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Ehrhart’s who came to America before 1776



As a hobby I trace Ehrhart families that came to America before 1776, with some exceptions, in cases where I have communicated with their descendants.


The goal is to connect as many of the broken branches of the Ehrhart Family Tree as possible.


If you have any questions, advice or information; Please e-mail me at: Jeff Earhart



I have identified and labeled 32 Ehrhart families plus 20 in America that I cannot find the father / ancestor / ancestral location. I use fl# xx label for families that I can trace back to Germanic Europe or to the ship they arrived on. They are ordered by date of arrival in America. For persons in America whose father is not known; I use fl# NCxx as a label. (NC = Not Connected; Parents not Known)


I have only entered a few of each of the starting ancestors of each family. For a complete Family Tree Listing I have entered links to the complete file, if available.


Link: List of individual Ehrhart families.



“DNA is not a replacement for Genealogy, it is just another tool!”

This is a very important statement, for several different reasons. Even if you find a DNA match, if you cannot find out whom the common ancestor is, that information may not be useful.


I generally use this tool for verifying the family tree and for breaking through bearers because of missing records and surname changes. This test is also fantastic for connecting families and for tracing families back through Germanic Europe.


I have accomplished all 3 of the above at the following Website:


Results of Research:


1) There are many Ehrharts that seam to pop up out of no ware.

            This is because there are so many missing records, especially Ship Lists, in fact many Ehrhart families have either connected to the wrong Ehrhart or two or more Ehrharts have connected to the same person. One source that is overlooked is the Hessian Troops. I have found at least four Ehrhards that stayed in America. See Hessian Troop List below.

There are at least 4 Ehrharts that walked off the Ship and were never heard from again. See Ship Lists Below.


2) Johannes Ehrhard from Staudernheim, Germany (fl# 5):

            Two cousins Johannes and Wilhelm came to America in 1741. Wilhelm’s descendants are well documented, but there are many questions and doubts on the Johannes side. There were at least 3 Johannes Ehrharts in what’s now Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Two of them had wives with the given name of Louisa. We have now matched DNA with descendants of each line. This verifies our genealogical record!


3) Johann Simon Ehrhart from Seckenheim, Germany (fl# 1):

            Simon Ehrhart came with other Palatine’s into New York in 1709-1710. Most researchers had his sons as either daughtering out or killed by Indians. One of the keys to unlock the truth is that they all married other Palatines. The other is Given and Surname changes. The Last is DNA.

Hans Carl Ehrhart first changes his given name to Charles. Then he changed his surname to Hart, possibly because of a land dispute. His son Theobaldt becomes David Hart. His Godfather Theobaldt Gerloch becomes David Carlock. (We would have never figured this out without DNA evidence) Michael Ehrhart married a known Palatine, Katherine Loesch. The DNA of these descendants of Hans Carl and Michael Ehrhart match; so Michaels father must be Simon Ehrhart. A great success story!


4) Samuel Earhart of Athens County, Ohio (fl# nc20):

Although we do not have Y-DNA evidence yet, there is enough primary and secondary evidence with source’s to conclude that the most likely parents of Samuel Earhart of Athens County, Ohio (fl# nc20) is Jacob Earhart and Magdalena "Polly" Kapp. “Polly” Kapp's father is Michel Kapp. Jacobs’s parents are Philip Earhart and Mary Funch. Philip Earhart's ancestors are Philip Reinhard Ehrhard from Iggeheim, Germany (fl# 02).


Update:We now have Y-DNA evidence with a known match with another branch of their Family Tree. This verifies our genealogical record!


This repudiates that this Jacob Earhart is the Jacob Earhart of Preble County, Ohio.


5) Christian/Daniel Ehrhart from Retschwiller, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France (fl# 06): 

            We have a Y-DNA match between Christian Ehrhart (fl# 06) and Daniel Jordan Ehrhart (fl# 31) of Oberhoffen-Sur-Moder, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France. There may be a relation to Christian Ehrhart (fl# 32) of the same city, Oberhoffen, but we do not have Y-DNA evidence yet.   

There are at least 3 generations (100 years) separating these families, also all three individuals came to America at different ports and settled in different places in America. We have not found any genealogical connections yet. Also we may have to do further Y-DNA analysis in order to get a better idea of who the common ancestor might be.

This is the first time I have connected two or more Ehrhart families of America back to their Germanic origin!


            Of the 4 Ehrhart families’ that I trace from France, that leaves Peter Ehrhart (fl# 11) from Bettborn, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France. I doubt that they are related, but you never know.

Update: We have found a descendant of Peter Ehrhart (fl# 11) from Bettborn, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France who is in haplogroup G2a, so this family is not related to fl# 06. 


6) Michael Ahart listed in the 1790 census of Surry County, North Carolina (fl# nc05):

            Background: The first known reference to Michael Ahart is the 1790 census with 2 males over 16, 6 males under 16 and 0 females. Surry County, North Carolina is on the border with Virginia. Grayson County and Patrick County, Virginia is very close. We know from various records that there were an Adam and Michael in the area. There emerges 30 years latter, from the 1820 census of Patrick County, VA an Ann (Adam), Jacob and Michael. We have various marriage records for their children in Patrick County, VA.

            Background: We know that the oldest son of Abraham Eahart (fl# 1) and Elizabeth Estes is Michael E Eahart. No one has found what happened to him or found any records pertaining to him.

            Conclusion: We had a known descendant of Mitchell Ahart take the Y-DNA test and he matched both the other known descendants. So Michael Ahart of Surry County, NC is the same person as Michael Eahart son of Abraham Eahart (fl# 1). We have broken through another brick wall.


7) Michael Ahart & Sarah Ehart (fl# nc11):

            We did not know who Michaels father is. There was no good fit with any family member. With the additional evidence of Michael Ahart, in #6 above, we believe that Michael’s Parents are John Ahart and Peggy Pearson. The most likely father of John is Abraham Eahart (fl# 1) above. This is based on the 1790 census of Surry County, NC. There were 2 males over 16; this was most likely Michael and John (brothers). This would explain the 6 children under 16. Update: We have verified by Y-DNA that Michael and Sarah were 1st Cousins and Michael Ahart's parents were John Ahart and Peggy Pearson.


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