, m, w, 79, PA, farmer, PA, PA (widower)

In the 1870 census for Medina Co., Guilford twp., OH, p. 267b, lines 26-30:
John Ritter, 39(1831), M, Cooper, PA, $500 land, $115
Catherine Ritter, 33(1837), F, Keep house, OH
William Ritter, 12(1858), M
Frances Ritter, 8(1862), F
Henrietta Ritter, 5(1865), F
(this could be his son, the J.A. Ritter listed below)

His father could be John Ritter born 1765, died 1803,
married 1788 to Catharina Frankforter born 1769, died 1803.
Other children: F.N. Ritter, J.A. Ritter, Martha E. Ritter and Mary Ritter.

Children by Elizabeth Shriner:
I. Elizabeth RITTER,
b. 9-Mar-1834, Wayne Co., OH, d. 9-Apr-1932, Hutchinson, KS..

  II. Catherine RITTER,
b. 12-Nov-1837, d. 17-Feb-1900.

III. F. N. RITTER. (could be Francis)
IV. J. A. RITTER. (could be John)
V. Martha E. RITTER.
b. Sep-1834????.