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I67: Catherine VOUGHT (12 Dec 1782 - 23 Jun 1879)

Catherine VOUGHT

Family 1: Andrus ECKLER
  1. Godfrey ECKLER
  2. Sarah (Sally) ECKLER
  3. Polly ECKLER
  4. David ECKLER
  5. Daniel ECKLER
  6. Betsy ECKLER

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|--Catherine VOUGHT 
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Daughter of Godfrey Vought and Polly Croft.

"On June 23, 1879, aunt Katie Eiklor, long a respected resident of
Rome, fell asleep in Jesus--aged 95 years, 7 months, and 23 days.

"She came to Rome with her parents from Peekskill, Dutchess County,
NY., more than 80 years ago, they being among the first settlers on
Wysox Creek. Aunt Katie spent the most of her long and useful life in
the same neighborhood and on the same farm where her parents frist
settled; and though she lived so long in this age of improvements, she
had never taken a ride upon a railroad or even seen a train of cars.
She spent her time quietly and unobtrusively at home attending to the
affairs of her family--leaving behind her numerous descendants of
children and grandchildren. Thirty-eight years she had been a widow,
but in all these years of loneliness she had the God of the widow, and
the fatherless for her comfort and support. A good neighbor, an
affectionate mother and a faithful Christian,, she has left a bright
example for us all to follow, retaining her faculties in a remarkable
manner to the last. Respected and beloved friend, farewell."

"Another thing connect with the history of our departed friend I
should not foret. Soon after she came to Rome, she and some others
about her age went to the mouth of Wysox Creem on an excursion to
gather black walnuts, several of which she planted on her father's
farm, these sprang up and grew into what have long since been large
trees. Elevn or twelve years ago, one of these trees was shivered by
lightening, it was cut down and sawed into lumber, and at length a
part of it was used to make the casket in which her body was laid in
its final rest."

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